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    Daily Digest 4/19 – The Civil War Is At Home, Don’t Wait Too Long to Leave the Party

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, April 19, 2018, 3:00 PM


Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image (blackeagle)

Gang-related gun murders, now mainly a phenomenon among men with immigrant backgrounds in the country’s parallel societies, increased from 4 per year in the early 1990s to around 40 last year. Because of this, Sweden has gone from being a low-crime country to having homicide rates significantly above the Western European average. Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Leave the Party (thc0655)

That’s one of the hardest parts of investing: deciding to liquidate positions when markets are still rising and the party is still going strong. Investors are overcome with FOMO (fear of missing out). They don’t want to reduce stock positions and obtain cash only to find their neighbor is still fully invested and enjoying big gains.

The obvious question for investors is whether it’s possible to get an “early warning” or predictive analytic signal that a liquidity crunch is on the way. If such a signal were available, it might be possible to stay a little longer at the party to pick up market gains but still get out in time before the lights go out.

What It’s Like to Live in America Without Broadband Internet (blackeagle)

Wilfong is one of the more than 24 million Americans, or about 8 percent of the country, who don’t have access to high-speed internet, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)—and that’s a conservative estimate. Most of them live in rural and tribal areas, though the problem affects urban communities, too. In every single state, a portion of the population doesn’t have access to broadband.

Nobody ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars, Alibaba founder tells US (blackeagle)

Ma also expressed the view that overall globalization was a positive thing as it had brought many benefits to both China and the world. However, it should be improved by making more room for small businesses rather than the current system run by the World Trade Organization (WTO), which was developed to protect corporate interests.

Our Strange Attraction to Self-Destructive Behaviors, Choices and Incentives (pinecarr)

Strange attractors are mathematical structures within fractal systems that are extremely sensitive to initial conditions within the system. Strange attractors are not a perfect analogy for the many self-destructive dynamics in our socio-economic system, but they do help us understand how the initial conditions established within the system end up defining the incentive structure that then rewards or punishes various behaviors and choices.

The Civil War Is At Home (Don R.)

But one way or the other, we’re in it now. The Civil War is at home. Syria is just an example of our domestic war. Remember the L.A. Times reporting the CIA-imbedded resistance openly shooting the Pentagon-imbedded Kurds? Two agencies killing each other with bullets? That went on every day before and since, politically, socially, economically, and now militarily.

“Take a Pill” Consequences (GE Christenson)

Pension funds are increasingly insolvent, savers don’t earn a decent return from savings, official debt exceeds $21 trillion, a potential derivative disaster looms ahead, and more dangers will manifest in coming years.

The Strike: Chemicals, Cancer, and the Fight for Health Care (blackeagle)

On the picket line, in rare close quarters with men who worked elsewhere in the massive plant, Mack learned his coworkers’ stories. He took a few minutes out of each day to ask strikers if they’d had cancer or knew anyone who did. Sometime after Christmas, Mack had started jotting down the names — current and retired, dead and alive.

Iraqis’ Diet Fifteen Years After the Invasion. Travelling Through Baghdad (Jerry C.)

You have fast food bistros serving salads and french fries. Pizza is popular, and a few upscale family restaurants moored on the banks of the Tigris are well patronized. You can linger at wifi-connected coffee shops, and find bars and discos open until early morning. Fresh baked fish and roasted chicken plates can be delivered to office or home.

To all appearances the Iraqi economy is just fine, if you observe only consumption habits.

War between Iran & Saudi Arabia could send oil to $300 per barrel & impoverish the world (blackeagle)

Ivan Karyakin, an investment analyst at Global FX, points out that the area of possible conflict pumps a third of global oil. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar together produce about 28 million barrels per day, which is slightly less than 30 percent of global production; prices will go up immediately to $150-180 per barrel, he said.

$100 Oil Is Back On The Table (Michael S.)

Two industry sources told Reuters that behind closed doors, Saudi officials have considered $80 per barrel, or even $100 per barrel, as sort of unofficial price targets. “We have come full circle,” a third high-level industry source told Reuters. “I would not be surprised if Saudi Arabia wanted oil at $100 until this IPO is out of the way.”

Americans waste 150,000 tons of food per day: study (Adam)

“Higher quality diets have greater amounts of fruits and vegetables, which are being wasted in greater quantities than other food,” said co-author Meredith Niles, an assistant professor at the University of Vermont.

“Eating healthy is important, and brings many benefits, but as we pursue these diets, we must think much more consciously about food waste.”

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  • Thu, Apr 19, 2018 - 7:45am



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    Health care could cost couples $280000 in retirement

    Venezuela bondholders inch toward $50 billion debt default …

    Reuters-22 hours ago
    … are marshaling forces for an eventual legal dispute with Venezuela – a move known as an acceleration that requires backing from holders of 25 percent of a given bond. That could unleash international court battles similar to a 15-year dispute between creditors and Argentina after it defaulted on its sovereign debt in early …

    US raises auction sizes of two-year debt

    Reuters-6 minutes ago
    NEW YORK, April 19 (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury Department said on Thursday it increased the amount of two-year fixed-rate and floating-rate debt it will sell next week, which are part of its effort to raise more cash to fund its growing budget gap. The Treasury will sell $32 billion in two-year fixed-rate notes on Tuesday, …

    African nations slipping into new debt crisis

    Financial Times-11 hours ago
    A much higher number have breached one of the fund’s thresholds for debt or servicing burdens, putting them into the IMF category of highly vulnerable to default. The fear is that many African countries will become stuck in a debt trap, undermining economic development, just 13 years after the Multilateral Debt Relief …

    Rosy numbers may be hiding Hawaii’s unfunded pension liabilities

    The Hill-Apr 18, 2018
    Government watchdogs have been warning for years that underfunded public employee pension programs will create economic havoc in the states and municipalities that have promised benefits they can’t afford. Current estimates place the nationwide total unfunded pension liabilities about about $5.6 trillion, with the …

    Health care could cost couples $280000 in retirement

    CNNMoney-11 hours ago
    Couples retiring this year will need $280,000 to cover health care and medical expenses over the course of their retirement, according to a new report from Fidelity. … “Despite this year’s estimate remaining relatively flat, covering health care costs remains one of the most significant, yet unpredictable, aspects of retirement …


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  • Thu, Apr 19, 2018 - 2:01pm



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    Syrian "rebels" possessed European-sourced chemical weapons


    Syrian government troops have found chlorine bombs of western production, said spokeswoman for Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

    “In the liberated territories of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops  have found containers with chlorine – the most terrible type of chemical weapons – the containers are from Germany, as well as smoke flasks from – attention! – Salisbury,” she said at a briefing in Moscow. The Porton Down laboratory is located not far from the city of Salisbury in Great Britain, whereby an alleged poisoning of the Skripals took place last month.


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  • Thu, Apr 19, 2018 - 2:15pm

    Reply to #2


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    but Russia did it!

    And it wasn’t Porton Down, it was Porton-on-Don.
    So there.

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  • Fri, Apr 20, 2018 - 11:58am



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    Tax Donkeys vs Pensioners

    Charles Hugh Smith writes:

    [C]orrupt politicos promised the moon to public employees [in the form of huge pension promises], and now the fiscal chickens of insolvency are coming home to roost…..
    This is setting up a … war between entitled Baby Boomers and younger taxpayers who pay most of the federal and local taxes. …  Public pension obligations come out of local and state taxes, and as those obligations soar then public services must be slashed and taxes jacked up …
    So there is a war brewing between public pensioners and the Tax Donkeys: the Unprotected who pay local property taxes on their homes, state and local taxes on their incomes, sales taxes on their purchases, junk fees on local government services, and so on….
    Like virtually all wars, there are asymmetries between the two combatants:in the war between public pensioners and the Tax Donkeys, the pensioners can’t switch pension programs, but the Tax Donkeys can move to lower-tax states.
    These dynamics will power a Great Migration of the Tax Donkeys from failing cities, counties and states to more frugal, well-managed and small business-friendly locales.
    This is the model for many half-farmer, half-X refugees: people who are moving to homesteads or small towns with the networks and skills needed to earn a part-time living in the digital economy. In a lower cost area, they only need to earn a third or even a fourth of their former income to live a much more fulfilling and rewarding life.


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