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    Daily Digest 4/3 – The ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Scam, Is Russia Cheating On The OPEC Deal?

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    Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 2:49 PM


Oklahoma, Kentucky public schools close as thousands of teachers walk out (TS)

And several had the same words on their sign: “609,463 reasons to fund education” — a reference to the number of public school students in Oklahoma.

The demand for lawmakers to approve more education funding comes just days after the state Legislature approved educators’ first pay raise in 10 years.

The Oligarchs’ ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Scam (Don R.)

Profit in the “empire of consumption” is extracted not by producing products but by privatizing and pushing up the costs of the basic services we need to survive and allowing banks and hedge funds to impose punishing debt peonage on the public and gamble on tech, student debt and housing bubbles. The old ideology of the New Deal, of government orchestrating huge social engineering projects under the Public Works Administration or in the War on Poverty, was replaced by a new ideology to justify another form of predatory capitalism.

Gun Ownership, Self-Defense, and South African Farm Confiscation- Are South African Genocide Fears Just White Racist Paranoia? (thc0655)

Give it a few years, and we’ll see even more of that in the United States, that is, if those bent on culturally terraforming our country with unlimited Third World “immigration,” combined with disarming the citizenry, are allowed to prevail. We who oppose that may then find ourselves facing “leadership” like that exhibited by South African Marxist thug and just-resigned President Jacob Zuma, singing songs like “Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer.”

What’s causing Baltimore’s population loss? It’s no mystery (thc0655)

The city needs bold ideas, so I offer mine. The city should work with the Maryland legislature to turn City Hall and the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse into state museums by using both private and public funding. Both buildings have historic feels that are perfect for museums. This would inject more tourism into downtown and bring more people to the area. The city could relocate City Hall and the courthouse to already existing buildings in areas that need development. The city should strongly advocate for a university to locate on Howard Street and run it along the light rail tracks. Students could take advantage of the light rail system. The city should create retirement community zones around hospitals for the elderly. The city could look to Sun City, Ariz., as a model.

US stock market slides as China retaliates to Trump tariffs (TS)

The White House accused China on Monday of distorting global markets and said the country should not target “fairly traded US exports” after Beijing increased tariffs on 128 US products in response to US duties on imports of aluminium and steel. “China’s subsidisation and continued overcapacity is the root cause of the steel crises,” White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said. “Instead of targeting fairly traded US exports, China needs to stop its unfair trading practices, which are harming US national security and distorting global markets.”

Is Russia Cheating On The OPEC Deal? (Michael S.)

The March production level showed the first increase since December 2017, and is slightly above Russia’s quota in the production cut deal. Russia’s pledge in the OPEC/non-OPEC deal is to shave off 300,000 bpd from its October 2016 level, which was the country’s highest monthly production in almost 30 years—11.247 million bpd.

Life for Residents Near Hog Farms Just Got Much, Much Worse (tmn)

The Center for Progressive Reform’s Laurie Ristino has the backstory. Since the late 1990s, the Environmental Protection Agency has been concerned about air pollution from these concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs. But the agency has never come up with a plan for monitoring their emissions—a saga laid bare by the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General scathing 2017 report, as well as by this 2017 ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Trifecta of falling fish revenue is heading for Alaska fishermen, coastal communities (AKGrannyWGrit)

For chinook salmon, the forecast calls for a catch of 99,000 kings in areas outside of Southeast Alaska, where the numbers are determined by treaty with Canada. Declining stocks have forced fishery managers to impose tough restrictions on Chinook catches for all users. Alaska’s salmon season officially gets underway in mid-May when sockeye and king salmon return to the Copper River near Cordova. That’s followed by commercial openers across the state from Ketchikan to as far north as Kotzebue.

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