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    Daily Digest 3/4 – Bitcoin Soars To Record Highs, Do Electronic Health Records Breed Burnout?

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, March 4, 2017, 5:11 PM


David Cay Johnston: Trump and Russia, ‘He Lies as Easily as You and I Breathe’ (Don R.)

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Sessions twice met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak: in July on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention and in September in Sessions’ office on Capitol Hill. And The Wall Street Journal reports that federal investigators are probing Sessions’ contacts with Russian officials.

The Ban, The Wall: Bearing Witness (jdargis)

I’ll start out by admitting I do not have a very clear picture of how many people who were affected by the first travel ban have had their dire situations resolved. There were 100,000 visas revoked and then reinstated; 500,000 green card holders and a presumably gigantic number of dual citizens initially affected; and then of course there were all the hopeful would-be immigrants and asylum-seekers on whom we slammed the door.

The “Sinister” Side of Central Bank-Issued Digital Currency (thc0655)

Central bank-issued digital currency is under consideration in Canada, China, Sweden and the United Kindgom. India withdrew 86 per cent of all cash as legal tender in November 2016.

1.27 billion people were given four hours notice.

Obama and Biden Blast EHR Vendors for Data Blocking (Bruno S.)

This article will tie in the comments of the outgoing President and Vice President with the history behind the adoption of EHRs in the United States and the forces within both industry and government that distorted that adoption toward systems that don’t share data well (interoperate) and that degrade the working experience for clinicians. We’ll also look at the history that could have been–an open source initiative squelched by EHR vendors–and at prospects for Congress and the new Administration to put EHR adoption onto the right track.

Doctors: E-health records raise costs, don’t help patient outcomes (Bruno S.)

“In the period immediately after implementation, workflow disruptions created by technologies like electronic order entry can give rise to a wide array of unintended consequences, such as inefficient workarounds, disruptions in continuity of care, and other electronically enabled errors,” the study said. “Quality could also suffer because providers might be distracted by the abrupt change in how they retrieve test results, consultation notes, and prior admission/discharge documentation, and how they document patient care.”

Do Electronic Health Records Breed Burnout? (Bruno S.)

This potential of electronic health records to transform health care sparked federal policymakers in 2009 to create an incentive program offering up to $27 billion to encourage doctors and hospitals to switch to EHRs from paper charts. Since 2008, the proportion of medical practices using electronic health records has soared from around 15 percent to more than 80 percent. Nearly all Medicare-accepting hospitals have adopted their use, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and those that don’t face a substantial financial penalty.

Stop! This is NOT like the dot-com bubble… it’s much worse, according to this chart (lambertad)

“Even though current valuation measures are not as extreme as in 1999, today’s economic underpinnings are not as robust as they were then,” he wrote. “Such perspective allows for a unique quantification, a comparison of valuations and economic activity, to show that today’s P/E ratio might be more overvalued than those observed in 1999.”

Good As Gold (Again)? Bitcoin Soars To New Record Highs (Joe B.)

Unlike fiat currency, it can’t just be printed, and it mimics the scarcity properties of gold in that it needs an enormous amount of energy to create one coin. The energy-proof of value is what links gold to the primary industries and allows it to maintain its purchasing power over incredibly long periods of time. Without it, any form of money will inevitably be corrupted over time and decay. Bitcoin has some of the same energy-proof of value that makes gold far superior to fiat currency, which can be created with the stroke of a key. Bitcoin, also like gold, is a global currency that may be universally accepted in the future. Even USD can’t make that claim.

The Secret Wealth Of The World’s Richest Oil Billionaires (Michael K.)

The lower end of the range sits at US$40 billion – a 2007 figure based on research by mid-level Kremlin advisor Stanislav Belkovsky, which he later said had grown to US$70 billion. At this level, Putin already stands among Forbes’ Top 10 rankings of the world’s richest billionaires, though the magazine commented in 2015 that it could not verify enough of his assets to put him on the list.

Fish under threat from ocean oxygen depletion, finds study (jdargis)

Scientists have long predicted ocean deoxygenation due to climate change, but confirmation on this global scale, and at deep sea level, is concerning them. Last year, Matthew Long, an oceanographer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, predicted that oxygen loss would become evident “across large regions of the oceans” between 2030 and 2040. Reacting to the German findings, Long said it was “alarming to see this signal begin to emerge clearly in the observational data”, while Roberts said, “We now have a measurable change which is attributable to global warming.”

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