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    Daily Digest 3/8 – Moving Away From Coal, CA Farmers Resign To Drought

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, March 8, 2015, 7:12 PM


You have the right to bear arms, not “electrical” arms, court declares (jdargis)

The Massachusetts case, decided last week, concerned Jaime Caetano, who lives in one of five states making it illegal for private citizens to posses stun guns. She appealed her 2013 conviction, on Second Amendment and self-defense grounds, claiming she had a right to the weapon to protect herself from what she said was an abusive father of her children. The penalty for breaching the law carries up to a 2.5-year maximum jail term. She was caught with the device outside a grocery store after allowing the authorities, who were looking for a shoplifter, to search her purse.

Greece Proposes Using Tourists as Tax Spies to Fill Shortfall (jdargis)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has tried to reassure creditors that Greece will not default. But in a sign of how desperately Greece needs money, his government plans on Monday to present a raft of measures to European finance ministers in Brussels in hopes of unlocking aid quickly.

Foreign Workers Missing After Militants Attack Libyan Oil Field (jdargis)

In Vienna, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said that a 39-year-old Austrian working for an oil field management company was among the missing.

Four years after the ouster of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libya is caught up in a conflict between two rival governments and their armed forces, who are fighting to control the country’s oil wealth.

Rio Tinto’s restructuring signals global industry move away from coal (Terry L.)

It’s a trend that is reflected broadly. Anglo-American says it is committed to Australia, yet it is testing the waters on the sale of four of its Australian coal mines. Peabody Energy, whose core business is coal, is reporting massive losses year in, year out, and has cut its capital-expenditure program to essentials only, down 80 percent from 2012.

California farmers resign themselves to drought: ‘Nobody’s fault but God’s’ (Michael W.)

Arthur & Orum has bought an additional rig for $1.2m, and out-of-state drillers have moved into the area. But as drills criss-cross the landscape, boring ever deeper into the earth, there is a haunting fear: what if they suck up all the groundwater? What if, one day, the water runs out?

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