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    Daily Digest 6/11 – Gas Prices Set To Plunge, Inside America’s GoFundMe Health Care System

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    Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 7:15 AM


Life And Debt: Stories From Inside America’s GoFundMe Health Care System (edelinski)

Successful fundraisers can generate $100,000 or more, as neighbors and strangers alike rally around families in need, and that money can go a long way to ensuring that treatments can continue, that housing and other daily costs can be covered and that families don’t lose everything while trying to keep loved ones alive and make them healthy.

The Groups Where Thousands of Facebook Users Ask for Money (tmn)

While larger sites such as GoFundMe have become popular for raising funds for large expenses such as medical bills, there is no one-stop platform to crowdfund just a few dollars. In the past, some have resorted to begging, or asking friends and family to help cover costs. But now thousands of people are turning to Facebook groups to plead for the help they need, from people who are essentially strangers online.

The Nordic Secret (Sparky1)

At historical turning points societies have two stark choices: bloody revolution or an informed evolution. Few societies in history have achieved a peaceful transition but there is an exception to that rule…

In Scandinavia their secret was simple – you can’t do the external leadership and subsequent social change if you haven’t done the internal work on yourself.

Patients whose blood pressure only spikes at the doctor’s office are twice as likely to die of a heart attack or other cardiac event (Thomas R.)

The analysis, which pulled data from 27 studies of the condition, paints a far clearer picture of the issue than earlier, single studies did, its authors noted. The findings are also particularly important for public health efforts to address heart disease and stroke, since hypertension is a known risk factor for those events but has no known symptoms. They point, too, to the importance of accurate blood pressure monitoring that patients can take on their own, some researchers argued.

Cisco Makes Networks Smarter With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (Thomas R.)

At the Cisco Live trade show in San Diego Monday morning, Cisco unveiled a new version of its flagship Cisco DNA corporate networking software, adding new artificial intelligence and machine learning capability to managing networks. That’s important for a few reasons.

How the Left Embraced Globalization (thc0655)

Instead of allowing developing countries the opportunity to grow diverse, self-sufficient economies, in the hallowed name of “free trade,” they were force-fed loans that required them to spend on mega-projects, cash crops, mines, dams, low-wage manufacturing plants—all built by multinationals that destroy the economic independence of the countries they enter.

New study dramatically narrows the search for advanced life in the universe (Thomas R.)

“This is the first time the physiological limits of life on Earth have been considered to predict the distribution of complex life elsewhere in the universe,” said Timothy Lyons, one of the study’s co-authors, a distinguished professor of biogeochemistry in UCR’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and director of the Alternative Earths Astrobiology Center, which sponsored the project.

The Tyranny Of TAPS – Hunting Down ‘Future Threats’ (G Corbin)

TAPS is being presented as a “bipartisan, bicameral solution to prevent targeted violence and make local communities safer.” Removing the sugar-coating for a moment, in plain language it means to create a register of people who may commit crimes at an unspecified time in the future, such as potential school shooters.

Oh that it should come to this Pt. 8 (Jesper A.)

In much this way as we read Shakespeare we have at one level the joy (or admiration as in Harold Bloom) but forget that such admiration destroys our historic reality and thus that of Shakespeare’s time which most of the time was not romantic but a BIG mess; this applies to Bacon for these same reasons as I now must relate. The relativism here is obvious to Chomsky, his view of language takes such RADICAL relativism to heart, which makes of Chomsky a true interpret of Adam Smith unlike much elses that is said about this ‘saint’.

Gasoline Prices Set to Plunge at the Pump (Thomas R.)

Gasoline prices have been sliding steadily for several weeks, and they’re promising to get even cheaper as crude prices fall and the U.S. moves into the summer driving season. Near Houston, in areas surrounded by refineries, the price is about $2 a gallon, according to data from GasBuddy.com.

OPEC’s Struggle To Avoid $40 Oil (Thomas R.)

The Saudis, of course, are desperate to prevent such a downward spiral. “Both at the bilateral and the OPEC+ level, we work in order to take preventive steps so as not to allow that scenario to happen,” al-Falih said in Moscow. He is undoubtedly trying to convince Novak of the wisdom of extending the production cuts. Perhaps to sweeten the pot, Saudi Arabia is considering investments in “multiple” projects in Russia, including the Arctic LNG 2 gas project, a stake in Russian petrochemical company Sibur Holding, along with other projects in partnership with Gazprom and Rosneft, Bloomberg reports.

Promising Compelling Electric Cars Is Easy, Building Them Is Hard — Audi e-tron & Jaguar I-PACE Recalls (Thomas R.)

What the notice doesn’t say is that if Jaguar had given the I-PACE over-the-air update capability the way Tesla did with the Model S in 2012, and has done with its vehicles ever since, this whole thing could have been taken care of, done and dusted, in a matter of hours, or days at most — with no need to bring the car into a dealer. So much for the legacy automakers showing Tesla how to build real cars in the real world!

How Dengue, a Deadly Mosquito-Borne Disease, Could Spread in a Warming World (Thomas R.)

Globally, the study estimated that more than two billion additional people could be at risk for dengue in 2080 compared with 2015 under a warming scenario roughly representative of the world’s current emissions trajectory. That increase largely comes from population growth in areas already at high risk for the disease, as well as the expansion of dengue’s range.

Past climate change pushed birds from the northern hemisphere to the tropics (Thomas R.)

For the current study, the researchers looked at ten bird groups currently limited to the tropics, predominantly in areas that were once part of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana (Africa, South America and Australasia). However, early fossil representatives of each of these groups have been found on northern continents, well outside their current ranges.

Scientists discover unlikely culprit for fertilizing North Pacific Ocean: Asian dust (Thomas R.)

“We now know that these areas that were thought to be barren and stable are actually quite dynamic,” said Ricardo Letelier, an Oregon State University biogeochemist and ecologist, who in collaboration with David Karl at the University of Hawaii led this study. “Since these areas cover so much of the Earth’s surface, we need to know more about how they work in order to better predict how the system will respond to climate variations in the future.”

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  • Tue, Jun 11, 2019 - 10:14am



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    The End Is Nigh

    I’ve seen several more indicator of a ratcheting up of censorship.  The censorship is done in the name of protecting public safety and morality.

    Documents leaked to Project Veritas by a Pinterest insider reveal that the San Francisco-based social media company has blocked links from Zero Hedge and several conservative or religious-based websites - adding them to a 'porn domain block list' originally intended to keep the platform free of sexually explicit material.

    Veritas has published several internal documents and interviewed the insider, who explained how the company with nearly 300 million active monthly users censors pro-life and Christian content. The leak reveals an aggressive campaign to censor conservative content under the guise of 'hate speech' And ‘fake news.’

    In addition, Christopher Bollyn’s new Patreon site was censored and shut down.  (Bollyn is a well known advocate of the position that the 911 attacks and the GWOT were initiated by Israeli intelligence.)

    Also included in the censoring are vaccine safety advocates and those who suspect that autism and TH1/TH2 skew conditions (allergies, asthma, eczema and ADHD) may be an effect of the over use of vaccines.  Facebook appears to be shadow banning any mention of the term “vaccine.”

    We have shifted our primary information sources and discussion forums into the hands of private parties who have the power to control the discourse as they “own” these domains.

    Along with worsening polical tension and economic stresses, the increased censorship signals the breaking point is closer than before, IMHO.

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  • Tue, Jun 11, 2019 - 10:18am



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    Search for advanced life in the universe

    No point looking for it on this planet.

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