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    Daily Digest 4/22 – Microbes Will Feed The World, Are Stores Making Bank Off Food Stamps?

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 12:46 PM


Willem Middelkoop and Terence van der Hout: Turnaround Stories Revolve Around Proven Management (Kevin J.)

It's quite easy to understand why central banks would like to revalue gold to devalue the dollar at a certain stage of this reset. The U.S.'s official gold reserves, which are still 8,000 tons, are valued at the historical cost price of $42/oz. A revaluation toward $4,200/oz would grow the value of these gold reserves from the current $11 billion ($11B) to $1.1 trillion. Without such a revaluation, gold prices will have to rise as well given the structural deficits in the gold market. Worldwide gold production can't keep up with the growing demand for physical gold. Recent figures by the World Gold Council show a deficit of 700 tonnes physical gold.

Are Stores Making Bank Off Food Stamps? (jdargis)

The Argus case follows a 2010 incident in which Massachusetts officials threatened reporter Michael Morisy of with “fines or imprisonment” for publishing SNAP retailer sales data obtained from the state’s welfare agency under a basic information request. Morisy had been inspired by an article on hipsters and food stamps to learn where SNAP clients spent their benefits. The state released the data, but when Morisy mapped out sales by store and published it online, the agency said the information had been released erroneously and demanded that he remove it, citing the same statute on which the USDA centered its Argus case.

Silver Miners Have Been Exploited For Generations By The Pilgrims Society (neotypos)

Based on the income figures of several members of the Silver Users Association, compared to the silver miners, Savoie points to the major disconnect between users and consumers of the grey metal. He considers the Silver Users Association to have a responsibility in this matter, suppressing the silver price at the expense of the profitability of silver miners.

Gold Price In Ukraine 75% Higher In 2014 (Taki T.)

One could easily observe that this is an example of runaway inflation, even hyperinflation. In such a situation, gold is known to hold its value. It proves that people do not hold gold to have more value in terms of a currency. Rather, one holds gold as monetary insurance to preserve its purchasing power when things turn out bad.

Digging for answers: The “strong smell” of fraud from one Bitcoin miner maker (jdargis)

After two and a half years preparing, we neared trial. The prosecutor calls for a meeting and offers me a deal. I can go home if I accept a single count of mail fraud and skip the trial. They would drop 23 charges and leave me with a simple postal violation (lesser count of mail fraud). I thought about it and it didn't take long for me to agree to get the shackles off. I signed and went home to my mother's house in Kansas City. I sat there looking at the wall for a long time. I didn't feel like leaving the house much. It was difficult to get over the emotional loss. My life was ruined. Mom got me an account on and encouraged me to date. I met a wonderful girl and we had a little boy. We named him Indy. My life continued and I started to look for a new project to begin again. A fresh start. I'm on a good track now, trying to put the past behind me.

The EIA is Seriously Exaggerating Shale Gas Production in its Drilling Productivity Report (Adam)

Fortunately the EIA also publishes independent production data by shale play in its Natural Gas Weekly Update. A check of production data for the Marcellus revealed that it was at 11.8 bcf/d in February and that the Haynesville had indeed peaked at 7.2 bcf/d in November 2011. These figures are also corroborated by Drillinginfo, a commercial database which is used by the EIA.

Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights (mlong)

At the nub of the dispute are two policies found in dozens of states. One requires utilities to get a certain share of power from renewable sources. The other, known as net metering, guarantees homeowners or businesses with solar panels on their roofs the right to sell any excess electricity back into the power grid at attractive rates.

Net metering forms the linchpin of the solar-energy business model. Without it, firms say, solar power would be prohibitively expensive.

Microbes Will Feed the World, or Why Real Farmers Grow Soil, Not Crops (jdargis)

Whenever a seed germinates in the wild or a crop is planted by a farmer, the microbial community that helps that species to grow and thrive is mobilized. Chemical signals enter the soil via the exudates of the plant and a symphony of underground activity commences. Genetic information is exchanged; the various microbial players assume their positions on the tissues of the plant; often, one microbe colonizes another, providing a service that helps the first microbe to assist the plant whose roots it is embedded in.

Though this elaborate dance takes place without any input from humans, we have been tinkering with it for a long time.

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