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    Daily Digest 3/7 – Blending Robotics With Rutabagas, Why Aren’t Wages Rising More?

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, March 7, 2015, 4:13 PM


Europe reverses course on net neutrality legislation (jdargis)

Marietje Schaake, the net neutrality spokesperson from the fourth largest group of MEPs, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe, was even more scathing of the decision. “Current proposals are ambivalent, and can lead to commercial practices that go against consumer interests, against innovative startups, and against fair competition in the digital economy,” she said. “The European Parliament has repeatedly called for strong net neutrality; the Council should show ambition in doing the same.”

C.I.A. to Be Overhauled to Fight Modern Threats (jdargis)

Drawing from disparate sources — from the Pentagon to corporate America — Mr. Brennan’s plan would partly abandon the agency’s current structure that keeps spies and analysts separate as they target specific regions or countries. Instead, C.I.A. officers will be assigned to 10 new mission centers focused on terrorism, weapons proliferation, the Middle East and other areas with responsibility for espionage operations, intelligence analysis and covert actions.

Week of Milestones for U.S. Stocks Spoiled by Fed Rate Anxiety (jdargis)

“It’s definitely been a week of milestones,” Russ Koesterich, the New York-based chief investment strategist at BlackRock, said in a phone interview. “People are obviously taking a pause as valuations aren’t cheap. This is all about rates. The ultra-dovish view that it won’t happen until next year is much less likely.”

Job Growth Was Fantastic Last Month. So Why Aren’t Wages Rising More? (jdargis)

This time a year ago, the economy was locked in a yearslong tepid recovery that involved adding 2 to 2.5 million jobs a year. That has now hit 3.3 million, and will soon hit 3.5 million if this pace of job growth keeps up. This is pretty terrific news by any standard.

But what is a little more curious is that while the evidence of a truly robust jobs recovery is obvious in this and other recent readings on the labor market, the evidence of the two other trends that economy-watchers are hoping to see is somewhere between murky and nonexistent.

Get Them On The Blower: London’s Lost Pneumatic Messaging Tubes (jdargis)

As the popularity and volume of telegraph messages increased, many telegraphy companies established branch offices around central London to assist in collecting and distributing telegram communications. But telegraph offices in London were becoming inundated by telegrams during the day, causing backlogs. And whilst telegram messages travelled at great speed between cities, forwarding them a few hundred yards in the heavily crowded streets of London via messenger boys could take hours and sometimes over a day. Hiring more of the expensive telegraph operators to retransmit telegrams locally was not seen as cost effective at all, as they were often idle at branch offices.

Colorado land impact of oil and gas boom: scars spread and stay (jdargis)

In particular, he favored requiring companies to submit reclamation plans in advance. Surface landowners would have to have opportunities to shape those plans, he said. Such plans would help spur proper reclamation done according to a timetable — “as long as the timetable is reasonable and allows for some sort of disruption short-term and long-term as far as what the weather patterns are.”

Keurig creator says he ‘regrets’ his invention due to the environmental waste it generates (Nervous Nelly)

Sylvan worked at Keurig during the 1990s. He thought he Keurig would be a benefit to office dwellers, enabling them to grab a cafe-quality drink without having to venture outside.

“That would make it environmentally neutral, because you wouldn’t have those Starbucks cups [everywhere],” Sylvan told the CBC.

FarmDogg blends robotics with rutabagas (westcoastjan)

“I saw an opportunity to take my technical background and interest in technology and blend that with my interest in sustainability – move the needle, as it were, toward a more environmentally sound future,” says Brandao. “One of biggest challenges for electric vehicles is that they’re usually applied to consumer-based markets that aren’t as relevant as other markets,” she continues. “This technology is perfect for work applications, things that require repetitive activities, predictable drive cycles and customers with very defined needs and functions.”

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