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    Daily Digest 4/29 – Reducing The Dangers Of Raw Milk, Deadly Storms Sweep Through South And Midwest

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    Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 3:07 PM


A Link Between Fidgety Boys and a Sputtering Economy (jdargis)

Two of the leading theories involve single-parent families and schools. The number of single-parent families has surged over the last generation, and the effect seems to be larger on boys in those families than girls. Girls who grow up with only one parent — typically a mother — fare almost as well on average as girls with two parents. Boys don’t.

A Grim Toll as Deadly Storms Sweep South and Midwest (jdargis)

Forecasters predicted that Tuesday could bring more violent weather to the South. The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center said there was a “moderate” risk of severe weather in portions of Alabama and Mississippi, including Birmingham, Alabama’s largest metropolitan area.

A larger stretch of the country — 15 states spanning from Florida to Michigan — had a “slight” risk of severe weather, the center said.

Photos of Destruction After Tornado Outbreak Barrels Through U.S. (jdargis)

This is the first time the United States has seen back-to-back high risk days, as designated by the Storm Prediction Center, since May 2011. Much of the country’s central region, from Nebraska to northern Louisiana, was on high alert through Sunday night with areas in Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, northeastern Texas and northern Louisiana at the greatest risk of hard-hitting, long-lasting tornadoes. Sections of Mississippi and Alabama were put on high risk as of Monday afternoon.

Why U.S. Nuclear Missile Silos Rely on Decades-Old Technology (jdargis)

The Air Force is planning to spend $19 million on launch control center improvements in 2014, and is seeking $600 million for additional upgrades next year. At least in Wyoming, replacing the analog phones in the base seems like job one, since 60 Minutes reports that the missileers struggle with how unreliable they are. In controlling some of the most dangerous weapons in the world, it’s an odd balance between tech that’s obsolete enough to be secure, but still current enough to, you know, actually work.

The Adjunct Revolt: How Poor Professors Are Fighting Back (jdargis)

Despite challenging working conditions, many adjuncts continue to meet with students and perform other time-consuming tasks they are not compensated for, such as writing recommendation letters or attending departmental meetings. “Students aren’t getting what they pay for or, if they are, it is because adjuncts themselves are subsidizing their education,” Maria Maisto, president of the adjunct activist group New Faculty Majority, told me. “Adjuncts are donating their time; they are providing it out of pocket.”

G. Edward Griffin explains how the Fed cartel can be defeated (Herman J.)

“The Fed is not a government agency, it’s a banking cartel. It’s been given – through legislation (called the Federal Reserve Act) – this cartel has been given a monopoly over the nation’s money…Here’s a private consortium of private companies, banks, who have been given the power of government to create money for the nation.”

Slovakia Agrees To Supply Ukraine With Gas (James B.)

Earlier this month, Germany brought a new natural gas pumping station online that reversed the flow of gas through the Yamal-Europe pipeline. The deal to do so was reached in 2012, long before the Ukraine crisis, but it has become operational at an opportune time, in that it will allow Poland to access energy in the event Russia decides to turn off the taps.

Reducing The Dangers Of Raw Milk (jdargis)

To fill the void for both producers and consumers of raw milk, RAWMI published a set of basic guidelines and raw milk production standards, developed over 10 months by an international group of medical doctors, PhDs, veterinarians, epidemiologists, scientists, food safety experts, nutritional consultants, researchers, raw milk producers and consumers. In order for a dairy to get listed with RAWMI, it must adopt the basic standards and develop a risk assessment and management plan and safety operating procedures specific to its farm. McAfee says the standards are not a guarantee of perfectly safe food, but when followed diligently, will dramatically reduce the risk of illness from consumption of raw milk.

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Julia, with the great help of steelworkers and environmentalists, successfully negotiated to permanently protect the 1,000 year-old tree and a nearly three- acre buffer zone. Her two-year vigil informed the public that only 3% of the ancient redwood forests remain and that the Headwaters Forest Agreement, brokered by state and federal agencies and Pacific Lumber/Maxxam Corporation, will not adequately protect forests and species.

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