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    Daily Digest 5/17 – Good News Friday: The Sound Of Monarchs Migrating, Walking Is The Key Productivity

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    Friday, May 17, 2019, 1:17 PM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


What’s It Like to Live in Northern California’s First Tiny-Home Community? (tmn)

I experienced this frugal, quasi-barebones oasis myself firsthand at the community’s biannual Camp Tiny House event earlier this April, where tiny-house owners quite literally open their doors and allow curious minds to tour their properties and ask any and all questions. And I was, by no means, alone.

Why Walking is the Key to Being More Productive (tmn)

I am 56 years old, and when you start to go to 60th, 70th, 80th birthdays, people talk about life being too short. That’s their favorite subject. When you’re walking, the slowness somehow expands time. Speed collapses time. So if you walk towards a mountain, you can see it getting closer. You can smell the smells. You hear things and see how everything is changing.

Meet Aerospace Engineer Judith Love Cohen (jdargis)

During her engineering career, she was a vigorous and tireless advocate of better treatment for women in the workplace. Many things that today we consider routine — the posting of job openings inside of a company so that anyone could apply, formal job descriptions for every position, and so forth – were her creations. She had a profound impact on equality in the workforce.

Archaeologists find DNA in a 10,000-year-old piece of chewing gum (jdargis)

When these two populations of hunter-gatherers met in Scandinavia, they seem to have intermarried. Over time, the mixing of their gene pools created a new population, which anthropologists call Scandinavian Hunter-Gatherers (anthropologists are not widely known for creative naming schemes). We know this from DNA from human remains several centuries younger than the site at Huseby-Kiev.

We froze the salaries of 20 executives – and it improved the lives of 500 employees (jk)

While some of our elected officials congratulated us for creating jobs, I felt that we were failing some of our employees, and the communities we were based in. The more our executive team parsed through the requests for assistance, the more we all became uncomfortable with the mismatch between what we asked of our employees and what we provided to them in turn.

Almost no one enters the infuriatingly complicated healthcare system by choice. It might be from an accident or a chronic illness, but nearly every person who needs healthcare starts from a position of vulnerability and some fear.

The Week In Wildlife (jdargis)

A “biomanipulation” project aims to restore clear waters to Ranworth Broad and Barton Broad in Norfolk, paving the way for the return of osprey, common terns and rare aquatic plants currently thwarted by the murky depths. Pollution means predators such as pike can no longer hide among the plants.

No more styrofoam: Igloo is releasing a $10 biodegradable cooler. (jdargis)

The new cooler will go on sale May 1 at REI before a wider launch this summer. Igloo says it can hold up to 75 pounds of weight and goes 5 days without leaking water. Best of all, you can literally throw it away when you’re done. Or, if you’re especially mindful, Igloo says you can simply let the ReCool dry out and use it again.

The Sound Of Millions Of Migrating Monarch Butterflies (tmn)

How many butterflies does it take to make a noise in the woods? A few million. Watch (and listen!) as these monarchs put on a show at their overwintering site in Mexico.

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    John Bolton shot by Iran

    Bleeding John Bolton Stumbles Into Capitol Building Claiming That Iran Shot Him

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