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    Daily Digest 5/22 – The CA Shale Bubble Just Burst, A 40 Year Gold Perspective

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    Thursday, May 22, 2014, 2:30 PM


Everyone is totally just winging it, all the time (jpara)

Institutions – from national newspapers to governments and politicial parties – invest an enormous amount of money and effort in denying this truth. The facades they maintain are crucial to their authority, and thus to their legitimacy and continued survival. We need them to appear ultra-competent, too, because we derive much psychological security from the belief that somewhere, in the highest echelons of society, there are some near-infallible adults in charge.

In fact, though, everyone is totally just winging it.

The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates (June C.)

Thanks to some still-visible tattoos, detectives soon identified this unfortunate woman: Tiara Groves, a 20-year-old from Austin. She was last seen walking alone in the wee hours of Sunday, July 14, near a liquor store two miles from the warehouse. At least eight witnesses who saw her that night told police a similar story: She appeared drunk and was upset—one man said that she was crying so hard she couldn’t catch her breath—but refused offers of help. A man who talked to her outside the liquor store said that Groves warned him, excitedly and incoherently, that he should stay away from her or else somebody (she didn’t say who) would kill him too.

P. Craig Roberts on Elite Domination & Chris Martenson on Risk & Asset Allocation (Herman J.)

Martenson: “What we don’t like when we’re looking across this landscape is we see everything we would characterize as a risk or pressure on the international financial system is now larger than it was in 2008. Those pressures are things like derivatives are $100 trillion higher, the too big to fail banks are even larger, sovereign debts are higher not lower, we have all-time highs now in consumer debt back on the books. What we don’t have to support all of those things is that resumption of world growth, which our hypothesis is we’re not going to see that with oil over $100 a barrel, which we think is a permanent condition.”

The Collapse of the International Monetary System and the Petrodollar, Part II (Wendy SD)

So basically it’s a way to force the Russians to dump US Treasuries, which increases US interest rates, which hurts our housing recovery and hurts our stock markets. This is like pointing a gun at your own head and saying, “If anyone moves, I’ll shoot.”

Apple Helps Cops Hide Police Brutality (Wendy SD)

The rapid emergence of smart phones with high definition cameras leads to consequences for law-breaking cops. Recently, law enforcement throughout the country has been trying to pass laws that would make it illegal to film them while they’re on duty. But Apple is coming out with a new technology that would put all the power in a cop’s hands.

Pierre Lassonde: Mining Cycles Are Good for Royalty Companies and Investors (Kevinoman0221)

"TGR: After the gold price collapsed last year, many quoted John Maynard Keynes' assessment of gold as a "barbarous relic." What do you make of that?

PL: Tell that to the Indians and the Chinese who last year bought over 2,800 tons in physical gold, mostly for jewelry and gifting. The last 10 years has seen a huge gold transfer from the West to the East. People in the West look at Western statistics and argue that the price of gold must collapse. They forget we are no longer the No. 1 market in gold in the world. Chindia is: China and India. Those are the No. 1 and No. 2 gold markets in the world."

Gold – A 40 Year Perspective (GE Christenson)

My conclusion is that gold prices were pushed too high in late 2010 and 2011 and have corrected since then. Currently gold is 15% below its 144 week moving average or about 0.6 standard deviations below that average. I don’t suggest that gold prices must rally next week or even next month, but prices are very likely to be much higher next year and even higher by the next presidential election in late 2016.

Bullying Is Good For Your Health (Chris M.)

Victims of bullying showed the greatest increases in their CRP levels, compared to where they started, which wasn’t surprising, since inflammation can spike due to stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep—all of which bullying victims experience. The more often victims were bullied, the more their CRP levels rose. But the real shocker came when the scientists analyzed the CRP levels of the bullies. Their inflammation rates were lower even than those children who had never reported being bullied or being a bully. Bullying seemed to protect the aggressors from inflammatory diseases. “We found that the enhanced social status that came along with being a bully did seem to advantage them over time,” says Copeland. “That finding more than anything else surprised us.”

Permaculture Poised to Conquer the Caribbean (HughK)

Erle Rahaman-Noronha is not a revolutionary, not in any radical sense at least. He is not even that exciting. In truth, Rahaman-Noronha is merely a man with a shovel, a small farm, and a big dream. But that dream is poised to conquer the Caribbean.

Rahaman-Noronha wants to see ‘permaculture’ – short for permanent agriculture – take root and spreads across the Caribbean, and he is doing his part by teaching anyone who will listen about its benefits.

EIA Cuts Recoverable California Shale Estimates By 96% (Adam)

Since the report was published in California, lawmakers have been under tremendous pressure to allow fracking to proceed. Staring them in the face was an estimate that the Monterey shale could create up to 3 million jobs. Governor Jerry Brown had previously said fracking the Monterey presented "a fabulous economic opportunity," and last fall signed into law regulations that would allow the practice to continue in the state.

The California Shale Bubble Just Burst (James S.)

The great hype surrounding the advent of a shale gas bonanza in California may turn out to be just that: hype. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) – the statistical arm of the Department of Energy – has downgraded its estimate of the total amount of recoverable oil in the Monterey Shale by a whopping 96 percent. Its previous estimate pegged the recoverable resource in California’s shale formation at 13.7 billion barrels but it now only thinks that there are 600 million barrels available. The estimate is expected to be made public in June.

Synthetic Gas: False Friend For China’s Clean Air Drive? (James S.)

For now, though, coal’s primacy is uncontested. One reason is the need to convert countless factories and homes to burn cleaner energy sources. The city of Tianjin, Beijing’s 11-million-strong neighbor, will fail to meet its target of 60 percent of heat from natural gas this year, in part because there is not enough gas available, the city’s environmental protection manager told China Radio International.

Improved supercapacitors for super batteries, electric vehicles (Wendy SD)

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have developed a novel nanometer scale ruthenium oxide anchored nanocarbon graphene foam architecture that improves the performance of supercapacitors, a development that could mean faster acceleration in electric vehicles and longer battery life in portable electronics.

How Rising Seas Could Sink Nuclear Plants On The East Coast (Jason C.)

And it's only getting worse. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has laid out four different projections for estimated sea level rise by 2100. Even the agency's best-case scenario assumes that sea levels will rise at least 8.4 inches by the end of this century. NOAA's worst-case scenario, meanwhile, predicts that the oceans will rise nearly 7 feet in the next 86 years.

The Biggest Mideast Crisis You Probably Don’t Know Enough About (HughK)

The Middle East’s seemingly endless conflicts are diverting attention and resources from a graver long-term threat that looms over the whole region: the growing scarcity of water. And the situation will get worse before it gets better — if it ever does get better.

Years of war, careless water supply management, unchecked population growth, ill-advised agricultural policies, and subsidies that encourage consumption have turned a basically arid part of the world into a voracious consumer of water. The trajectory is not sustainable.

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