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    Daily Digest 5/8 – Saudi Arabia Ousts Longtime Oil Minister, 5 Bull Market Rules

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, May 8, 2016, 3:20 PM


Helicopter Money In Operation (Wilson S.)

The mountains of debt everywhere have grown so large at near zero interest rates that restoring to more normal interest rates (normalization) would be very difficult if not impossible because higher rates would create enormous debt service costs for the debtors. The Keynesian GIMME stimulators have to find new ways of stimulating without adding to the mountains of debt in order to avoid the fear that future debt servicing costs could hamper more future government spending.

Are smartphones “de-evolutionizing” humanity? (jdargis)

Will we, in the decades to come, work through these conflicted attitude towards the tech we use every day? What will we teach to and model for our children when it comes to screens and gadgets? And is humanity really undoing some of its evolutionary progress? Check out our brief video above and then weigh in through the comments below.

5 Bull Market Rules (DG)

What I was a little shocked at is that the stock on the left, hit for 450% + since Jan 1, 2016. Not everyone is going to catch everyone like this. A lot will be less, a few will be more. HOWEVER, you will have to select a horse to ride in this race, but you have a BULL TREND to help you along.

How many more stocks do you want to see?

Republican Party Unravels Over Donald Trump’s Takeover (jdargis)

Many Republican voters trudged along with those earlier nominees, but never became truly animated until Mr. Trump offered them his brand of angry populism: a blend of protectionism at home and a smaller American footprint abroad. And he was able to exploit their resentments and frustrations because those same Republican leaders had been nurturing those feelings for years with attacks on Mr. Obama, Democrats, illegal immigrants and others.

The Supreme Court’s Next Big Fight Over Money in Politics (jdargis)

The three-judge court is unlikely to overturn the soft-money ban. It has to follow the Supreme Court precedent set in a 2003 case, McConnell v. FEC, which specifically upheld the prohibition. But thanks to a quirk in the McCain-Feingold law, any appeal in the case would go directly to the Supreme Court. The appeals provision makes it very likely the Court will take the case, because unlike a usual decision not to hear a case, rejection of an appeal would indicate the Supreme Court’s belief that the lower court reached the right result.

Saudi Arabia Ousts Longtime Oil Minister (jdargis)

Lower oil prices since mid-2014 pushed Saudi Arabia into a budget deficit of nearly $100 billion last year and a projected deficit this year of $87 billion. Despite efforts to limit reliance on its main export, oil accounted for more than 70 percent of the state’s revenue in 2015.

We Need To Talk About Climate Change (jdargis)

That no one has yet died in the fire is a miracle, if you believe in such things. Photos of the fire from space on Wednesday resembled an explosion. On Wednesday afternoon, the fire began to create its own weather conditions, with lightning from pyrocumulus clouds likely further fueling the fire’s growth. On Wednesday evening, one of the main evacuation centers itself had to be evacuated, as the fire spread out of control.

World Naked Gardening Day is Tomorrow, So We Talked to Someone Celebrating (jdargis)

Generally, naked gardening makes sense but naked farming sometimes is a little harder. You’re pretty exposed. I have enough of cuts and nicks…who knows where else those cuts and nicks would be? So it is nice to have some sort of barrier between a tractor and rocks and heavy machinery.

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