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    Daily Digest 3/5 – Trump’s Military Ambition, America’s Miserable 21st Century

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, March 5, 2017, 5:10 PM


America’s Miserable 21st Century (pinecarr)

Consider the condition of the American economy. In some circles people still widely believe, as one recent New York Times business-section article cluelessly insisted before the inauguration, that “Mr. Trump will inherit an economy that is fundamentally solid.” But this is patent nonsense. By now it should be painfully obvious that the U.S. economy has been in the grip of deep dysfunction since the dawn of the new century. And in retrospect, it should also be apparent that America’s strange new economic maladies were almost perfectly designed to set the stage for a populist storm.

This incredibly cheap house was 3D printed in just 24 hours (suziegruber)

“Printing of self-bearing walls, partitions and building envelope were done in less than a day: pure machine time of printing amounted to 24 hours,” the company said.

Once the house has been completed, the printer is removed with a crane-manipulator and presumably the roof is then added, followed by the interior fixtures and fittings.

Trump’s Military Ambition: Raw Power as a Means and an End (jdargis)

He has portrayed the military’s primary role as winning battles, and winning battles as sufficient for winning wars — two ideas out of favor since at least the Vietnam War. Ever since then, most generals have emphasized that war is driven by political conflicts that can rarely be resolved through force alone.

“We will give our military the tools you need to prevent war and, if required, to fight war and only do one thing. You know what that is? Win. Win,” Mr. Trump said this week.

U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive (jdargis)

The change is partly a result of the agency’s study of a 2015 report that criticized aspects of TSA screening procedures. That audit, by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General, drew headlines because airport officers had failed to detect handguns and other weapons. An additional change prompted by the report was the TSA’s decision to end its “managed inclusion” program, by which some everyday travelers were allowed to use PreCheck lanes to speed things up at peak times.

In the US, added wildfires due to carelessness, not just climate change (jdargis)

Historically, the wildfire season has been approximately 46 days, during which conditions would allow lightning to start fires. In recent years, however, human-started fires have lengthened the fire season to 154 days. The authors report that this longer fire season is driven by fires that are started by humans earlier in the spring on the east coast, and fires started later in the summer on the west coast. Human-started fires also appear to be evenly distributed throughout the year, with about a quarter of the fires occurring each season, with small increases in the spring and summer. Additionally, the data show that the most common day for human-started fires is the Fourth of July, a national holiday marked by fireworks.

An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America (Aaron M.)

I saw shabby wood-frame houses rotting by the roadside, and picket fences blown over by the wind. I passed boarded-up shops in the hearts of small towns, and tumbledown barns and abandoned farmland. The church notice boards were full of offers of help to people with drug or alcohol addictions. And yes, suddenly I was passing cars with Trump stickers on their bumpers, and passing houses with Trump flags on their lawns.

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