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    Daily Digest 4/10 – The Problem With Freedom, What’s Causing The Retail Meltdown Of 2017?

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, April 10, 2017, 2:40 PM


Russian truckers’ strike enters third week amid police crackdown (Grace)

The truck drivers are protesting the doubling of a fee imposed on truckers using federal highways under a road-tax system known as “Platon”. The introduction of the fee in 2015 had provoked a general strike, the largest labor action in Russia in years. Starting April 15, the fee is supposed to double from its current 1.53 rubles to 3.06 rubles per kilometer for vehicles exceeding 12 tons.

The Problem With Freedom (Cornelius999)

Above all, billionaires and the organisations they run demand freedom from something they call “red tape”. What they mean by red tape is public protection. An article in the Telegraph last week was headlined “Cut the EU red tape choking Britain after Brexit to set the country free from the shackles of Brussels”. Yes, we are choking, but not on red tape. We are choking because the government flouts European rules on air quality. The resulting air pollution frees thousands of souls from their bodies.

Ripping down such public protections means freedom for billionaires and corporations from the constraints of democracy. This is what Brexit – and Trump – are all about. The freedom we were promised is the freedom of the very rich to exploit us.

5 Tangible Investments that Are Alternatives to the Stock Market (USGB)

The peak period of flipping houses may have already passed as demand has gone up for distressed houses forcing prices even for houses in need of repair to increase. The need for flippers to sell houses within 30 to 60 days makes it imperative for investors to have a full understanding of the market before deciding which property to buy. Successful investors know the recent sale prices of comparable homes and how long these homes were on the market.

It’s Brutal, It’s Harsh and It’s True (DG)

So here you realize that every dollar of profit you make on NUGT, JNUG, DUST, and JDST, is a dollar you take away from the Banksters. It’s one less dollar they can use to screw you with.

Your House Is Under Arrest (Tiffany D.)

Just one example: The Southern Poverty Law Center found that agencies in nine Alabama counties (roughly 30% of the state’s population) seized over $2 million in 2016. And most of the time, the state was able to keep the cash after obtaining a court order.

To top it off, because of Alabama’s lack of reporting requirements, there’s no way of knowing the actual value of all the other assets seized — including cars, computers, jewelry and more — or even why they were seized.

What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017? (jdargis)

But the full story is bigger than Amazon. Online shopping has done well for a long time in media and entertainment categories, like books and music. But easy return policies have made online shopping cheap, easy, and risk-free for consumers in apparel, which is now the largest e-commerce category. The success of start-ups like Casper, Bonobos, and Warby Parker (in beds, clothes, and glasses, respectively) has forced physical-store retailers to offer similar deals and convenience online.

Gorsuch Takes Oath at White House, Becomes New Top Court Justice (jdargis)

Neil Gorsuch was sworn in at the White House Monday as the newest U.S. Supreme Court justice with President Donald Trump looking on, bringing the court back to nine members after a 14-month vacancy.

The oath was administered by Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Gorsuch worked as a law clerk in the court’s 1993-94 term.

Energy Employment Surges With U.S. Shale Production (Michael K.)

Since October, thirty-five thousand new mining sector jobs have been added to the U.S. economy. This time last year, the sector was shedding jobs at a rate of eighteen-thousand per month. The turn-around comes as prices slowly edge above $50 a barrel. There are hopes that federal changes to environmental regulations, the opening up of federal land and improving price forecasts will all support a new boom in oil and gas production within the United States.

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    Who needs ISIS.

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    Who needs ISIS.

    Golly, Sheriff Grinnell, our boys have been fighting in Afghanistan for 15 years to insure a smooth flow of opiates.   We owe it to the Bush family, no it is the patriotic duty of all Americans, to keep buying it and using it.   Cripes, Peyton, you even had a Bush as your governor down there.  Didn’t you get the memo yet, boy?

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