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    Daily Digest 4/29 – Negative Rates Halt Euro Bond Payments, China’s Central Bank Swoops to the Rescue

    by saxplayer00o1

    Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 3:11 PM


Homeownership rate drops to quarter-century low

In the latest sign of a changing housing market, homeownership rates are at a quarter-century low, while the rental-vacancy rate is close to the slimmest proportion in more than two decades, according to government data released Tuesday.

Puerto Rico Debt Slides Amid Wrangling on Tax Plan to Raise Cash

Yields on Puerto Rico’s newest general obligations are setting record highs as lawmakers struggle to resolve a debate on tax changes that would pave the way for a $2.9 billion bond sale needed to ease a cash crunch.

Poland Sells Swiss Franc Bonds at Negative Yield for First Time

Poland sold its first international bond with a negative yield, taking advantage of demand triggered by central bank stimulus in Switzerland.

Negative Rates Halt Payments in European Asset-Backed Bonds

The floating-rate notes, which were sold as part of a securitization in 2007 by Banco Popular Espanol SA, cease payments to investors when the euro three-month interbank offered rate, or Euribor, falls to zero. The benchmark is now at minus 0.005 percent, according to data compiled by the European Money Markets Institute.

Swedbank says feeling sting of negative interest rates

Negative interest rates mean Swedish banks have to pay to deposit money in the central bank’s accounts. That cost is hard to pass on to customers as few people are willing to pay to deposit money.

Italy debt management chief defends use of derivatives

At the end of 2014, the treasury faced a potential loss of 42.6 billion euros if the contracts were terminated then, official data show

Lake Mead expected to reach its lowest level soon

Experts say the dam hasn’t been this low since it was built. Lake Mead is the primary source of water in Nevada’s drought-stricken region, but it’s getting low enough where restrictions on how much water we can use may be put into place.

San Jose, Santa Clara mayors drink recycled sewage to push expanding reclaimed water

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews and other Silicon Valley leaders on Monday took big gulps of recycled water — filtered, cleaned and disinfected sewage — to show that it is safe and should be a growing part of Silicon Valley’s drinking water future.

China’s Central Bank Swoops to the Rescue

China’s central bank is back again to save the day. Just don’t call it quantitative easing. The People’s Bank of China looks set to introduce new easing measures aimed at smoothing implementation of a local-government debt restructuring, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

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