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    Daily Digest 4/1 – Behind The Border Crisis, Inside America's Black Box

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, April 1, 2019, 7:26 AM


Trump White House presses threat to close U.S.-Mexico border this week (TS)

“First, you’d see prices rise in­cred­ibly fast. Then . . . we would see layoffs within a day or two,” said Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas in Nogales, Ariz. “This is not going to help border security.”

Behind The Border 'Crisis': More Migrant Families Risk Dangerous Remote Crossings (TS)

But immigrant advocates say U.S. officials have exacerbated the situation at the border by limiting the number of migrants who can seek asylum at legal ports of entry. They say that's pushing a growing number of migrant families to cross illegally in more remote areas of Arizona and New Mexico, miles from the nearest food, water and medical care.

Russia confirms its military personnel are in Venezuela (Sparky1)

In a briefing Thursday in Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “Russian specialists” were on Venezuelan soil but declared their deployment to be “in accordance with the provisions of the bilateral intergovernmental agreement on military-technical cooperation” between Moscow and Caracas.

Inside America’s Black Box: A Rare Look at the Violence of Incarceration (jdargis)

So when prisoners go on hunger strikes or work strikes, or engage in deadly riots, the public rarely understands exactly why. How could they? Many people harbor a vague belief that whatever treatment prisoners get, they surely must deserve. It is a view perpetuated by a lack of detail.

But some weeks ago, The New York Times received more than 2,000 photographs that evidence suggests were taken inside the St. Clair Correctional Facility in Alabama. Some show inmates as they are being treated in a cramped, cluttered examination room. Others are clinical: frontal portraits, close-ups of wounds.

Russia Defends Military Presence in Venezuela, Says U.S. 'Nervous' Because Its Plans 'Failed' (Sparky1)

“Of course, we understand what causes American nervousness,” Zakharova said. “The planned rapid change of power in Caracas failed. With its self-confidence, Washington only 'set up' those in Latin America and Western Europe who rashly hurried to recognize an impostor whom the people did not elect as the head of Venezuela. Thus, they deprived themselves of space for diplomatic maneuvers.”

Ireland and EU Countries Must Seek ECB Approval to Manage Gold Reserves – Draghi (Cornelius999)

The ECB President said of gold in October 2013 that gold is a “reserve of safety” that “gives you a value-protection against fluctuations against the dollar.” Draghi told an open forum at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, why central banks want gold and what value it offers. He said that there were “several reasons” to own gold including “risk diversification.”

Retail apocalypse? JCPenney, Payless, LifeWay announce 3,000+ combined store closures (Adam)

“In the post-digital era, only the strong will survive,” Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy, a retail technology company, told NBC News. “You need a great brand, a strong balance sheet, and a vision for experience that commences digitally. Darwin would love this.”

Weak February US retail sales underscore slowing economy (Adam)

The loss of economic momentum also reflects higher interest rates, slowing global growth, Washington's trade war with China and uncertainty over Britain's departure from the European Union. These factors contributed to the Federal Reserve's decision last month to abruptly end its three-year campaign to tighten monetary policy.

60 years after exile, Tibetans face a fight for survival in a post-Dalai Lama world (Sparky1)

Ever since, the Dalai Lama — who is revered as a living god by millions of Tibetan Buddhists — has made India his home. India officially calls him “(our) most esteemed and honored guest.”

“I'm the longest guest of the Indian government,” the Dalai Lama, the 14th holder of the title, jokingly told CNN in an interview in 2009.

Airlines report technical issues (Sparky1)

“The service is back on line a few minutes ago and delays should be minimal,” FAA spokesman Greg Martin told CNN

About the outage: Martin says the third-party vendor in question provides weight and balance software which airlines use to determine flight plans and make fuel calculations, among other purposes.

At Hudson Yards, the future isn’t now (tmn)

The problem of the design of Hudson Yards, the 28-acre, $25 billion development built on a platform over Penn Station’s working railroad tracks, is that there is no contrast. No weirdness, no wildness, nothing off book. The megaproject was built by an all-star team of designers, but in the end, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the corporate and the artistic.

Small stickers on the ground trick Tesla autopilot into steering into opposing traffic lane (tmn)

Misleading the autopilot vehicle to the wrong direction with some patches made by a malicious attacker, in sometimes, is more dangerous than making it fail to recognize the lane. We paint three inconspicuous tiny square in the picture took from camera, and the vision module would recognize it as a lane with a high degree of confidence as below shows…

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  • Mon, Apr 01, 2019 - 8:05am



    Status Silver Member (Offline)

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    Pool of negative-yielding euro zone govt bonds hits highest sinc

    Pool of negative-yielding euro zone govt bonds hits highest since …


    Reuters-5 hours ago
    Of around the 7.67 trillion euros ($8.62 trillion) of euro area government bonds in the Tradeweb system, about 3.58 trillion euros, or almost 47 percent, yield less …


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  • Tue, Apr 02, 2019 - 5:44am



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    Border contradictions

    The fact that Adults can’t clearly see how immigration should work based on our laws is confusing to other Adults like me.
    In the NPR hit peice there is a stark contradiction in the organizations view of immigration issues.
    It states closing the border to stop the hordes of invaders will cause them to come into the U.S. illegally by other means.
    What seems lost in this concept is the idea that coming over the border, whether asking for asylum or not, is still essentially illegal immigration. The laws say nothing about being at a border station when you arrive here illegally and without invitation.
    Its all still illegal, and they are all illegal aliens even if waving the ‘asylum’ flag.
    What mental gymnastics do these presstitutes and our oligarghical masters use to convince themselves that ANY illegal aliens are a benefit to anyone other than the illegal aliens?
    Why can’t many of our illigitimate, and unwanted leaders look at just about ANY other nation and see that illegal immigration is already known as ‘a bad idea’?
    The law is crystal clear on what defines an illegal immigrant. Anything that meets the definition should be handled as such, and turned away as fast as possible with the least cost and little concern for the invader.
    Anything else does not make sense and is, in essence, selective lawlessness.


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