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    Daily Digest 3/6 – Making America Broke Again, Losing Faith In Institutions

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, March 6, 2017, 3:29 PM


Americans have lost faith in institutions. That’s not because of Trump or ‘fake news.’ (somky)

The changes that seemed to erupt suddenly in the early 1960s actually began long before and moved slowly at first, as the globe shrank and societies modernized. As far back as the 1600s, travelers confronted by new cultures and novel deities began to question their own societies’ rules and institutions. “Not a tradition which escapes challenge, not an idea, however familiar, which is not assailed; not an authority that is allowed to stand,” historian Paul Hazard wrote. “Institutions of every kind are demolished, and negation is the order of the day.” This was the Enlightenment, a turning away from tradition and an anointing of reason, scientific inquiry and individualism.

The Deep State vs. President Trump (Don R.)

Why does the Deep State fear and despise Trump? First, his chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, is a fervent disciple of capitalist economic nationalism. Further, his America is the “shining city on a hill,” but where the dwellers are Christian white people. Deep State types are convinced Trump’s skewed priorities will undermine the dominant role played by the U.S. in the global capitalist system from which they derive their power, wealth, and ultra-lavish lifestyles. We are witnessing a no-holds-barred clash between two warring camps.

Republican insider: Trump is creating Deep State 2.0, but it might crash the economy (Afridev)

His chief contention is that the US political system has, for all intents and purposes, become an oligarchy — with different Democrat and Republican administrations pursuing policies that remain constrained within the same defunct paradigm of extractive finance in service to the burgeoning bureaucracies of private defense firms, giant corporations, and global banks — benefiting the few at the expense of the many.

The Fed. Has Now Set The Stage For An Ides of March Moment (Aaron M.)

Yet, what else is one to conclude when reading the above, dovish? Hardly. As a matter of fact it could very well be construed as a Fed. hell-bent on sending the administration the message that it likes to be the one in control – and has no intention of letting that position go.

Trumponomics: Making America Broke Again, Part 1 (Aaron M., login required)

Donald Trump peddled two factoids this past week which he will come to regret—-even as they function to reinforce his historic mission as the Great Disruptor. We refer to his boast that the $3 trillion gain in the stock market since the election is a vote of confidence in Trumponomics, and that he reduced the public debt by $12 billion during his first month in office.

5 Graphics To Help You Understand President Trump’s Conflicts Of Interest (jdargis)

President Trump had over 150 entities with reported assets on his 2016 PFD—roughly a third of entities listed. Major asset types include real estate, primarily golf clubs and commercial properties, and financial assets, largely bank accounts. According to a recent NPR analysis, at least seventeen different federal agencies potentially have jurisdiction over these assets.

Regulation May Stall The Future Of Energy Storage (Michael K.)

All these things combined would increase the utility of the parties involved for several reasons. The increased revenue from being allowed to trade in the energy markets, for example, would raise the value of the grid operating firms. Further, the decrease in cost to consumer makes these types of energy more accessible to more people. This is especially relevant if grid operating facilities begin to incorporate renewable energy sources into the grid, as many analysts expect will happen with the rise of battery storage systems.

Backlash greets Trump proposal to gut Great Lakes cleanup funding (jdargis)

The GLRI funds state and local projects that combat invasive species, restore wildlife habitats and clean up watersheds polluted by a Rust Belt economic legacy across the eight-state Great Lakes region. It has traditionally enjoyed strong bipartisan support in Congress, which in the past has restored smaller cuts proposed under President Barack Obama.

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  • Mon, Mar 06, 2017 - 8:02am



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    Silence of the Sheep

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  • Mon, Mar 06, 2017 - 8:58am



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    Potato time: Hoss Double Wheel Hoe

    Several people have pointed me to this gardening tool.
    A friend is putting in potatoes and using this hand powered hoe to dig a long furrow and then to bury the potatoes.  Since I don’t have any fine draft horses to pull a plow (ahem), I will have to do it by hand.  Here is a video of how it is done with a Hoss Double Wheel Hoe.  (The first 20 seconds of the video shows the basic action.)

    This thing ships out of Georgia.  Shipping is free.  I purchased the Double Wheel Hoe itself, the plow blades, and the “oscillating hoe” blade for weeding.  Picture below is the oscillating hoe blade (for weeding a long straight strip) on a SINGLE wheel hoe.

    I’m going to be sharing this with a couple of other gardeners in my neighborhood as the $300+ cost is too much to consider reasonable for a one suburban lot gardener.  We are already sharing a chain saw, gas roto-tiller and ladders.

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  • Mon, Mar 06, 2017 - 4:12pm

    Reply to #2

    Phaedrus the younger

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    Wheel hoe!

    sand_puppy wrote:

    Several people have pointed me to this gardening tool. 

    Sand_puppy, we’ve had one of these babies for a couple of years.  We love it!  Got ours from Johnny Seeds catalogue.   We got several different sizes of stirrup hoes as well (similar design without the wheel).  I highly recommend the investment.

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  • Sat, Mar 11, 2017 - 6:45am



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    I have had a better experience with growing potatoes in bags or on the ground covered with passion vine that died out over the winter.
    With the bags, you just peel the bag down to harvest as you go. This I saw as an innovation in Kenya for women heads of families renting ground to live on under uncertain terms. If forced to move, they could take their grow-bags with them.
    With the passion vine cover, I explored to see what I had before going out to buy more potatoes. I found enough to avoid going to the store.
    I have also tried the dig-in and cover with soil method. I did not like it. Harvesting involved shovels, cutting potatoes by accident and other unpleasantness.

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