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    Daily Digest 3/1 – Good News Friday: GM Supports Renewable Energy, Teachers Win Higher Pay

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, March 1, 2019, 9:14 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header “Good News Friday.” We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


The Denver teachers strike is over. They won. (sv)

Colorado teachers are among the lowest-paid in the country, earning an average of $46,155 in 2016 — ranking Colorado 46th in average teacher pay, according to the National Education Association. The state also spends about $2,500 less per student each year than the national average. The new deal would boost starting pay for teachers by 7 percent, but the average pay raise for all educators, nurses, and counselors will be 11.7 percent.

This man won't go into a nursing home. He'll spend his 'golden age' at the Holiday Inn (Sparky1)

Securing a room at the right nursing home may take months, but Robison said reservations for quality customer service can be made now.

“$5-worth of tips a day and you'll have the entire staff scrambling to help you,” Robison said. “They treat you like a customer, not a patient.”

This Social Security proposal could be something to get excited about (Thomas R.)

I don’t want to spend much space in this column reviewing the various provisions of this new legislation. You can read the full analysis of it by the Social Security Administration’s chief actuary here. The actuary’s main finding is that the new legislation would assure that the Social Security trust fund would be solvent for at least the remainder of this century.

Dollars On The Margins (jdargis)

A $15 minimum wage is an antidepressant. It is a sleep aid. A diet. A stress reliever. It is a contraceptive, preventing teenage pregnancy. It prevents premature death. It shields children from neglect. But why? Poverty can be unrelenting, shame-inducing and exhausting. When people live so close to the bone, a small setback can quickly spiral into a major trauma. Being a few days behind on the rent can trigger a hefty late fee, which can lead to an eviction and homelessness. An unpaid traffic ticket can lead to a suspended license, which can cause people to lose their only means of transportation to work. In the same way, modest wage increases have a profound impact on people’s well-being and happiness. Poverty will never be ameliorated on the cheap. But this truth should not prevent us from acknowledging how powerfully workers respond to relatively small income boosts.

Frackers Face Harsh Reality as Wall Street Backs Away (Rebecca S.)

Frequent infusions of Wall Street capital have sustained the U.S. shale boom. But that largess is running out. New bond and equity deals have dwindled to the lowest level since 2007. Companies raised about $22 billion from equity and debt financing in 2018, less than half the total in 2016 and almost one-third of what they raised in 2012, according to Dealogic.

Want More Renewable Energy? It’s Easy, Just Ask GM (Thomas R.)

Renewable energy is also part of the larger story of GM in regards to our goal of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.

The zero carbon resources align nicely because they support electrification.

FCA Will Spend $4.5 Billion in Michigan to Build Electrified Jeep Wagoneer, Three-Row Jeep (Thomas R.)

The announcement came earlier today in a press release, in which Fiat Chrysler said it will create nearly 6,500 new jobs as it spends all of that cash on a new plant, and on adding production capacity to five existing facilities.

Porsche’s best-selling Macan SUV is going all-electric (Thomas R.)

“Electromobility and Porsche go together perfectly; not just because they share a high-efficiency approach, but especially because of their sporty character,” Porsche AG board chairman Oliver Blume said in a statement.

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  • Fri, Mar 01, 2019 - 10:13am



    Status Bronze Member (Offline)

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    Posts: 120

    It Ain't Over Till Da Fat Lady Sings
    …Sail on, sail on
    O mighty ship of state!

    To the shores of needPast the reefs of greed
    Through the squalls of hate

    Sail on, sail on, sail on…
    It’s coming to America firstThe cradle of the best and of the worst
    It’s here they got the range
    And the machinery for changeAnd it’s here they got the spiritual thirst
    It’s here the family’s broken
    And it’s here the lonely say
    That the heart has got to open
    In a fundamental wayDemocracy is coming to the U.S.A
    — Lyrics by, Leonard Cohen

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  • Fri, Mar 01, 2019 - 12:38pm



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    Good news: proposal to put bodycams on politicians

    Springfield, IL – A Republican lawmaker has introduced legislation that would require all elected officials in Illinois to wear bodycams while conducting public business.
    Illinois State Representative John Cabello said he sponsored his legislation to try and reduce political corruption at state and local levels, the Rockford Register Star reported.
    “We see the dealings going on in Chicago with some of the wiretaps and some of the corruption that’s been going on for decades,” Cabello said.
    “We hear of the state lawmakers that get themselves into trouble with bribes and so on and so forth.” He added. “So, I just thought that since the state was looking at making all police officers wear body cameras, I figured this might be a good way to have records of what lawmakers are doing.”
    Cabello, a veteran Rockford police officer, said his bodycam bill is not an attempt to reinvent the wheel, but rather to utilize a tool that has worked well for law enforcement, the Rockford Register Star reported.
    “It’s going to be the same as what law enforcement will have to do,” he said. “There’s not going to be one person going through all of the recordings. It’s more of if someone makes an allegation or a complaint, you’ll at least have some footage to go through.”
    House Bill 3447 would have the State Board of Elections create the actual rules for usage of the bodycams, the Rockford Register Star reported.
    Cabello said bodycam videos could be used as evidence in any administrative, judicial, legislative or disciplinary proceeding involving public officials.
    However, the bodycam video would not be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, according to the Rockford Register Star.
    His proposed law would apply to city, county, and state elected officials, the legislator said.
    “If they want to be an elected official, they should be following the law,” Cabello said. “If they don’t want to, I think they ultimately shouldn’t be an elected official. We would find ways of being able to remove them.”

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  • Fri, Mar 01, 2019 - 8:13pm



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    Wow! Gives me even greater appreciation for Leonard C's genius!

    Thanks for sharing this, Newsbuoy!  Relatively speaking, I have had only a smattering of Leonard Cohen exposure and I hadn’t seen this before.  I’ve been (re)discovering his works at an interesting time in my life (and, sadly, after his passing).  Your post was very timely and much appreciated. 
    Here’s a no-subscription YT link to LC’s very powerful presentation of “Democracy”:

    What a gift, thank you!
    All the best,
    Sparky1 🙂

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