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    Daily Digest 6/12 – CO Food Stamp Use Doubles, Mini Flash Crashes Strike Again

    by saxplayer00o1

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 11:46 AM


California tops list of states with water infrastructure needs

All told, the survey revealed a $384 billion wish list of infrastructure projects through 2030 – $4.5 billion more than in the 2007 assessment…

“The nation’s water systems have entered a rehabilitation and replacement era in which much of the existing infrastructure has reached, or is approaching, the end of its useful life,” EPA acting Administrator Robert Perciasepe said in a statement. “This is a major issue that must be addressed so that American families continue to have the access they need to clean and healthy water sources.”

Pennsylvania struggles to chip away at bridge problem

Pennsylvania has the most deficient bridges in the nation — about 5,400, including state- and locally owned spans — and lawmakers in Harrisburg are grappling with proposals to boost transportation funding by at least $1.8 billion. Even with that kind of windfall, about 300 more bridges will join the list each year, adding costly detours for some.

Sacramento County sheriff warns of big patrol cuts at budget hearing

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones warned supervisors Monday he would have to slash patrol services nearly in half to absorb a proposed $10 million cut in his budget.

States look to tax hybrids to recoup road funding

North Carolina is joining a growing number of states exploring new fees for hybrid and electric car owners to help make up for revenue those drivers aren’t paying in gas taxes on their fuel-efficient vehicles.

The proposal strikes many owners of alternative-fuel vehicles and some advocacy groups as a wrong-headed approach to balancing priorities of promoting U.S. energy independence with sustainable infrastructure funding. But policymakers and some experts argue taxing hybrid and electric vehicle owners is a matter of making sure all drivers help maintain the roads they use and construct new ones.

May Gold Sales Fall At Perth, U.S. Mint

Even though May gold sales slipped from April’s record, last month’s sales are nearly triple pace set in May 2012, which were 30,387.88 ounces

Food Stamp Use Doubles In Colorado

The number of Coloradans participating in the program has doubled from about 250,000 to more than half a million since 2008.

Retirement savings: Why $1M may not be enough

But putting that into practice doesn’t appear to be happening for many Americans, with a new study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute revealing only two-thirds of Americans have saved anything — and the average American has saved less than $25,000 for retirement.

Dramatic honeybee shortage threatens Calif. almond crop, nation’s food supply

A fourth generation beekeeper lost 70 percent of his hives. Another lost 100 percent of his bees. And while nobody knows the exact cause of the demise of bee colonies, mites, disease, and pesticides are all suspects.

Researchers at U.C. Davis have identified residues of 150 different chemicals in the bee colonies they studied.

Mini flash crashes strike again

The mini-flash crashes come as the Securities and Exchange Commission has been grappling with market structure issues and the recent expansion of high-frequency traders, which account for more than 50% of volume of trades daily.

Cost of insuring emerging market debt soars on fears Fed will taper

Moreover, the cost of insuring Mexican debt against default has doubled since May 9, noted Gavan Nolan, director of credit research at Markit, in a note. That’s around the time that fears the Federal Reserve may begin to scale back the size of its liquidity-providing asset-purchase program became more acute.

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