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    Daily Digest 4/2 – Biblical Anxieties, Border Close Would Cause Price Hikes and Empty Shelves

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 4:38 AM


This is the real reason why the U.S. economy isn’t in recession danger now (Sparky1)

Indeed, Figure 3 in the study clearly shows that recession risk jumped to 50% (based on first-quarter 2019 data available only through January). Interestingly, this important update wasn’t mentioned in the summary paragraph at the beginning of the study. However, the charts in the paper show that the odds of a recession increase most significantly when the near-term forward spread is markedly below zero, which it was not as of the most recent analysis.

Border close would mean price hikes, empty shelves (Sparky1)

Video: Reuters TV

White House Whistle-Blower Tells Congress of Irregularities in Security Clearances (TS)

Democrats on the oversight panel are also demanding information from the White House about the process of granting a clearance to Ivanka Trump, among others. Ms. Trump’s final clearance was granted shortly after Mr. Kushner’s. In an interview in February with ABC News, Ms. Trump insisted her father had no hand in either her clearance or her husband’s.

Chelsea Manning Again Takes Fall for Defending Public’s Right to Know (newsbuoy)

Manning has recently been subpoenaed by a grand jury, widely understood to be attempting a case against Assange, though as a grand jury it’s all very secretive, and asked to testify again about her 2010 public disclosures. She refused, citing the very secretiveness of the process, and noting that she had already testified fully about the reasons for her disclosures, that they were her choices alone, and not solicited by Assange or anyone else. A judge then ordered her incarcerated until she agrees to testify or until the jury is done, which might be 18 months.

North Dakota Senate passes civil asset forfeiture bill (Yoxa)

Representatives approved the measure the same day the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Constitution’s ban on excessive fines applies to the states. That’s an outcome that could help efforts to rein in police seizure of property from criminal suspects.

Intelligence report appeared to endorse view leftwing protesters were ‘terrorists’ (newsbuoy)

“Somehow they have this set up almost like antifa is the antagonist, and anti-antifa has developed to resist it,” he said “What it seems to do is completely whitewash the history of white supremacist violence in this country.”

The Hidden Air Pollution in Our Homes (jdargis)

While stirring, scrubbing, and basting, the cooks darted back and forth between the kitchen and their laptops, in the dining area. Every action, however seemingly inconsequential, had to be logged: opening the oven door, changing the trash bag, even a bout of sneezing. At 1:37 p.m., the team briefly debated whether to set fire to an oven mitt; one had accidentally caught light at that time during the previous Thanksgiving, and, as responsible scientists, they were keen to insure that the data sets from the two days matched. Eventually, they decided that the integrity of their experiment wouldn’t be fatally compromised if they failed to sacrifice a second mitt.

Degrowth: A Defence (newsbuoy)

Troy Vettese, drawing on the example of the seventeenth century’s Little Ice Age, argues for a ‘natural geo-engineering project’ to lower global temperatures through reforestation, and against mooted artificial geo-engineering solutions, which propose to manipulate the Earth’s cloud cover, alter the chemical composition of the oceans or release a ‘solar shield’ of sunlight-reflecting sulphate particles into the upper atmosphere. At the same time, Mike Davis’s discussion of the painstaking archival research by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie into the evidence for the Little Ice Age in France illuminates the limits of our knowledge of climate history. What follows will focus on Pollin’s trenchant criticisms of degrowth and the version of ‘green growth’ he offers as an alternative.

Climate Change Alarmists Routinely Ignore Chinese Flouting Of Paris Accords (thc0655)

Anyone with half a functioning brain knows that the Paris agreements are completely ineffectual – crafted by hypocritical elites that patrol the planet on private jets for the purpose of effecting massive energy taxation upon everyone on earth. It is hardly a surprise to see left-wing smooth brains jump on board, but the pathetic defense put forward by the GOP’s “best and brightest” leaves little hope that a credible defense against these policies can be put into effect by their opponents.

The destruction of the Earth is a crime. It should be prosecuted (Cornelius999)

Last week, for instance, the research group InfluenceMap reported that the world’s five biggest publicly listed oil and gas companies, led by BP and Shell, are spending nearly $200m a year on lobbying to delay efforts to prevent climate breakdown. According to Greenpeace UK, BP has successfully pressed the Trump government to overturn laws passed by the Obama administration preventing companies from releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. The result – the equivalent of another 50m tonnes of CO2 over the next five years – is to push us faster towards a hothouse Earth.

Biblical Anxieties (thc0655)

The Fort Peck Dam on the upper Missouri River in Montana is likewise troubling experts watching a record snowpack in the Rocky Mountains. It too is an earthen dam — the world’s largest by volume — filled with hydraulic slurry. Because it is located on the flat high plains, the dam is extremely long, running 21,000 feet — about four miles — from end to end. Behind it is a reservoir that is the fifth-largest man-made lake in the nation.

U.S. disaster aid won’t cover crops drowned by Midwest floods (Sparky1)

But it has no program to cover the catastrophic and largely uninsured stored-crop losses from the widespread flooding, triggered by the “bomb cyclone” that hit the region in mid-March. Congress would have to pass legislation to address the harvests lost in the storm, according to Northey and a USDA statement to Reuters.

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