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    Daily Digest 4/7 – Good News Friday: Shrinking Big Banks, Making Salt Water Drinkable

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, April 7, 2017, 5:56 PM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Trump and Warren Agree? Maybe, on Plan to Shrink Big Banks (jdargis)

President Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat harshly critical of Wall Street, may both favor separating retail and investment banking.

Federal judge overturns NC legislative attempt to change Greensboro’s city election system (sv)

“In both cases, the legislature redistricted the local entities through a ‘truncated’ legislative process without soliciting input from the affected parties or the local delegations,” Eagles stated in her ruling about the Guilford County and Wake County changes. “In both cases, there was a pattern of overpopulation in Democratic-leaning districts and underpopulation in Republican-leaning districts. In both cases, credible computer simulation evidence showed that the partisan benefits from the redistricting were ‘completely outside the range of outcomes that are possible under a nonpartisan process that creates equally populated districts’ and follows traditional criteria.”

New York City is officially closing the infamously troubled Rikers Island jail (sv)

De Blasio was previously skeptical of shutting it down, but it seems like public pressure to do something about the jail — and perhaps a looming reelection campaign this year — pushed him to change his mind.

Redesigning economics based on ecology (jdargis)

The natural limits of bioproductivity and healthy ecosystems functions don’t create scarcity as such. Collaboration can turn these natural planetary limits into enabling constraints to create abundance for all within healthy ecosystems and a healthy biosphere. Collaboration creates shared abundance, which in turn invites more collaboration (a virtuous circle). We choose which world we want to bring forth together!

Endangered Bumble Bee Could Stand in Way of Afton Sewage Plant Construction (sv)

“We hired an expert in environmental protection for endangered species to survey this 25-acre site,” said Jim Golden, a member of the nonprofit. “And in his opinion the area is prime habitat for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, and he even stated that a sighting of the rare species took place less than a mile from here recently.”

As Trump halts federal action on climate change, cities and states push on (sv)

Some mayors, governors and business leaders plan to press ahead with plans to clamp down on carbon emissions, saying it makes sense for the economy as well as the climate. “It doesn’t impact anything we’re doing,” Brainard said.

Aggressive emissions cutbacks would drop heat waves in half in 20 years (jdargis)

In particular, the team focused on extreme events that occurred on average once every 10 years when emissions continue to rise unchecked. They then introduced different levels of emissions mitigation until the probability of such an event is half as likely, occurring only once every 20 years. Using this method, the scientists determined that for many regions, it takes less than 20 years of emissions reductions to drop the probability of extreme hot weather by more than 50 percent after mitigation has begun.

Scientists Just Figured Out How To Make Saltwater Drinkable (jdargis)

While similar graphene-based filters have been difficult to manufacture at an industrial level in the past, the researchers have found a chemical derivative known as graphene oxide to be more practical. Led by Dr. Rahul Nair, the team hopes this discovery will eventually reduce production costs and make seawater-filtering systems widely available. The challenge lies in producing a sieve that has small enough holes to filter out commonly found salts while allowing water molecules to pass.

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  • Sat, Apr 08, 2017 - 5:59am


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    Redesigning economics based on ecology

    I have done extensive work on this subject and heartily agree with Daniel Wahl’s design concept.
    There is a place in the world, where such ideas are working: Kalundborg, Denmark. As the economy of this small industrial city evolved over the past half century towards the “Symbiosis” it is today, the region has developed a high trust culture that enables collaboration at all levels.
    The wonderful thing about trust is how it energizes the intimately linked neurology of our hearts, brains and guts and calls forth our highest (quantum) intelligence: the intelligence that gives meaning and direction to our other intelligences of IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence).
    When people who led in the creation of the Kalundborg Symbiosis talk about its evolution, the word trust is frequently used. This spirit, when combined with the positive results achieved has created a positive reinforcing cycle. Consequently, year by year the system becomes more regenerative and dynamic.
    Interestingly, the companies that led in the development of this bio-mimetic local economy, all have life-mimicking cultures themselves. This has endowed them with extraordinary adaptive learning capacities and has made them global profit leaders in their industries.
    To my thinking, Kalundborg is one of the cultural wonders of the world. As the entropic culture of business as usual breaks down, the proven success of Kalundborg offers reason for hope.

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