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    Daily Digest 2/23 – $3T 'Tsunami' About To Flood Stock Market, The U.S. Constitution Has Failed

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, February 23, 2019, 7:52 AM


Let's Face It: The U.S. Constitution Has Failed (CleanEnergyFan)

The nation's central bank, the Federal Reserve, has the power to debauch the nation's currency and reward the wealthy via issuing new currency and buying Treasury bonds in whatever sums it deems necessary at the moment. The Fed is only nominally under the control of the elected government. It is in effect an independent state-within-a-state that dominates the financial well-being of the entire nation.

A Staggering Exodus: Millions of Venezuelans Are Leaving the Country, on Foot (Sparky1)

The economic crisis that has engulfed Venezuela under President Nicolás Maduro has set off a staggering exodus. The economic damage is among the worst in Latin American history, researchers say, with more than three million people leaving the country in recent years — largely on foot.

A $3 trillion tsunami is about to flood the stock market, warns fund manager (sneilus)

“With interest rates low, the economy strong, and relatively easy lending standards, the thinking went that borrowing to buyback shares or finance acquisitions was a low-risk strategy,” Nasgovitz explained in a recent post. “But the next five years could severely test that Pollyanna view.”

These Apps Reportedly Shared Sensitive Personal Information With Facebook (Thomas R.)

In order to get an idea of how this SDK is being used, the Journal used software to analyze the internet communications of over 70 apps. “The tests found at least 11 apps sent Facebook potentially sensitive information about how users behaved or actual data they entered,” the report says. For some reason, the paper decided to only identify five of the apps by name.

America’s Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable (Adam)

Most of us were living relatively normal, basically content lives. But even among my more sanguine classmates, there was a lingering sense of professional disappointment. They talked about missed promotions, disaffected children and billable hours in divorce court. They complained about jobs that were unfulfilling, tedious or just plain bad. One classmate described having to invest $5 million a day — which didn’t sound terrible, until he explained that if he put only $4 million to work on Monday, he had to scramble to place $6 million on Tuesday, and his co-workers were constantly undermining one another in search of the next promotion. It was insanely stressful work, done among people he didn’t particularly like. He earned about $1.2 million a year and hated going to the office.

North Korea warns of food crisis, slashes rations before next leaders' summit (Sparky1)

Washington has been demanding that North Korea give up a nuclear weapons program that threatens the United States, while North Korea has been seeking a lifting of punishing sanctions, a formal end to the 1950-53 Korean War and security guarantees.

Profit-Taking Futures Traders Raid Gold, Silver Markets (Thomas R.)

There were new reports out today that the ongoing U.S.-China trade talks, taking place this week in Washington, D.C., are going well. That’s allowing a bit more trader and investor risk appetite to be present in the marketplace. Reuters reported late Wednesday that U.S. and China officials are outlining a deal to end the trade war. The report said agreements in principle are being drawn up in six major areas. Reports also said U.S. President Trump and Chinese President Jinping may hold a summit in March to finalize the deal.

Apple And Goldman Sachs Will Reportedly Launch An iPhone-Connected Credit Card (Thomas R.)

Apple's move to get a share of the credit card market would be amid a slide in iPhone sales, particularly in China. Last month, the technology company said that its iPhone revenue declined 15 percent from the previous year.

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression. (newsbuoy)

Non-thermal microwave/lower frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) act via voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation. Calcium channel blockers block EMF effects and several types of additional evidence confirm this mechanism.

FDA tightens regulation of over-the-counter sunscreen products (Thomas R.)

“The proposed rule that we issued today would update regulatory requirements for most sunscreen products in the United States, to better ensure consumers have access to safe and effective sun care options in line with the latest science,” Gottlieb added.

Senators Not Backing Green New Deal Received On Average 7 Times As Much Fossil Fuel Cash (edelinski)

The Green New Deal resolution, jointly released with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), proposes an outline for future legislation that could radically reshape the U.S. economy by aggressively working to phase out fossil fuels and expand access to high-wage jobs, union representation and health care to millions of Americans. The resolution quickly gained more than 70 co-sponsors in the House and a dozen in the Senate, and signaled a dramatic shift in the way climate policy is framed for voters.

Cracks Begin To Form In Saudi-Russian Alliance (Michael S.)

Fast forward just a few years and the second OPEC+ deal was reached in December and implemented in January for a period of six months with a review period to be held in April. However, this time Russia is reportedly not trimming production per terms of the new OPEC+ deal, leaving most of the heavy lifting to Saudi Arabia.

EIA Inventory Report Pushes Oil Prices Lower (Thomas R.)

Brent crude and West Texas Intermediate have been trending higher today as news reports strengthen hopes the OPEC cuts will do their job and boost prices. The latest here was a visit by a special Saudi Arabian envoy to Nigeria, which had been straying from the production cut path, instead increasing its crude oil production. After the visit, however, Nigeria’s president pledged a production cut.

World's food supply under 'severe threat' from loss of biodiversity (John J.)

The species most frequently reported to be under threat are plants, birds, and fish and fungi. Pollinators, which provide essential services to three-quarters of the world’s crops, are under threat. As well as the well-documented decline of bees and other insects, the report noted that 17% of vertebrate pollinators, such as bats and birds, were threatened with extinction.

New studies: Migratory birds face multiple threats from climate change (John J.)

Researchers based this finding on published data of first appearance of leaves and flowers of deciduous trees from 496 National Wildlife Refuges and four major North American bird migratory routes between 1901 and 2012. The study also found that Canadian breeding sites for the whooping crane (Grus americana) have shown significant advances in the arrival of spring, but their wintering sites in Texas have not. The cranes and other long-distance migrants rely on specific conditions at widely spaced wintering and breeding habitats and so may be especially sensitive to changes in timing of seasonal transitions.

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  • Sat, Feb 23, 2019 - 4:18pm



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    May Help Protect Your Body From EMF Damage

    Certain Nutrients May Help Protect Your Body From EMF Damage

    While making changes to your physical environment is of the utmost importance, there are a few nutritional interventions you can consider to help protect your body from EMFs. My recommendations include:

    Magnesium: As a natural calcium channel blocker, magnesium can help reduce the effects of EMF on your VGCCs. Since many are deficient in magnesium, I believe you could benefit from as much as 1 to 2 grams of magnesium per day.
    Molecular hydrogen: Studies have shown molecular hydrogen can mitigate about 80 percent of the damage caused by EMFs because it targets the free radicals produced in response to radiation, such as peroxynitrites. You can take molecular hydrogen tablets when flying to protect you from gamma rays. It is one of several tips I shared on how to minimize jet lag.
    Nrf2: Increasing Nrf2, which is a biological hormetic that upregulates superoxide dismutase, catalase and all the other beneficial intercellular antioxidants, is also helpful mainly because it lowers inflammation, improves your mitochondrial function and stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, among other benefits.
    You can activate Nrf2 by consuming Nrf2-boosting food compounds such as sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables, foods high in phenolic antioxidants, the long-chained omega-3 fats DHA and EPA, carotenoids (especially lycopene), sulfur compounds from allium vegetables, isothiocyanates from the cabbage group and terpenoid-rich foods.
    Performing high-intensity exercises that activate the NO signaling pathway, such as the NO dump exercise, activates Nrf2, and so does intermittent fasting.
    Spices: Certain spices may help prevent or repair damage from peroxynitrites. Spices rich in phenolics, specifically cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, rosemary and turmeric, have exhibited some protective effects against peroxynitrite-induced damage.16,17
    Exerpted from the website of Dr Mercola


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    OECD flags record $4 trillion corporate bond refinancing in next

    Millennials Are Facing $1 Trillion in Debt
    OECD flags record $4 trillion corporate bond refinancing in next three years
    Corporate bond issuers face having to roll over a record amount of debt in the coming years amid declining investor risk appetite and falling credit quality, the OECD said on Monday.
    India's debt-GDP ratio peaks
    Chicago's Next Mayor Can't Dodge Tax Pain Needed for Pension Fix

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