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    Daily Digest 2/8 – Bitcoin Explodes To All Time High After Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion, New Variants Raise Worry About COVID-19 Virus Reinfections

    by Daily Digest

    Monday, February 8, 2021, 1:36 PM


Bitcoin Explodes To All Time High After Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion

In retrospect, it was not only inevitable but clearly obvious… at least to those who read us.

Back on January 9, when discussing the recent surge of institutional and corporate purchases of bitcoin and conversion of cash into the cryptocurrency, we said that it was just a matter of time before Elon Musk joined MicorStrategy and bought “several billion” in bitcoin. Specifically, in “How Bitcoin Hits $100,000 Next: Morgan Stanley Boosts Stake In Microstrategy, Opening The Floodgates” we said…

Mass Manipulation – How it Works

Have you ever wondered how a herd of sheep is driven to their slaughterhouse? Manipulation of minds is a well-studied science, has been applied already for centuries, but is getting ever more sophisticated. For example, the many poignant assertions, Joseph Goebbels, Hitlers Minister of Propaganda (1933 to 1945), included, “if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”; or “if you make people believe in the threat of an enemy, they’ll do your bidding”– and “divide and polarize them, destroy their solidarity, and they follow your command”.

Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?

Israelis celebrated on Friday when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the country had signed a deal with Pfizer Inc. to buy its novel coronavirus vaccine. But the fact remains that if Pfizer succeeds – or Moderna, with whom Israel also has a contract – these will be the first-ever messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines brought to market for human patients.

In order to receive Food and Drug Administration approval, the companies will have to prove there are no immediate or short-term negative health effects from taking the vaccines. But when the world begins inoculating itself with these completely new and revolutionary vaccines, it will know virtually nothing about their long-term effects.

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

According to the newest issue of The Land Report, Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. Gates’ portfolio now comprises about 242,000 acres of American farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Florida, Washington and 18 other states.

Thomas Jefferson believed that the success of America’s exemplary struggle to supplant the yoke of European feudalism with a noble experiment in self-governance depended on the perpetual control of the nation’s land base by tens of thousands of independent farmers, each with a stake in our democracy.

After GameStop stock frenzy, ‘very little’ government can do to regulate trading: Former SEC chairman

Former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt said the government can do “very little” to regulate trading unless there is clear evidence of intention to manipulate a stock price following the GameStop frenzy.

The trading app Robinhood made headlines in late January after stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment saw an unexpected surge in volatility following web postings on the popular Reddit message board WallStreetBets.

New Variants Raise Worry About COVID-19 Virus Reinfections

Evidence is mounting that having COVID-19 may not protect against getting infected again with some of the new variants. People also can get second infections with earlier versions of the coronavirus if they mounted a weak defense the first time, new research suggests.

How long immunity lasts from natural infection is one of the big questions in the pandemic. Scientists still think reinfections are fairly rare and usually less serious than initial ones, but recent developments around the world have raised concerns.

Oil prices near their highest levels since around beginning of pandemic

A booming rally in oil markets has pushed crude prices to their highest levels since near the start of the coronavirus pandemic, powered by production curbs and recovering demand.

Brent-crude futures, the benchmark in energy markets, have risen more than 50% since the end of October and are approaching $60 a barrel for the first time since Covid-19 began to erode oil demand in early 2020. Futures for West Texas Intermediate—or WTI, the main grade of U.S. crude—last week surpassed $55 a barrel for the first time in over a year.

The tough little bottles crucial to fighting Covid

The pharmaceutical company worker stood at the top of a stairwell, holding a tiny glass vial in their hand. They held the vial out, peering at the ground three storeys below and dropped the vial. On purpose.

“It bounced incredibly,” says Rob Schaut, scientific director of Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies. He co-invented the glass used to make the vial and was told about the stairwell incident by a customer who had wanted to test how strong the glass was.

Amazon orders more than 1,000 natgas-powered engines for U.S. fleet

Amazon.com Inc has ordered more than 1,000 truck engines that run on compressed natural gas as it tests ways to shift its U.S. fleet away from heavier polluting trucks, the company told Reuters on Friday.

The coronavirus pandemic caused delivery activity to surge in 2020, with truck volumes exceeding 2019 levels on average while passenger car traffic fell. But that increase in road activity means more pollution, as heavier-duty trucks emit higher levels of greenhouse gases than passenger vehicles.

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  • Mon, Feb 08, 2021 - 2:01pm

    Chuck in Belize

    Chuck in Belize

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    The "vaccine," the "reinfection," and the manipulation

    I only have one thing to say .. or, rather, ask.

    Got Ivermectin?

    I plan to outlast the bastards.
    It's just the way I am. I can't help it.

    We read the science. They don't.

    We take personal precautions. They don't.

    We see through all the fog. They don't.

    So, that's how I see it. Thank goodness for PP and everything that Chris and Adam have done. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

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