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    Daily Digest 4/23 – From Gentrification to Decline, The Death Of The Calorie

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    Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 7:22 AM


From Gentrification to Decline: How Neighborhoods Really Change (tmn)

Many past studies have explored the complicated relationship between gentrification and displacement, and researchers have come up skeptical about whether the first directly causes the second. (For one, displacement is quite difficult to measure.) Demographic shifts observed over time appear to happen in part because low-income residents are more precarious generally, and more likely to move. As rents rise, they’re often replaced by higher-income residents. The low-income residents who do end up being pushed out, however, tend to move to worse-off areas. Over time, these complex, simultaneous changes lead to a shifting of economic, and often racial, boundaries.

Ominous Tendings in the Nervous Here and Now (thc0655)

In the background lay the ticking time bombs of health care, college loan debt, and pension funds. These are rackets and Ponzi schemes. Before we get to Medicare-for-all, I’d like to see congress pass one simple law requiring all medical service “providers” in the land to publicly post the price of all their services, from the cost of heart transplants down to those $90 Tylenols they dispense. Let’s see how that affects the lawless hocus-pocus of insurance companies “negotiating” their payments with the medical corporatocracy before we go whole-hog for a nationalized health service. The colleges have already destroyed themselves intellectually, and thereby the value of their overpriced credentialing services. The smaller colleges are already folding, and many more will follow now until higher education becomes a boutique industry.

Death Of The Calorie (tmn)

Today many of us want to monitor our calorie consumption in order to lose or maintain our weight. Atwater, the son of a Methodist minister, was motivated by the opposite concern: at a time when malnutrition was widespread, he sought to help poor people find the most cost-effective items to fill themselves up.

Moms Call Out Anti-Vax Neighbor With Scathing Letter Of Warning To Other Residents (Sparky1)

“Nearly all outbreaks of disease were started by unvaccinated individuals, who pass along vaccine-preventable diseases to those without adequate protection,” the letter read. “Protect yourself, your family, and your community by using caution when interacting with these people.”

Trump’s Hardline On Iran Catches Markets Off-Guard (Michael S.)

“The policy of zero Iranian imports originated with Secretary Pompeo,” a senior State Department official told the Washington Post, hoping to downplay the differences between high-level officials. “He has executed this policy in tight coordination with the president every step of the way. Because the conditions to not grant any more SREs have now been met, we can now announce zero imports.”

Great eggspectations (tmn)

Until DSM’s announcement in March, farmers would measure and maintain consistency in colour by using the company’s YolkFan – similar to the paint colour fan decks used by interior decorators, with 15 shades of yellow. They also would purchase DSM’s animal-feed additive, which includes synthetic carotenoids and allows farmers to create yolks in whichever of the 15 shades they wanted.

Melting permafrost in Arctic will have $70tn climate impact – study (TS)

They assessed known stocks of frozen organic matter in the ground up to 3 metres deep at multiple points across the Arctic. These were run through the world’s most advanced simulation software in the US and at the UK Met Office to predict how much gas will be released at different levels of warming. Even with supercomputers, the number crunching took weeks because the vast geography and complex climate interactions of the Arctic throw up multiple variables. The researchers then applied previous economic impact models to assess the likely costs.

There’s just no getting away from microplastic contamination (jdargis)

The problem with microplastics being (potentially) everywhere is that contamination becomes a concern. Plastic fibers from clothing, containers, and equipment could all hypothetically make their way into the sample. To guard against this, the researchers took precautions like wearing cotton clothing as they approached the sample collection devices, approaching from downwind, and storing everything in glass. They also collected and processed “blank” samples taken from closed containers left at the field site to double-check that any plastics found in the real samples had really made their way there through the atmosphere.

Bernie The Idiot On Earth Day (thc0655)

Furthermore the best answer to fossil fuels, at least for other-than-transportation, is nuclear. The civilian power program we have today was deliberately sabotaged by Jimmy Carter — and in the best of DC traditions rather than deal with that they simply ignored the damage he did and soldiered on, creating a monstrous problem with high level nuclear waste that we now have and, if we were to suffer some major grid disruption, would immediately turn into dozens of high-source radiation-spewing sites-of-death. But that can be solved, as I’ve pointed out — with nuclear power that not only doesn’t suffer from these problems it burns up the high-radioactive waste it generates and, with a bit of creativity, can even have the existing high-level waste fed back into it where that will be burned up too.

Canadian researchers warn of ‘cascading impacts’ as bumblebee species decline (Uncletommy)

About 42 of the more than 850 species of bees in Canada are bumblebees — important pollinators needed to grow crops, including apples, tomatoes, blueberries and legumes, as well as trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

Professor Laurence Packer said quite a few of the 42 species of bumblebees are exhibiting substantial declines.

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