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    Daily Digest 3/12 – Wild Arabia, In Search of Energy Miracles

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    Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 11:27 AM


Best Game In Town (Ilene)

“The DJIA has been hitting new all-time records. The S&P 500 is also near its record level. Things could still get hotter as ZIRP has made bonds, CDs and money markets guaranteed losers, especially after figuring in the reality of inflation and taxes.

“I like putting money to work in stocks that are not reflecting their true values, particularly after the recent stock market run-up. Laboratory testing giant Quest Diagnostics (DGX) closed last week at $55.89. That’s only 12.6 times its 2012 EPS of $4.43…”

Wild Arabia (ScubaRoo)

Interesting focus on Dubai's unbelievably high energy and water usage in 2nd half of episode 3.

Former Mayor of Detroit Guilty in Corruption Case (jdargis)

The verdicts brought to a close a trial in which prosecutors laid out a complex case against Mr. Kilpatrick and his co-defendants — including his father, Bernard, and Mr. Ferguson — arguing that they had used the mayor’s office to enrich themselves for years through shakedowns, kickbacks and bid-rigging schemes.


In Search of Energy Miracles (jdargis)

A lot of smart people are coming to see the energy problem as the defining challenge of the 21st century. We have to supply power and transportation to an eventual population of 10 billion people who deserve decent lives, and we have to do it while limiting the emissions that threaten our collective future.

Mayor of London to Invest £1 Billion in Bicycle Infrastructure (James S.)

The Mayor remarked that he wanted “to de-lycrafy cycling. I want to make it normal, something for everyone, something you feel comfortable doing in your ordinary clothes. Our new routes will give people the confidence to get in the saddle. I do not promise perfection, or that London will become Amsterdam any time soon. But what I do say is that this plan marks a profound shift in my ambitions and intentions for the bicycle.”

Scottish independence: Scottish government predicts 'oil boom' (ScubaRoo)

The oil and gas sector is a key part of the Scottish economy. It is estimated to contribute around £25bn to Scottish GDP (onshore and offshore), approximately 17% of the total in 2011. The North Sea oil and gas sector is also a major exporter, boosting the UK balance of payments by £40bn in 2011.

Why Are the Big Financial Institutions Selling Oil BIG? (Arthur Robey)

At some point during the fall of 2010 there was a large policy shift in hedging crude oil on the NYMEX futures exchange by the big banks and the oil companies. Up to that point the hedgers of crude have largely been the producers as they want to hedge their production against future price movements. On the buy side there was the big financial institutions (Swap Dealers = JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc), and the money managers (large pension funds, hedge funds, etc.), that speculate in a price increase.

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