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    Daily Digest 5/3 – Good News Friday: Growing Tomatoes In The Desert, Is Dancing the Kale of Exercise?

    by Daily Digest

    Friday, May 3, 2019, 5:58 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Teachers Begin To See Unfair Student Loans Disappear (jdargis)

“Two years of us fighting this,” McCollum said. “We won,” she tells NPR. “We raised our voices and they finally heard us. Disbelief followed by a relief like I have not felt before.”

The Farmworkers Who Pick Your Halo Mandarins Just Organized a Massive Labor Strike (tmn)

Through four days of protests at the edge of the fields, the workers—with assistance from UFW—not only won their wage rate back from one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the country. They’ve also begun to expose a predatory and mostly under-the-radar farm labor contractor system, and they’re part of a larger effort to revitalize and empower workers in the food system.

Is Dancing the Kale of Exercise? (jdargis)

Mr. Manning shimmied and taught dance classes around the world 40 weekends a year until he died. “Dancing is what keeps me young,” he said in a television interview with the ABC affiliate in Seattle in 2007, just before his 93rd birthday. “If I was not dancing, I don’t think I would be living to be this age.”

How the (Once) Most Corrupt Country in the World Got Clean(er) (jdargis)

When Suharto, the longtime dictator, fell from power in 1998, he left a legacy of corruption that permeated every level of society. He is estimated to have pilfered up to $35 billion during his three decades in power—earning the title of world’s most corrupt leader. His example filtered down from ministers doling out project funds in gilded offices to traffic cops hustling payoffs on dusty street corners. Police seldom investigated even the clearest cases of graft, and prosecutors rarely took even the most winnable cases to court.

Highly efficient thermoelectric generation, but only in the cold (jdargis)

But if you choose the right materials, it doesn’t have to be that way. Recent research shows that it might be possible to convert heat energy to electrical energy with an efficiency in the range of 15-20 percent. If that can actually be realized, it would be a truly incredible advance.

60% of bird species came from Australia (tmn)

Previous hypotheses about passerine evolution and diversification suggested that perching birds originated in South America. But it turns out, according to the new research, published April 1, 2019, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that the Carolina wren at your feeder actually has a very long-lost ancestor, 47 million years ago or so, in the Land Down Under.

Growing tomatoes in the middle of the desert (Sparky1)

The UAE imports more than 80% of its produce. Startup Pure Harvest Smart Farms is developing greenhouses to allow agriculture to flourish in the desert.

This small island is taking on a big problem — climate change (tmn)

“Four years ago, my wife said, ‘We’ve got to do something about climate change. If we don’t, nothing else is going to matter.’” Friedmann, who lives in Bar Harbor and was a member of the town’s council at the time (he’s now the chair), started pushing for a solar installation on a municipal building to power some of the town’s facilities. He and Glenon rallied residents to show up for a crucial vote. The initiative passed. Revved up by the success, community members started meeting over potluck dinners to talk about expanding renewable energy and addressing other sustainability issues.

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  • Sat, May 04, 2019 - 7:20am



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Apr 27 2010

    Posts: 1466

    Don’t expect things to get better. The fake drama is too profitable to “fix.”

    With tens of millions of illegal aliens already in the country the need for “the wall” is long past. What’s needed now are arrests, deportations, and prosecution of their employers as required by law. Mass self-deportation would follow, as it did in the Eisenhower administration.

    It won’t happen.

    Cold observation says there has been no intention to enforce the law or defend our borders for a long time. And there isn’t now. Nor is there an intention to fix the nation’s infrastructure or the economy or to reform education. All of these things, and more, are run as tax farms put up for periodic auction. No one gives up a lucrative racket voluntarily. Nothing will change. Nothing will get better.

    We’ve been reduced to a rabble of renters and supplicants in the process, forced to comply with the bizarre, the perverse and the absurd. So, no. The border will remain open, third world opportunists will continue to pour in, bringing the third world with them.

    The Army has demonstrated it won’t defend itself much less the border. The brass says they heroically “de-escalated the situation” by allowing Mexican troops to disarm them on US soil. If they think we’re so enstupidated as to believe this they should also understand such contempt goes both ways. Again, as if more evidence is needed, nothing will get better. Prepare.

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  • Sat, May 04, 2019 - 7:36am



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Apr 27 2010

    Posts: 1466

    More scammers

    “Nobody should earn more than a million dollars,” Bernie Sanders declared in 1974.

    During  his original Senate run, the socialist candidate claimed that “concentrations of wealth” were the greatest threat to America and could be ended with a 100% tax on wealth over $1 million a year.

    In 2016, Bernie Sanders made over $1 million. He didn’t self-impose a 100% tax on his own wealth. That same year he gave less than 1% of his income to charity and bought a third home. As a young man, Bernie had claimed that a million was more money than anyone could spend in a lifetime. Now that he had a million, he discovered just how many things he could enjoy spending all that filthy lucre on.

    In the early days of his campaign, Bernie’s fans touted him as the sort of ordinary guy who flies coach and gets scrunched in there with the rest of us. Then the money began pouring in and Bernie chartered a Delta 767 and took a jaunt to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis with the mostly empty plane serving a menu of lobster sliders, crab salad, red lentil soup, herb crusted lamb loin, chocolate ganache, fine cheeses and white wine. As the old Soviet anecdote went, Bernie was finally living under communism…

    There’s no crime in selling your gullible followers a ghostwritten book and then using the checks that the billionaires making money off your class warfare tract send you to live it up. Making money isn’t a crime.

    Unless Bernie Sanders wins.

    But Bernie is making it clear that he’s no longer opposed to millionaires. After all he’s part of the 1%. His latest tax proposal is named the “For the 99.8 Percent Act”. Forget the 99%. After making a few million, Bernie is shaving off .2% to make room for him and other struggling socialist millionaires fighting the influence of wealth and power by those who, as of right now, have more of it than he does.

    “We are the 99.8%,” is the new fractional message of the fractional candidate.

    The proposal starts with estates of $3.5 million. Bernie’s own fortune is estimated at $2.5 million.

    The theme here is, “Tax everyone richer than me.” The old socialist still believes it’s a crime to make too much money. He just upgraded his estimate of what too much money is. $2.5 million is just right. But when you’ve got $3.5 million, then you’re suddenly a capitalist oppressor of the proletariat.

    “Our bill does what the American people want by substantially increasing the estate tax on the wealthiest families in this country and dramatically reducing wealth inequality,” Bernie declared of his plan to target the 0.8%.

    But what of the Americans who might still want to target that other 0.2% that Bernie occupies? Go and write a best-selling book and stop bothering him. A man works hard all his life denouncing millionaires, makes his first $2.5 million, and suddenly a bunch of socialists start acting like his money is a crime.

    Maligning the 0.8% doesn’t have the same rhetorical heft as the 1%. That’s why Senator Elizabeth Warren, his fellow socialist millionaire, has a plan to target “ultra-millionaires”. They, like the 0.2% are the people wealthier than the self-proclaimed American-Indian and her paleface Hahvadh husband.

    Warren’s estimated net worth is around $10 million. So she’s going after those with $50 million.

    Bernie and Liz both believe that money is the root of all evil. But only evil people have more of it than they do. Envy is simple human nature. That’s why the Ten Commandments are none too fond of it. And why progressives are none too fond of the Ten Commandments. It’s natural to believe that I earned my money the hard way, but that the gains of anyone who gained more than me are ill-gotten.

    Leftism just codifies this nasty trait into a conspiracy theory posing as an economic theory. And Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren show us the exact numerical correlation between wealth and envy.


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