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    Daily Digest 5/5 – SHTF Plan B, New Anti-Homeless Architecture In Seattle

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, May 5, 2018, 8:37 PM


Personal Financial SHTF Plan B (Thomas R.)

If you’re a Micro Business owner, and your clients/customers suddenly are not able or willing to purchase your existing goods or services, do you have other goods or services in mind that they (or others) might purchase?

Sixty Seven Billion Dollars? F*ck You! (thc0655)

With a population of 3.3 million that means US taxpayers extended aid in an amount approaching $20,393 for every man, woman, and child on the island. That’s quite generous. Nothing like how Puerto Ricans famously mobilized to help Tennesseans recover from the Nashville flood. But still it was a very significant package. So how lavish do you imagine were Governor Rossello’s expressions of appreciation? Well, let’s see…

New anti-homeless architecture: Seattle uses bike racks to block rough sleepers (blackeagle)

Few thinks it’s a waste of money and energy to displace people seeking shelter in one of rainy Seattle’s rare dry spots. “My experience with the folks that were camped out there was that they were not a nuisance to the community,” he says. “People have this impression of who is living with housing insecurity. But there were a lot of women and children taking shelter under the viaduct, people with pets – precisely the kinds of people who couldn’t depend on shelter available in the city.”

Fake Silver Coins: 14 Ways to Spot Counterfeits (Thomas R.)

While many fakes can easily pass this test, silver as well as gold bullion for that matter are both non-magnetic. If a bullion coin or bar sticks to a magnet you can easily throw this one out. Fakes that are produced with any iron or steel content in them will give off some magnetic attraction and identify itself as a fake. Metals that have a core of zinc, copper, lead or other non-magnetic metal will not be detected by this test.

Top five emergency first aid items you probably didn’t even realize were medicine (Thomas R.)

Here, I’ve decided to reveal five little-known emergency medicine items you probably never thought about acquiring for your preps. These are all lifesaving items that most people may not even realize are medicine in the first place.

Superorganisms, Adaptive Cycles, and the Social Implications of Energy Scarcity, with Nathan Hagens (Eric G.)

Nathan Hagens is a former hedge fund manager who shifted his attention to the study of fossil energy depletion and founded the website The Oil Drum. In this episode Nate and Eric talk about the turn of events that shifted his career and attention away from the finance sector and to the study and social context of energy, people’s resistance to stories about reduced consumption, fossil fuel depletion and stocks versus flows, human beings as a superorganism, and adaptive cycles, among other things.

America’s Last-Ditch Climate Strategy of Retreat Isn’t Going So Well (jdargis)

Spry didn’t want to rebuild again, and neither did local officials; everyone knew the river would keep flooding homes and businesses. So Sidney decided to try something else: It would use federal and state money to demolish Spry’s neighborhood while creating a new one away from the flood plain for displaced residents. Sidney would be on the forefront of U.S. disaster policy, a case study in what’s known as managed retreat—and the many ways it can go wrong.

No one lives on this remote Pacific island — but it’s covered in 38 million pieces of our trash (Thomas R.)

Researchers believe that about 3,500 pieces of trash are continuing to wash up there daily, and that Henderson Island now has the highest density of plastic waste in the world, according to a report published Tuesday in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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