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    Daily Digest 4/6 – Canadian Housing Downturn Evident, Turning Off The Power to Run the Grid

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, April 6, 2013, 5:33 PM


The 1% Bug-Out Plan: Why Third-World Billionaires Are Buying Fortresses in London, New York and Miami (Nervous Nelly)

Vanity Fair reports that many of the apartments at One Hyde Park are owned by people who don’t want their identities revealed, people who hide behind the names of odd-sounding corporations registered in tax havens like the Cayman Islands. Others are Russian oligarchs, Chinese moguls and a Nigerian telecom tycoon. Rinat Akhmetov, the Ukraine’s 16 Billion Dollar Man, is a typical buyer. Attracted to London’s lax regulation and weak enforcement of things financial, these plutocrats are looking to protect their stratospheric fortunes and hedge against unpleasantries that might develop at home.

Our Parasitic Fed is Triggering the Five Stages of Collapse (Arthur Robey)

Ellen Hodgson Brown and Dmitry Orlov will discuss the continuing collapse of western society thanks to the parasitic behavior of our banking establishment. With outright confiscation of depositor money in Cyprus, parasitic elite is no longer robbing us in the night through the hidden tax of inflation but now robs people through outright confiscation of deposits. How long yet before Robert Prechter’s next "dark age" arrives?

Wall Street on the dole: America pays out millions in jobless benefits to millionaires (westcoastjan)

Almost 3,200 households — about 20% of them from New York — that reported adjusted gross income of more than US$1 million received jobless-insurance payments averaging US$12,600 in 2010, the latest year for which figures are available, according to IRS data compiled by Bloomberg. Those payments outpaced the total incomes for about 25 million U.S. households.

Signs of a Canadian housing downturn are everywhere (westcoastjan)

A real-estate correction of sorts is already under way in Vancouver and in Toronto’s overbuilt gleaming condominium market. But signs of another bust in the making point directly to the Greater Montreal area, which has as many individual homes for sale right now as Toronto and Vancouver combined — just under 32,000 — while at the same time, it has twice as many condominiums on the market than Toronto.

Stockman feels force of Washington fury (Dana T.)

“The modern Keynesian state is broke, paralysed and mired in empty ritual incantations about stimulating “demand”, even as it fosters a mutant crony capitalism that periodically lavishes the top one per cent with speculative windfalls,” wrote Mr Stockman in the New York Times article that set off a minor furore in Washington this week.


Turning off the Power to Run the Grid (Wendy SD)

Demand response is an arcane corner of the electricity grid, but the spread of the technology over the past few years has helped make the grid cleaner. EnerNOC, which manages demand-response programs, says its services have displaced the need for 80 power plants that provide peak power. And as more intermittent wind and solar generation comes onto the grid, it will become an even more important lever for smoothing out power fluctuations.

Linking clean energy sources solves blackout conundrum (Tall)

By skilfully combining the output of a number of solar, wind and biogas plants the grid can be provided with stable energy 24 hours a day without fear of blackouts, according to the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) in Kassel.


Monsanto's Dark History: 1901-2011 (goldrunner1)

Monsanto, best know today for its agricultural biotechnology GMO products, has a long and dirty history of polluting this country and others with some of the most toxic compounds known to humankind. From PCBs to Agent Orange to Roundup, we have many reasons to question the motives of this evil corporation that claims to be working to reduce environmental destruction and feed the world with its genetically engineered GMO food crops. Monsanto has been repeatedly fined and ruled against for, among many things: mislabeling containers of Roundup, failing to report health data to EPA, plus chemical spills and improper chemical deposition.

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