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    Daily Digest 3/30 – Visions Of The Future, Resource Limits And Financial Collapse

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    Saturday, March 30, 2013, 3:04 PM


A New Declaration (goldrunner1)

That any way of life based on the hyper-exploitation of renewable resources is by definition not sustainable: if, for example, fewer salmon return every year, eventually there will be none. This means that for a way of life to be sustainable, it must not harm native communities: native prairies, native forests, native fisheries, and so on.

Q1 2013 US Silver Eagle Sales Beats All Records (Taki T.)

Now we did an easy but interesting exercise. The first quarter of 2013 saw sales of 14,2 million ounces of US Silver Eagles. We compared this Q1 2013 figure with the total of each year since this giant gold & silver bull market started in 2001. The comparison needs no additional comment (but readers should feel free though to comment in the section below).

Where’s the public outrage over sky-high CEO pay? (westcoastjan)

Gone are the days when the CEO and his senior management team hired outside consultants to set their own pay. Boards would typically defer to management, they in turn would decide how much to pay themselves and what performance targets they had to meet to earn extra hefty bonuses. “In those days, my job was literally to find ways to get the CEO the most money and to then to justify it to the board. It had little or nothing to do with shareholders,” says Ken Hugessen.

In pictures: Syrian refugees' most important things (westcoastjan)

Syria's civil war has forced more than a million people to flee, usually with only a small bag of possessions. Brian Sokol, with support from the UNHCR, has photographed some of the refugees holding treasures from their homes. Iman, 25, pictured here in Nizip refugee camp in Turkey, took only her son Ahmed and daughter Aisha and a Koran when she fled Aleppo. The religious book provides protection, she says.

Your Visions Of The Future (westcoastjan)

We set the global BBC audience the challenge of imagining the future without words. We received more than 800 stills and videos from all corners of the world.

U.S. Dollar: Ring-Fenced & Checkmate (Time2Help)

Consider the BRICS Development Bank. It is so much more than a fund to build railroads in remote African locations, as the delusional US press reports. It will form the giant credit line for countless projects upon which trade will be conducted, often called infrastructure, but so much more. It will gradually reveal itself to provide a second function, a core bank for trade payments outside the USDollar sphere. Steps are being made, extremely important steps, that will shape the next chapter. The United States will not play a role.

How Resource Limits Lead to Financial Collapse (Mike K.)

The financial collapse is related to Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) that is already too low. I don’t see any particular EROEI target as being a threshold–the calculations for individual energy sources are not on a system-wide basis, so are not always helpful. The issue is not precisely low EROEI. Instead, the issue is the loss of cheap fossil fuel energy to subsidize the rest of society.


How Oil Sands Workers Use Karaoke to Cope (westcoastjan)

Like many of us, people here are caught between the economy-first side who charge that Greens are naïve hypocrites who just don't get what needs to be done to keep people warm and fed, while the environmentalists counter charge that the business guys value the science in their jets and Bentleys, but willfully ignore the same science when it clearly proves what the true cost of flying and driving is. Many Canadians are both knowledgeable and deeply concerned about the environment. But the argument cuts a lot deeper here — people's livelihoods are directly at stake.

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  • Sat, Mar 30, 2013 - 6:35pm



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    The Debt Bomb That Taxpayers Won’t See Coming

    The Debt Bomb That Taxpayers Won’t See Coming

    Money markets sheltered by bank stimulus

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  • Sat, Mar 30, 2013 - 7:01pm



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    Where’s the public outrage over sky-high CEO pay?

    G'Day,  EVERYTHING is so over the TOP!

    I remember when (1981)...(sounds like an old fart already),  I was working for a company called Schlumberger.  In 1981, the president of Schlumberger was the highest paid employee  in the US.  The president made an annual salary of $4,000,000.  At that time,  I just couldn't believe how much money that was. I read the other day that someone paid over $150,000,000 for a faded old painting. (go figure?)

    What's wrong with this world?  In 1981 a good car (eg. Chevrolet Impalla) cost approximately $10,000 - $12,000.  What's a new car cost now?  What should be the highest paid person in the US make?

    Exectutive salaries are just out of control.  History gives one a chance to compare with today's "Over-Exuberant-Irrational-Expectations" and realize that common sense has very little to do with what is happening today.  It's just pure raw "Yea Me and FU...works for me".

    For example, the russian oligarch, Boris Berezovsky killed himself because he had to pay out billions in a lawsuit over Chelsea Football Club, which probably made him broke.  How many players in a football team (seven?).  Someone has to get real.  Common sense PLEASE!  How could one support anyone or anything that doesn't make sense and right now,  this world makes NO cents!




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