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    Daily Digest 3/22 – Why The Dollar Endures, The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, March 22, 2014, 3:42 PM


House Plans Russia Sanctions Bill Without IMF Quota Funds (jdargis)

“The U.S. and our European friends should be bolstering the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, a California Republican, said in a statement. “That means aiding Ukraine’s fledgling democracy, with its May elections looming, and bolstering its economy, including by helping break Putin’s energy grip over Eastern Europe.”

In Northern Maine, Collaboration Brings Better Health (Wendy SD)

The northern part of the state is poor, but residents rank high on measures of health. The coordination among businesses and health workers is seen as a model.

Ted Butler: Suing JPMorgan and the COMEX (Taki T.)

The first thing I should mention is how unprecedented it is that I’m writing this in the first place. Here I am, directly and consistently accusing two of the world’s most important financial institutions of market manipulation (making sure I send each all my accusations) and I have received no complaint from either. I don’t think that has ever occurred previously. Now I am taking it one step further; presenting a guide for how and why JPMorgan and the CME should be sued for their manipulation of gold and silver (and copper, too).

Why The Dollar Endures (Nervous Nelly)

Most international trade and financial deals are still transacted in dollars. Central banks around the world hold nearly two-thirds of their foreign-currency reserves in dollar-denominated assets, mostly Treasury securities. To understand the dollar’s endurance, it’s necessary to distinguish the different roles the currency plays in global finance.

The dollar’s roles as a unit of account (for denominating transactions across countries) and medium of exchange (for settling payments on those transactions) are likely to wane. Developments in financial markets and in technology are making it easier to conduct cross-border transactions using other pairs of currencies. China, South Korea and Japan have signed agreements that will allow them to trade with one another using their own currencies.

Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce “Holy Grail” Gas Deal With China (pinecarr)

While Europe is furiously scrambling to find alternative sources of energy should Gazprom pull the plug on natgas exports to Germany and Europe (the imminent surge in Ukraine gas prices by 40% is probably the best indication of what the outcome would be), Russia is preparing the announcement of the “Holy Grail” energy deal with none other than China, a move which would send geopolitical shockwaves around the world and bind the two nations in a commodity-backed axis.

Dying Memphis Neighborhood Foretells Next U.S. Crisis: Mortgages (Dana T.)

In the hottest part of 2012, four years after bad mortgages triggered a meltdown in the world’s most resilient economy, the biggest banks were reporting record profits and government agencies were trumpeting statistics showing that a robust recovery from the worst hard times since Dorothea Lange’s Great Depression photo “Migrant Mother” was just around the corner.

The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains (jdargis)

Leading scientists recently identified a dozen chemicals as being responsible for widespread behavioral and cognitive problems. But the scope of the chemical dangers in our environment is likely even greater. Why children and the poor are most susceptible to neurotoxic exposure that may be costing the U.S. billions of dollars and immeasurable peace of mind.

Spring Thaw May Trigger Floods; Calif. Drought Locked In (Wendy SD)

Spring is finally — finally — here. That word is music to the ears of those in the eastern United States who are ready to thaw out from the frigid winter. But that thaw could bring flooding to parts of the Midwest and the northern Plains, the National Oceanic an Atmospheric Administration said in its official spring outlook, released Thursday. Conversely, in the West, where a persistent drought has kept most of California firmly in its grip, the spring looks to bring more of the same: warm, dry weather, which bodes ill for any drought relief and for the upcoming wildfire season.

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