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    Daily Digest 3/10 – Austerity Still Not Working, What If Women Ruled The World?

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    Sunday, March 10, 2013, 2:37 PM


Elizabeth Warren: What Level of Criminality Will It Take to Shut Down a Bank, (Mr. President)? (Thomas C.)

Those considerations are the importance of that institution to the economy and the systemic threat that a loss of confidence might provoke. In other words, size and power, and the fear of the consequences of enforcing the existing laws, much less reform, are at the heart of the Administration's policy towards prosecuting significant financial crimes at the highest levels. And that policy sets the tone for the economy, and the market's attitudes towards regulation and reform.

Viewpoint: What if women ruled the world? (westcoastjan)

Studies also show that women also lead differently than men. They're more likely to be collaborative, inclusive and team-oriented, all characteristics that tend to be effective, particularly in today's less-hierarchical, fast-paced, innovation-driven world.

Max Keiser on Bitcoin Currency | Interview with Max Keiser (Arthur Robey)

Abby Martin talks to Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report, about the global economy and the growing popularity of the decentralized digital currency known as the Bitcoin.

Gold Price “Weakness” Explained By The Ongoing Currency War (Taki T.)

Back to the facts. The picture in dollar gold does not seem very rosy in the short term. For the time being, from a chart point of view (see below), the gold price in dollar terms is very close to a major support area. Suppose it would not hold, then (much) lower prices can be expected. The positive message that comes out of the price chart is that the retest of this major support point takes longer with every attempt (see first of the four charts below).

Austerity: Still Not Working (jdargis)

In short, it is neither populism nor shortsightedness that has led citizens to reject the policies that have been imposed on them. It is an understanding that these policies are deeply misguided.


‘Everyone’s a bit lost’: Carmakers think outside the box as electric dreams shatter (westcoastjan)

Automakers are broadly on track to meet the interim goal of trimming vehicles’ average CO2 output to 130 grams (4.6 ounces) per kilometre by 2015. But drastic steps are needed to meet the 95 gram target set for 2020 and the potential for tougher standards after that.

Tiny German village a model in country's energy revolution (westcoastjan)

Feldheim is the only community in Germany that solely uses renewable energy and has its own power grid, although the federal government has credited several other “bioenergy villages” for heading in that direction.


Gardening Link Bomb (Todd S.)

In a recent poll on Prepper Website, I asked, “What is your gardening experience?” At the time of this writing, 43% of those that responded either chose that they have “been gardening 1-5 years” or “I’m just starting out, but I’m on board!” Another 10% said that they had 5-10 years of experience. I don’t know about you, but my gardening success isn’t what I would like it to be. I have eaten the fruit of my labor and everything, but I’m not happy with all the results.

Invasive species hitchhiking to west coast on tsunami debris (westcoastjan)

Examples include wakame kelp, which can spread quickly, fouling docks and blocking sunlight from native kelp and seaweeds; sea squirt tunicate, which can foul aquaculture lines, and a parasite that can kill oysters, said Chapman, one of the first scientists to examine a massive dock that washed ashore last year in Newport, Oregon.

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