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    Daily Digest 4/16 – The Rise Of The Paper Machines, Hydrogen Fuel Cells Return

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, April 16, 2015, 2:24 PM


Detroit, Stockton bankruptcies may flag wider problems -Fed’s Dudley (thc0655)

Dudley said borrowing to pay off a current year operating deficit is inconsistent with running a balanced budget, leaves the municipality with no new asset, and is “equivalent to asking future taxpayers to help finance today’s public services.”

The Common Painkiller That Also Kills Pleasure (Arthur Robey)

The research might suggest, though, that some factors affect both our positive and negative emotions in a similar way.

It could even be, Geoffrey Durso said, that the study tapped into some difference between people in how they react to both positive and negative events…

What You Need to Know About Trade Agreements and Fast Track (gallantfarms)

Another major issue in these trade agreements relates to rules of procurement. For example, the US has many farm to school programs in place to support local farmers and local businesses, but public programs like these can be challenged by a foreign corporation saying, “We’re not eligible for that program, and that’s illegal under the trade rules.” As crazy as that sounds, that’s a very real concern. As noted by Lilliston, “the ‘Buy American’ provisions, which are very common in public procurement programs right now, could be under threat under trade rules.” Many states also have their own environmental regulations in place to protect human and environmental health. These too could be challenged by these trade agreements.

Central bankers gather privately in Washington this Friday to discuss gold (thc0655)

But if you don’t get an invitation, you can fairly assume that the valuation of all capital, labor, goods, and services in the world is none of your business. This is after all the central bankers’ world. The rest of us are lucky that they let us even pass through it from time to time, though the impertinent among us might wonder why central bankers should need to talk in secret about something supposedly as irrelevant and retrograde as gold.

Good thing for them that mainstream financial journalists have neither curiosity nor backbone.

The Rise Of The Paper Machines (Taki T.)

Group One markets are “paper” markets in fiat debt, fiat currency, and paper equities. They are heavily influenced by “money printing,” Quantitative Easing, High-Frequency-Trading, futures, central banks, and political agendas.

Group Two markets are supposedly more real commodity markets, but they are also influenced by futures trading, HFT, and other agendas.

Tony Abbott says iron ore price collapse blew $30-billion black hole in federal budget (Arthur Robey)

Mr Abbott also used today’s speech to formally confirm that the Government will not go ahead with a promised company tax cut for big businesses.

But larger companies will not be forced to pay a levy that was designed to help fund the Prime Minister’s dumped paid parental leave scheme.

Has The U.S. Reached “Peak Oil” At Current Price Levels? (Evan K.)

One has to wonder if “Peak Oil” at the current price deck in the US is very real indeed. Look for draws and not inventory additions to start in earnest in May. The next media spin will now focus on future risks to oil supply in 2016 to keep the oil curve flat, whether it be the rise in the US dollar or Iran. The short term risks appear to be clearing so the attention will be turning on preventing prices from rising too high. Just this morning, Dow Jones ran an article quoting the Citibank oil analyst that days of triple digit prices are in past. Thump…that’s the sound once again of someone falling off their chair in utter amazement as to what is occurring to distort reality.

Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Extend the Age of Oil (lambertad)

“What they did was historic,” Daniel Yergin, the pre-eminent historian of the oil industry, told Bloomberg in February. “They said: ‘We resign. We quit. We’re no longer going to be the manager of the market. Let the market manage the market.’ That’s when you got this sort of shocked reaction that took prices down to those levels we saw.”

Fighting Homelessness, One Smartphone at a Time (jdargis)

Sometimes, Silicon Valley’s belief that tech can solve any problem — not just ordering cabs and sharing selfies, but ending homelessness or poverty — can seem like a stretch. Even Bill Gates, a founder of Microsoft, has argued against the idea. “P.C.s are not, in the hierarchy of human needs, in the first five rungs,” he said in a 2013 interview.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Return for Another Run (jdargis)

In June, the couple, from Dana Point, became the second California family to lease the hydrogen version of the Hyundai Tucson crossover sport utility vehicle. They are paying $499 a month with $2,999 down, decisively more than they would for the same Tucson with a gasoline engine. But perks include a $5,000 purchase rebate from the state and three years’ worth of free hydrogen from Hyundai.

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