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    Daily Digest 3/12 – Crimes That Are Not Illegal, How To Prevent The Next School Shooting

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, March 12, 2018, 2:04 PM


The World Is Better Than Ever. Why Are We Miserable? (blackeagle)

As we have slowly and surely attained more progress, we have lost something that undergirds all of it: meaning, cohesion, and a different, deeper kind of happiness than the satiation of all our earthly needs. We’ve forgotten the human flourishing that comes from a common idea of virtue, and a concept of virtue that is based on our nature. This is the core of Deneen’s argument, and it rests on a different, classical, pre-liberal understanding of freedom.

5 of the Most Violent Cities in the WORLD Are Right Here in America (thc0655)

Murders in New Orleans, Louisiana fell last year but armed robberies and non-fatal shootings have risen by a whopping 30% since 2010. The city is renowned for its food, music, and festivals, making it a popular destination for tourists. Yet, the 40.10 murders per hundred thousand people rank The Big Easy as more dangerous than some of the most notorious cities in Brazil and Columbia.

Where Is Barack Obama? (blackeagle)

Obama severely underestimated how much the institutions and organizations of American conservatism have matured since the Reagan, and even the Clinton, era. The right had built a sophisticated conservative-industrial complex of media outlets, lobbying firms, and party operatives that offered a powerful counterweight to the bully pulpit of any Democratic president. Once he was in office, some of the optimism from his 2004 speech and 2008 campaign was quickly tempered, as he discovered the resources that Republicans had at their disposal and how ruthless they would be in taking on their opponents. Even as he faced a congressional GOP that would not vote for a stimulus bill in the worst part of a recession, and that made spurious accusations on Fox News and Breitbart about how he was not born in the United States, Obama stuck to his belief that compromise was possible and that reasoned dialogue could work.

The Mountain West Is Experiencing A Second Gold Rush. This Time They’re Mining Bitcoin. (Adam)

In recent months, with bitcoin’s value and cultural prominence rising spectacularly, dozens of cryptocurrency mines have popped up in the rural West, following in the geographic footsteps of a previous gold rush. Lured by cheap rent and wide-open space, they’re bent on bringing “mining” back to a region that was largely defined by pulling precious materials from the earth — only this time, the gold is digital.

Here's How To Prevent The Next School Shooting, Experts Say (blackeagle)

Instead of waiting for people to, again, be rushed into emergency rooms, you go into the community with preventive resources. You do your best to lower the background levels of bullying and discrimination. You track the data and perform what is called "threat assessments" on potential risks.

And, these experts say, you remove the major "environmental hazard" that contributes to gun violence: the guns. The eight-point plan calls for universal background checks, a ban on assault-style weapons, and something called Gun Violence Protection Orders: a type of emergency order that would allow police to seize a gun when there is an imminent threat.

Most Americans think artificial intelligence will destroy other people’s jobs, not theirs (blackeagle)

On the surface, these answers suggest complacency, ignorance, or short-sightedness, but they also reflect a deep divide among experts on what exactly the effects of new technology will have on the workplace. Studies trying to estimate job losses caused by advances in robotics and AI vary wildly. Some claim that up to 1 billion jobs will be destroyed overall as soon as 2022, while others predict that by 2030, up to 800 million jobs will be lost globally, but more than that number will be gained. As you might expect, the methodology in these studies also varies. What counts as “AI” and when is a job “destroyed” are up for debate.

Crimes That Are Not Illegal (thc0655)

You are carrying a cash – perhaps more cash than can comfortably fit in your wallet. So you have it in an envelope in the glovebox or in a bag on the seat beside you or in a backpack, or whatever. But it’s simply cash – and regardless of the amount, it’s not illegal to carry cash.

As if that mattered.

Can Wine Transform China’s Countryside? (Uncletommy)

Suzanne Mustacich, the author of “Thirsty Dragon,” a book about wine in China, told me that the élite initially paid outlandishly for mediocre vintages, and often bought wine more for its value as a status symbol than for personal enjoyment. “Enthusiasm for the concept of wine outpaced concrete knowledge,” she said. Few people understood that Bordeaux was not a brand but the name of a region. Counterfeiters started obtaining empty bottles of expensive wine and filling them with plonk, and even created ersatz wine by mixing sugar water with artificial color and flavor. “Chinese people didn’t really know what wine is supposed to taste like, so it was spectacularly easy to get away with,” she said.

Huge Chinese Demand Fuels The Next U.S. Gas Boom (Michael S.)

Since Cheniere started exporting U.S. LNG in February 2016, Latin America and Asia have been the two leading destinations for American exports, but recently, every “spare drop” was shipped to China, Fusco told the CERAWeek conference in Houston this week.

Between February 2016 and December 2017, China was the third-largest market for U.S. LNG—behind Mexico and South Korea—accounting for 13.5 percent of all U.S. LNG exports, U.S. Department of Energy data shows.

Apple is in a race to secure supplies of rare metals to fuel your iPhone obsession (PaulJam)

In late February, Bloomberg reported that Apple, too, is looking to negotiate long-term contracts for cobalt directly from mines, which is a departure from its past practice of leaving such deals to its suppliers. Apple’s move, though not yet final, signals a major shift may be taking place among tech firms dependent on supplies of metals such as cobalt and lithium, as well as rare Earth minerals, also known as rare Earths, to make their products.

Judges Ruling Favors Ag In California Glyphosate Case (Alex M.)

He says the injunction is the first step in NAWG’s efforts “to prevent California from forcing farmers, growers and manufacturers to place false and misleading labels on agricultural products.”

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  • Mon, Mar 12, 2018 - 11:15am



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    Guns, gun control, police, illegal immigrants: societal decay

    California has every gun control pushed in the wake of the February 14 attack on Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The state’s gun controls include an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, firearm confiscation laws (Gun Violence Restraining Orders), firearm registration requirements, firearm owner safety certification requirements, a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, and “good cause” limitations on the issuance of concealed carry licenses.

    The state also has ammunition controls which require Californians to buy ammunition from state-approved vendors and bar residents from buying ammo out-of-state.

    None of these gun controls prevented the attack on the Veterans Home of California in Yountville.

    At the risk of being repetitive, I will assert: 1) there is something wrong WITH US (the problem is within us: our values, thought processes, emotions, impulse control, mind-altering drug use, etc.), and 2) so called “gun control” as it is currently pushed in the US will have no measureable positive impact on the problems it alleges to address. 

    I will additionally assert that the people who protested the actions of San Franisco police in returning fire on a male who first shot at them (see below) are part of the current hysteria pushing for more gun control.  They are unhinged and have lost contact with any form of reasonableness on this subject and others (eg. immigration policy).  And the ranks of those hysterically pushing for more gun control are full of similar people even though they weren’t at the San Francisco protest.

    Protesters marched in San Francisco, angry the police had fatally shot an illegal immigrant who had opened fire on them.

    San Francisco, CA – Outraged protesters marched in the Mission District of San Francisco on Wednesday to protest the shooting of an illegal immigrant who shot at police (video below.)

    Jesus Adolfo Delgado, 19, was fatally shot after opening fire on San Francisco police on Tuesday night, and officers returned fire.

    The incident started when officers were flagged down by two robbery victims at about 10:36 pm on March 6. 

    Police said the victims gave officers a description of the armed suspects, and said they were driving a black Honda Civil, Mission Local reported. 

    Police located the suspect’s vehicle shortly thereafter near 21st and Capp Streets, and performed a felony stop of the vehicle.

    Officers ordered the driver out of the car, and took him into custody. Then they noticed something off about the car’s trunk, Mission Local reported.

    “The officers noticed the vehicle’s trunk ajar and saw a second suspect in the trunk,” the police wrote in a statement. “While attempting to detain the second suspect, an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

    A cellphone video of the incident showed a black Honda, with its trunk ajar. A police officer can be heard giving instructions to Delgado in Spanish to put his hands up. 

    In the video, a hand holding a gun reached out of the trunk and opened fire at police.

    Police returned fire with a volley of shots that lasted about five seconds, the video showed.

    Delgado died at the scene, and police recovered a handgun in the trunk of the Honda, The San Francisco Examiner reported. 

    Protesters didn’t care that that Delgado was shooting at police at the time he was killed. The protesters marched through the neighborhood where he was shot holding “Justice for Adolfo Delgado” signs and chanting about “racist police.”

    The police actually did not fire at the suspect when he first fired one shot at them (I would call that inadequate use of force by police). They didn’t return fire until he began firing at them a second time.

    We live in a world of delusions: the fatal problem of too much debt can be solved by adding more debt, wealth can be created out of thin air at no cost, exponential increases in resource extraction on a finite planet can and should continue forever, war is good for the economy, there should be no limitations on immigration for any reason, Donald colluded with the Russians and should be prosecuted but Hillary didn’t and shouldn’t, etc. So, of course, in an upside down world like ours police either shouldn’t exist or shouldn’t shoot back at would-be murderers who first shoot at them, and “gun control” will solve the psychological, moral and spiritual problems of human beings who have lost their way.  I call BS on all that.



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  • Tue, Mar 13, 2018 - 12:47pm



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    How Full is Your Glass?

    Is it half or the other half?  More fun with the news.  So, what’s in your wallet?  smiley

    The number of people who expect to retire “broke”, meaning they have less than $10,000 saved for retirement fell to 42% from 55% last year, according to a survey by GoBankingRates.


    A study released by GoBankingRates reveals that older people planning their retirement have cause for concern. Forty-two percent of Americans are facing their golden years with less than $10,000 in savings. A lack of savings and planning has reduced what should be an enjoyable time in seniors’ lives to a period of stress and worries for many.

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