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    Daily Digest 5/26 – Gardening For Mental Health, How Safe Are U.S. Road Bridges?

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    Sunday, May 26, 2013, 5:14 PM


Suddenly bankrupt: People with great credit scores are hurtling into crisis (westcoastjan)

“You think you’re doing the best you can and sometimes it turns out that it is not the best for you, no matter how smart you are. I am quite smart; but I screwed up and I screwed up horribly,” the 48-year-old journalist and cartoonist said. “Denial becomes huge and [you’re] hanging on to that thin thread of hope that it might work out after all. You shuffle your money around to get through the moment.”

Growing appetite for American whisky straining supply (westcoastjan)

Other distillers in Kentucky, where much of American whiskey is made, have also been scrambling to satisfy the growing appetite for all styles of whisky.

Who, what, why: How safe are US road bridges? (westcoastjan)

“Politicians like to show up and cut a ribbon on a brand new bridge, but they don’t like to show up and applaud a new paint job that may increase the life of a bridge.”

Sewage tech lets companies sort profit from Dubai poo (westcoastjan)

“Potable water in this part of the world is a commodity which is produced and desalinated and the cost to the government is roughly two dollars per cubic metre,” he says.

“Compare that to waste water which is produced from our sewage treatment plant which is costing about half a dollar per cubic metre.”

U.S. Shift Poses Risk to Pakistan (jdargis)

“It’s going to be a lot of trouble,” said Hasan Askari-Rizvi, a Pakistani academic and defense analyst. “If the insurgency increases in Afghanistan, it will spill into Pakistan’s tribal areas, where the Taliban will become very confident.”

In California, Gardening For Mental Health (westcoastjan)

The thinking of community leaders and health professionals is that gardens can help foster resiliency and a sense of purpose for refugees, especially older ones, who are often isolated by language and poverty and experiencing depression and post-traumatic stress. Immigrant families often struggle to meet insurance co-payments, and culturally attuned therapists are in short supply.

Breeding The Nutrition Out Of Our Food (jdargis)

Were the people who foraged for these wild foods healthier than we are today? They did not live nearly as long as we do, but growing evidence suggests that they were much less likely to die from degenerative diseases, even the minority who lived 70 years and more. The primary cause of death for most adults, according to anthropologists, was injury and infections.

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    I am reminded of Vermitech. The end product is much sort after by *tomato* growers. At $60/kg it is not too shabby.

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