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    Daily Digest 2/25 – China Uses DNA To Track People, Kids With Debit Cards?

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, February 25, 2019, 7:26 AM


China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Expertise (tmn)

China wants to make the country’s Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group, more subservient to the Communist Party. It has detained up to a million people in what China calls “re-education” camps, drawing condemnation from human rights groups and a threat of sanctions from the Trump administration.

China bars millions from travel for ‘social credit’ offenses (tmn)

Authorities have experimented with “social credit” since 2014 in areas across China. Points are deducted for breaking the law or, in some areas, offenses as minor as walking a dog without a leash. Human rights activists say “social credit” is too rigid and might unfairly label people as untrustworthy without telling them they have lost status or how to restore it.

Kids with debit cards? Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all (Sparky1)

There’s also a savings component that lets kids set money aside and watch it grow. Parents can set an above-average interest rate that they fund themselves — like 10 percent or 20 percent — to encourage their children to witness the magic of compound interest.

Robert Kraft, Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump and a day of reckoning for America’s billionaires (edelinski)

There are actually two cases involving billionaire Palm Beach neighbors that are blowing up right now — those of Kraft and the convicted teen-sex-abuser Jeffrey Epstein. In different ways, both men exploited women who were very young and very poor — and whom they considered disposable.

The return to a gold exchange standard (thc0655)

There is a solution that if taken allows the state to survive. It could be modelled on Steve Hanke’s (of John Hopkins University) preferred solution of a currency board, that when strictly observed removes the state’s ability to create money out of thin air. He recommends this solution to currency debasement and the evils that come with it for Venezuela and the like, linking a distressed emerging market currency to the dollar. But here we are considering stabilising the dollar itself and all the other currencies linked to it. The currency board in this case can only be linked to gold, which has always been the peoples’ money, free of issuer risk. In former times this was the basis of a gold exchange standard.

An Honest Living (debu)

The lot is a colossal expanse of asphalt with yellow markings in diagonal patterns, circled by more spaces around the periphery. Despite regular bursts of sound and light, it’s a lonely place, filled with people but unconducive to conversation. Every now and again, I run into a colleague and exchange pleasantries. We rarely discuss management. It’s a largely contented workforce.

With women in combat roles, a federal court rules male-only draft unconstitutional (Thomas R.)

The ruling comes as an 11-member commission is studying the future of the Selective Service System, including whether women should be included or whether there should continue to be draft registration at all. The U.S. has maintained an all-volunteer military after the draft was discontinued in 1973, but the Selective Service System was reactivated in 1980 as a contingency in case military conscription becomes necessary again.

Cleaning New York’s filthy harbor with one billion oysters (Adam)

Engaging the community — particularly young students — throughout the process is a top priority. The group works with more than 75 public schools across all five New York City boroughs, and students take field trips out to reef sites or research station to learn how to measure water quality and track oyster growth.

It is absolutely time to panic about climate change (tmn)

If we continue on the track we’re on now, in terms of emissions, and we just take the wildfire example, conventional wisdom says that by the end of the century we could be seeing roughly 64 times as much land burned every year as we saw in 2018, a year that felt completely unprecedented and inflicted unimaginable damage in California.

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