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    Daily Digest 4/9 – Doctors Driven To Bankruptcy, Mislabeled Tuna In Stores

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    Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 3:22 PM


Doctors Driven To Bankruptcy (Nervous Nelly)

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings by physician practices have spiked recently, noted Bobby Guy, co-chair of the American Bankruptcy Institute's health care committee, who tracks bankruptcy trends tied to distressed businesses. Guy said there were at least eight filings in recent weeks, which he said was "very unusual."

Five years ago, Plantation, Fla.-based bankruptcy attorney David Langley didn't have a single doctor as a client. Since then he's handled at least six bankruptcy cases involving doctors. Two current clients — an orthopedic surgeon and an OB/GYN — also are in bankruptcy.

Nearly 25% of Canadian nurses wouldn't recommend their hospital (westcoastjan)

"I'm very disappointed that nurses can’t recommend their facilities, the places where they work, to their loved ones," said Ontario Nurses' Association vice-president Andy Summers. "When they look around them and they realize that they couldn’t recommend that facility, it tells me that they're recognizing how dire their practice is."

PoliceOne Gun Control Survey: Are legally-armed citizens the best solution to gun violence? (Time2Help)

Instead, it is interesting to note that armed citizens show up frequently as a deciding factor in reducing the carnage from a mass murder situation; proactive choices dominate over gun and magazine restrictions and bans.

More than 91 percent of respondents support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or not been deemed psychologically/medically incapable.

RBC’s now tarnished reputation tangled up in government crosshairs (westcoastjan)

Given that the bank employs small armies of lawyers and government relations personnel, it’s mind-boggling that Royal’s reputation should be all tangled up in a controversial federal law that last year garnered widespread scrutiny — and public outrage — over its use to import foreign workers as strippers and escorts.

North Korea – a country never at peace (westcoastjan)

"[They] built Kim Il-sung into a leader, but when they found that he commanded insufficient public respect, they built up around him a Stalinist cult of personality so that the country ended up being ruled by a god king – rather like the late kings of Korea [before the Japanese occupation]."

Japan increasingly nervous about nukes as North Korea warns they will ‘pay a dear price’ for backing U.S. (westcoastjan)

On Monday, amid reports North Korea is preparing a missile launch or another nuclear test, Japanese officials said they have stepped up measures to ensure the nation’s safety. Japanese media reported over the weekend that the defense minister has put destroyers with missile interception systems on alert to shoot down any missile or missile debris that appears to be headed for Japanese territory.


Don Pittis: Iron Lady's economic secret was really crude, oil that is (westcoastjan)

The Labour government, she said, was "dismantling our defences at a moment when the strategic threat to Britain and her allies from an expansionist power is graver than at any moment since the end of the last war."

And that wasn't just sabre rattling.


Think You're Eating Tuna? Think Again (westcoastjan)

The latest study of U.S. fish samples, commissioned by the ocean conservation group Oceana, found inferior farmed fish are often substituted for more expensive species. For instance, pangasius is often sold as grouper, sole and cod; tilapia as red snapper; and Atlantic farmed salmon as wild or king salmon.

Stroll’s 2013 Locavore Index Ranks States in Terms of Commitment to Local Foods (Amanda)

Strolling of the Heifers executive director Orly Munzing said the purpose of the Index is to encourage local food efforts in every state. “There are so many ways to do that,” she said, “not just with farmers markets and CSAs, but by supporting Farm-To-School programs, urging local hospitals and nursing homes to purchase local foods, asking supermarkets to buy from local farms, and of course, celebrating and honoring our farmers whenever we can.” Farmers markets are generally cooperative efforts to market locally produced food in a central location where consumers can select and purchase food from multiple farm enterprises.

Green Living is a Necessity, Not a Luxury: Interview with Dan Shapley (James S.)

While traditional environmental activism is indeed political and often polarizes the public along political lines, I would not say the same for "green living" more broadly. I define "traditional" environmental activism as the activity of citizens and citizen groups advocating for such long-term environmental improvements as cleaner water, air and food, and for a stable climate and species protection. "Green living" plays a role in these issues, in that individuals take personal responsibility for actions that affect the air, water, food, climate and wildlife. But because the individual actions are so varied and personal, ranging from reducing energy use to choosing organic foods or starting a home garden, there is much broader appeal among people with varied political views.

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