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    Daily Digest 2/28 – Feeding The Hungry With Food Waste, A Curious Sound Deep In The Ocean

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    Sunday, February 28, 2016, 4:19 PM


What We Learned from the Donald Trump-Marco Rubio Screamfest (jdargis)

One reminder of the strangeness of this campaign came when Trump, asked if he would finally release his tax returns, said that he would not, because he is being audited—“It’s very unfair, because I’ve been audited for, I think, over twelve years”—and had his negotiating position to think of. In terms of nondisclosure excuses in a Presidential race, this was novel. (As Trump spoke, Mitt Romney, who had his own tax-return saga, was furiously tweeting, pointing out that an audit was not a bar against releasing the returns.) But there’s no bright line of respectability here.

Bernie’s Complaint (jdargis)

Sanders is not a fluent speaker, and his formulations grate. His speech is barely paragraph-worthy, barely sentence-worthy; its closest model would be the text of a PowerPoint, delivered with a Yiddish krechts. It’s the speech of a Bernie or Bern, never a Bernard. This unrelenting seriousness is embodied by his hair, which is the same white, hot mess it always is and always will be. It’s not merely that Sanders is unconcerned with appearance, it’s that he’s consistently unconcerned, and that consistency reinforces the consistent emphases of his voice, which, in turn, reinforce the consistent phrases he voices. This is a man who doesn’t just stay “regular,” but stays “identical”; whose superficial shambles belie a formidable resolve.

With Fewer Members, a Diminished Political Role for Wisconsin Unions (jdargis)

The change is certain to affect the Democratic presidential nominee in November. But Democratic political consultants are more concerned about the fate of state legislative contests, in which phone banks and extra door knocks have proved pivotal here in the past and which are seen as especially important if labor leaders hope to fend off the passage of more anti-union legislation.

Arab States Face $94 Billion Debt Crunch on Oil Slump, HSBC Says (jdargis)

HSBC is confident that the funding gaps will be covered and expects a “raft” of foreign sovereign bond issuance to fund budget deficits. Any new issuance will have to compete with upcoming refinancing needs, the bank said.

The Electric Car Revolution Is Finally Starting (jdargis)

There is no Moore’s law for battery storage—the power of batteries doesn’t magically double every two years. And yet a funny thing has happened over the past six years. Rather than huge leaps and bounds, there has been slow, incremental improvement in the ability to manufacture lithium-ion batteries that can pack more power in the same space. Companies are doing a better job bargaining for supplies, rationalizing manufacturing processes, improving the chemistry, and generally doing the sorts of things that good engineers do. And so the performance of lithium-ion batteries has been improving by 5 or 8 or 10 percent each year.

Russian Coal Mine Accident Kills 36, Including 5 Rescuers (jdargis)

The Investigative Committee, however, said it had not yet determined what caused the gas explosions and also scolded the Komi administration for demanding that the investigation be fully transparent.

“No official besides the leadership of the Investigative Committee has the right to demand anything,” agency spokesman Vladimir Markin said. “The Investigative Committee is a federal body that answers directly to the president of Russia.”

A Curious Sound Deep In The Ocean (jdargis)

Scientists puzzling over a mysterious humming sound below the Pacific Ocean believe they’ve finally figured out its source. Described as similar to the faint buzz or hum inside an airplane, it would start around dawn and dusk, and last for a couple of hours before stopping.

This Maryland Guy is Making Money on Food Waste, While Also Feeding the Hungry (jdargis)

“The modern non-profit is a for-profit social enterprise,” says Lutz, who cooked up the Hungry Harvest model during his senior year of business school at the University of Maryland. “There is nothing wrong with making money—and we want to make a lot of it, don’t get me wrong—but we want to do it in the right way. I think the most effective way to eliminate food waste and food deserts around the US is with a for-profit sustainable business model.”

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