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    Daily Digest 4/6 – Good News Friday: Helping Those With Dementia, Scientists Harvest Antarctic Greenhouse Vegetables

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, April 6, 2018, 12:50 PM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Humans produce new brain cells throughout their lives, say researchers (TS)

“According to mice studies there are these pluripotent stem cells that are a pool of cells that don’t normally do anything, they are quiescent, and then they can undergo division,” said Boldrini, adding that some studies have suggested that we might be born with a finite pool of these ‘mother cells’. “Those daughter cells are the ones that exponentially divide and make many more cells and differentiate towards becoming a neuron.”

A New Key For Helping Those With Dementia – Memories Of Baseball (jdargis)

Sports reminiscence therapy falls under the umbrella of what are called “socialization programs,” in which persons with dementia gather in a group setting and participate in activities with their peers.

Most current socialization programs incorporate some form of creative expression – music, storytelling, theater, and dance – and past studies have demonstrated their effectiveness.

More Women Than Ever Are Running for Congress in 2018 (jdargis)

This growing number of women running for office, detailed on a broader scale outside of just the House earlier this year in a TIME cover story, comes as the filing deadline for candidates running in states around the country draws near. As of Thursday, 309 women have filed papers to run for seats in the House, which, along with the rest of Congress, is predominately filled with men.

Dozens of educators file to run for seat in Kentucky legislature (sv)

He added he believes a lot of the “anger and fervor is going to die down because they’re going to realize we listened to their concerns just like legislators are supposed to.”

Primaries in Kentucky will be held May 22 and the general election will be in November.

New York Will No Longer Allow Domestic Abusers To Have Guns (jdargis)

This new law will save the lives of abuse victims, but it may prevent mass shootings from occuring as well. There is an inextricable link between domestic abuse and mass shootings; violent people who choose to shoot many people in a public area often begin their violence in the home. Last year, NPR reported that 54% of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016 were carried out by someone who had previously committed domestic abuse. If guns are removed from domestic abusers, they are less likely to kill their partner and commit a mass shooting.

Scientists harvest 1st vegetables in Antarctic greenhouse (TS)

While NASA has successfully grown greens on the International Space Station, DLR’s Daniel Schubert says the Antarctic project aims to produce a wider range of vegetables that might one day be grown on Mars or the Moon.

National Park Service Reconsiders Steep Fee Increase After Backlash (sv)

No information was available about how the plan was amended. But some lawmakers hope a bipartisan bill introduced in March, led by Representative Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, could address funding shortfalls. It would use revenue from energy produced on federal lands to chip away at a backlog of maintenance projects, estimated to cost more than $11 billion, at national parks.

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    Retirees will outnumber kids in less than 20 years for first tim


    Fitch says rising budget deficits could call US's credit rating into ...

    MarketWatch-16 hours ago
    The credit-ratings firm affirmed the U.S.'s triple-A grade on the back of a strong economy and the dollar's reserve-currency status, but cautioned that the U.S. would need to make changes to stave off further scrutiny over its sovereign debt rating. Fitch and Moody's have branded the U.S. debt as pristine, even as S&P ...

    China, holding Treasuries, keeps 'nuclear option' in US trade war

    Times of India-4 hours ago
    China held around $1.17 trillion of Treasuries as of the end of January, making it the largest of America's foreign creditors and the No. 2 overall owner of US government bonds after the Federal Reserve. Any move by China to chop its Treasury portfolio could inflict significant harm on US finances and global investors, ...

    Treasury to Sell $154 Billion in Debt

    Wall Street Journal-19 hours ago
    The U.S. Treasury Department will auction $154 billion in securities next week, comprising $30 billion in new debt and $124 billion in previously sold debt. Details (all with minimum denominations of $100):. Monday: $48 billion in 13-week bills, a reopening of an issue first sold on Jan. 11, 2018, maturing July 12, 2018.

    Corporate America Will Bring Next Wave of Pain, Money Managers ...

    Bloomberg-3 hours ago
    It now limits recommended holdings to short-term debt in highly rated, low-leverage financial firms, such as U.S. banks, according to Jerry Cudzil, a portfolio manager at the fund company with about $200 billion. “You grow cautious when you're staring at illiquidity and weak fundamentals and changing technicals,” Cudzil ...

    US credit markets are flashing amber

    Financial Times-9 hours ago
    The Markit CDX index — an indicator of what investors must pay to insure against a default in the US investment-grade market — is back up at levels previously ... But on a longer-term horizon, credit looks ripe for further weakness given the record amount of debt companies have sold and the steady deterioration in quality.

    Nassau could face $105M deficit, NIFA says

    Long Island Business News-22 hours ago
    Nassau County could face a 2018 fiscal year deficit as high as $104.7 million in its roughly $3 billion budget, if certain assumptions in the county's projections don't come to fruition, according to the Nassau Interim Finance Authority. Even as NIFA indicated that numbers may be based on some hopeful assumptions, ...

    Illinois' upcoming $500 mln bond sale gets near-junk rating

    Reuters-17 hours ago
    CHICAGO, April 5 (Reuters) - Moody's Investors Service on Thursday rated $500 million of bonds Illinois plans to sell this spring one notch above junk, citing the state's big unfunded pension liability and chronic budget deficits. The credit rating agency assigned the state's current Baa3 rating to the general obligation bonds.

    Census: Retirees will outnumber kids in less than 20 years for first time

    WQAD.com-19 hours ago
    “That's not good for the long-term hope of getting any of that money.” Even without these new retirees, Illinois' current unfunded pension liabilities are more than $130 billion. More than a fifth of the state's annual budget goes to paying pension costs. Gray said that the average Illinoisan is going to see more financial stress ...

    At least 54 children dead in Venezuela measles outbreak: NGO

    Economic Times-8 hours ago
    CARACAS: At least 54 children from an indigenous tribe have died from an outbreak of measles in a remote jungle region of eastern Venezuela, a human rights group said ... Latin America was declared free of measles in 2016, but the Pan American Health Organization last month reported a virulent outbreak in Venezuela.

    At least 70 children dead in Venezuela measles outbreakNews24-10 hours ago

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