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    Daily Digest 5/16 – Farms Feeling The Pinch, The Bank Shakedown That Could Ruin Your Life

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    Thursday, May 16, 2013, 3:38 PM


Opinion: Sell financial advice or products, not both (westcoastjan)

This is a very important concept that embodies the future of the financial industry. Most financial advisors today are compensated directly by the sale of products. Different products pay different commissions. The commission is not tied to the type, amount or quality of service provided the advisor.

French recession: Farms feeling the pinch (westcoastjan)

Youth unemployment is 17% in the Lot, higher than the national average.

But French people are reluctant to take seasonal work, and Mr Jouy says he cannot risk giving out more expensive permanent contracts, particularly when France is in recession.

“It’s been far more difficult under Mr Hollande,” he says.

How to skip lines at Disney: Hire a disabled ‘escort’ on the black market — only $1,040 a day (westcoastjan)

The company allegedly takes advantage of a Disney rule that allows guests who need a wheelchair or motorized scooter to bring up to six more people to a “more convenient entrance,” the Post says.

Dream Tours reportedly provides a disabled “escort,” who accompanies the family around the park and to the front of the line at busy rides.

Gold & What I Know For Certain (GE Christenson)

Concentrated wealth creates power and corruption. The greater the concentration of wealth, the larger and more pervasive the power and corruption.

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – South Africa Imports $1 Billion In Gold Bullion From NYC? (Thomas C.)

What is not stated is that it was cheaper for South Africa to ship gold all the way from New York to meet their delivery obligations than it was to acquire the bullion from their own region, or the regions where their customers reside, which are presumably in Asia.

Timelapse (VeganD)

Over here is Dubai, growing from sparse desert metropolis to modern, sprawling megalopolis. Over there are the central-pivot irrigation systems turning the sands of Saudi Arabia into an agricultural breadbasket — a surreal green-on-brown polka-dot pattern in the desert. Elsewhere is the bad news: the high-speed retreat of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska; the West Virginia Mountains decapitated by the mining industry; the denuded forests of the Amazon, cut to stubble by loggers.

William Kaye: Founder, Vice Chairman and Senior Managing Director of the Pacific Alliance Group of Companie (pinecarr)

Mr. Kaye is the Managing Partner of the Greater Asian Hedge Fund, as well as its predecessor, the Asian Hedge Fund, LP (1992-98). Both funds have exhibited a consistent history of absolute and relative outperformance that has been recognized by independent rating organizations. Prior to founding PAG, Mr. Kaye was Manager of the Arbitrage Department (1984-1990) and a Member of the Board of Directors (1986-1990) of PaineWebber Incorporated in New York. Mr. Kaye joined Paine Webber (PW) in 1978, leaving the Mergers & Acquisitions Department of Goldman, Sachs & Co, and successfully built PW’s Arbitrage Department into an industry leader.

A New Chapter In Currency Wars – Russia Joins The Game (Taki T.)

South Africa signed a raft of agreements with Russia and China in March to trade a variety of products and services ranging from maintenance for Russian helicopters in Africa to exchanges of solar and nuclear technology.

Richard Cordray and the CFPB Are Monitoring Your Banking Habits (Arthur Robey)

The agency aims to identify how financial products and services are used and abused so it can sharpen its rulemaking and do a better job policing the industry. “A very important function at the outset is to see who’s making a lot of money from a particular practice relative to other companies,” says Ronald Rubin, a former enforcement attorney for the agency who’s now a partner at Hunton & Williams in Washington.

The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life (Arthur Robey)

Here’s the skinny: After widespread outrage over the big banks’ last crime wave against the American consumer – the “robo-signing” scam in which homeowners were hustled out of their houses by banks that sent fraudulent paperwork through the courts, they are at it again. This time, banksters are accused of helping debt collectors pursue faulty judgments against credit card customers by various dirty tricks that include – surprise! – robo-signing.

Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream (Amanda)

Before the housing bubble burst in 2007, banks persuaded low- and moderate-income homeowners that they could turn their houses and apartments into piggy banks. They seduced them into taking out home-equity loans — and in the end, millions lost their homes. In other cases, the banks, mortgage brokers and real-estate agents pushed aspiring homeowners to borrow beyond their means. The wizards of finance, who prided themselves on risk management, sold toxic mortgages that were designed to explode. They bundled the dubious loans into complex financial instruments and sold them to unsuspecting investors.

Brits Are Now Poorer Than The French, Swiss, Belgians, Swedes, Austrians, Aussies And Canadians (Nervous Nelly)

Between 2005 and 2011 British household incomes have tumbled below those of rich-nation counterparts in Switzerland, Australia, Austria, France, Canada, Belgium and Sweden, according to a new analysis from the UK’s Office of National Statistics. Despite some decent recent news on industrial production, the UK economy remains quite weak.


Six-figure salaries no draw as young workers shun Canada’s oil and gas sector for ‘sexier’ industries (westcoastjan)

“If you look at the generation coming out of school these days, there is a lot of interest in industries perceived as being sexier. That’s where a lot of technology-minded individuals are moving,” said Jim Fearon, regional director at Hays Canada. “Also, Canada is very environmentally-focused and I do think it plays a part in peoples’ career choices.”

Goldman Sachs hires particle physicist from the Large Hadron Collider (westcoastjan)

“CERN can be a very interesting place to work with a lot of cultural diversity, but it’s also highly political and very bureaucratic,” said the ex-scientist turned bank technologist, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Basically, you’re a high level international civil servant – a fonctionnaire. And a lot of the jobs are quite boring.”


Produce Industry’s Food Safety Push Takes Toll on the Environment (westcoastjan)

Researchers found that the 2006 regulations, corporate standards enforced through third-party audits, have not only been ineffective at reducing the risk of food-borne illness, but have contributed to a loss of ecological diversity in the Salinas River Valley, an area of California prized for its variety of animal and plant life and the center of production for 70 percent of America’s leafy greens.

Which way will the Alberta oil pipeline go after Christy Clark’s win? (westcoastjan)

Although she was appointed in 2009, she’s now the first woman elected as premier in B.C., a designation she shares with four other provincial and territorial leaders; in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Quebec and Alberta.

Commander Hadfield Shows Us What Science Communication Could Be. Visually. (westcoastjan)

Astronauts tweeting and talking from space is not a new phenomena, and though interesting scientific experiments abound way up on the ISS, they weren’t what caught the public’s imagination this go round.

It was imagery.

Maps show impact of overcutting old-growth forests, conservation groups say (westcoastjan)

With ancient forests mostly tattered and fragmented, she said, B.C. needs a government that would “have the wisdom” to implement a science-based old-growth protection plan immediately to save what remains. They also need to ensure a sustainable value-added second-growth forest industry, she added.

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