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    Daily Digest 2/22 – Who Killed The Middle Class?, US coronavirus death toll exceeds 500,000

    by Daily Digest

    Monday, February 22, 2021, 3:35 PM


Who Killed The Middle Class?

The conventional view defines the middle class by income, education, or type of labor being performed. These are all superficial attributes and ignore what actually differentiates the working class from the middle class.

Yes, the middle class tends to earn more, has higher educational credentials and performs white-collar labor rather than blue-collar labor.

But getting a higher education credential and increased pay doesn’t automatically provide a middle class role in the economy, nor does performing white-collar work.

Texans Get Relief on IRS Tax Deadline, Foreclosures After Storm

Texas residents and businesses have two extra months to file and pay their federal taxes, and Texans will also get some housing-related assistance after severe winter storms this month left millions without power and running water.

The Internal Revenue Service said on Monday that Texans have until June 15 to file federal returns and pay any taxes owed, tapping its authority to delay deadlines for disaster victims. Any tax forms due in the lead up to the June 15 deadline will be delayed until the new deadline.

The Decline Of The West: American Education Surrenders To “Equity”

Public education in the United States, if measured by results, has been producing graduates that are less competent in language skills and dramatically less well taught in the sciences and mathematics since 1964, when Scholastic Aptitude Test scores peaked. The decline in science and math skills has accelerated in the past decade according to rankings of American students compared to their peers overseas.

US coronavirus death toll exceeds 500,000

The U.S. exceeded a tragic milestone as the nation recorded over half a million lives lost to the novel coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The grim milestone comes just over a month after the nation surpassed 400,000 virus-related deaths in January, breaking 300,000 less than a month prior. President Biden is expected to hold a candle lighting ceremony on Monday evening with a moment of silence in memory of the victims.

Fed officials agreed medium-term prospects for the economy had improved: minutes

Officials were not concerned about inflation, with “most” officials saying that inflation risks were weighted towards too low

Federal Reserve officials in January were more optimistic about the long-term health of the economy, minutes of their meeting released Wednesday show.

The voting members of the Fed’s interest-rate committee agreed that expected progress on vaccinations and the change in the outlook for fiscal policy had improved the longer-run prospects for the economy so much that officials “decided that the reference in previous post-meeting statements to risks to the economic outlook over the medium term was no longer warranted,” according to the minutes.

Cascend: Data Shows Wind-Power Was Chief Culprit Of Texas Grid Collapse

With the worst of the Texas power crisis now behind us, the blame and fingerpointing begins, and while the jury is still out whose actions (or lack thereof) may have led to the deadly and widespread blackouts that shocked Texas this week, Cascend Strategy writes that “in case there was any doubt why the Texas grid collapsed, the data is clear”

Biden’s Coronavirus Relief Package Has Almost Nothing To Do With The Coronavirus

Over and over again, President Joe Biden has pitched his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan as vital to restoring a struggling American economy and recovering from the pandemic. Many households are struggling, he tweeted earlier this month, with desperate Americans wondering how they are going to eat. “That’s why I’m urging Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan and deliver much-needed relief.” Time, he has insisted, is of the essence. “We don’t have a second to waste when it comes to delivering the American people the relief they desperately need. I’m calling on Congress to act quickly and pass the American Rescue Plan.”

Senator seeks probe of natural gas price spikes during storm

A Democratic senator is calling for federal investigations into possible price gouging of natural gas in the Midwest and other regions following severe winter storms that plunged Texas and other states into a deep freeze that caused power outages in millions of homes and businesses.

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  • Mon, Feb 22, 2021 - 5:47pm



    Status: Gold Member

    Joined: Feb 11 2009

    Posts: 521


    Total Deaths in my home state appear unaffected by CV-19

    Hey gang --

    Just looked up the numbers for Hawaii:

    Total deaths, all causes -- 2018 -- 11,556
    Total deaths, all causes -- 2019 -- 11,744
    Total deaths, all causes -- 2020 -- 11,798
    source:  https://health.hawaii.gov/vitalstatistics/preliminary-vital-statistics-for-2020/

    So, sure, deaths were up by 0.4% in 2020 as compared to 2019.  But that's actually less than the rise of 1.6% from 2018 to 2019.

    Total population state of Hawaii -- 2018 -- 1.421 million
    Total population state of Hawaii -- 2019 -- 1.416 million
    Total population state of Hawaii -- 2020 -- 1.407 million

    So the death rate in 2018 was 1 in 123, in 2019 it was 1 in 121, and in 2020 it was 1 in 119.

    For this tiny uptick we trashed everything and caused untold psychological damage, delayed kids' development, and handed over our civil liberties?

    I love my country.  But this country is so over, man...

    May Fortune smile upon us all!

    VIVA -- Sager


    EDIT:  I probably made a hash out of the percentages or death rate or whatever.  I no math good!  But I relish correction!


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  • Tue, Feb 23, 2021 - 5:41am


    Status: Member

    Joined: Jan 18 2014

    Posts: 143


    I wish that were true for those of us on the mainland (Excess Deaths)

    US Spike In Deaths Surpassed Official COVID-19 Counts, But Not In Hawaii

    Hawaii’s COVID deaths appear to have been offset by reductions in tourist deaths, traffic and flu fatalities and even suicides.


    I wish that were true for the rest of us.  Here's how 2020 looked for us mainlanders:  (Scroll half way down the page to see the chart.  Use the pull down tab for "jurisdiction" to plot your state.)


    Of course, the excess deaths in our states could be due to suicides resulting from lockdowns, drug overdoses, and other "deaths of despair" in addition to COVID.

    The good news is, we ARE finally below the predicted mortality curve.  With increasing Vit D levels, some choosing vaccinations, some of us taking Ivermectin, etc., the mortality rates are finally dropping.  But COVID is/was real here.  The lab leak did occur.  Many died, and many are still suffering long term symptoms (including some friends of mine).  COVID is real, but our response to it was woefully misguided.

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  • Tue, Feb 23, 2021 - 8:30am



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    Population control, the behavioral sink, and The Great Reset


    Not long after the last of the last American soldiers returned home at the close of WWII, a little-known ethologist named John B. Calhoun set up a quarter acre pen somewhere on the outskirts of Rockville, Maryland and populated it with several dozen Norwegian rats. His experiment was meant to see just how large the population density would become if they were provided with adequate food, water, shelter and protection from predators so that all of their needs were met. Fellow researchers dubbed his experiment rat utopia and before long he had discovered the answer to his question.

    When his research caught the eye of bureaucrats at the National Institute for Mental Health, they approached him with an offer of unlimited funding for another project along the same lines under stricter conditions than the bucolic environs of a pasture just north of Washington, D.C. By 1954 he had devised a complex interior setup for his rats to inhabit that divided the environment into four cells, each configured to provide a continuous supply of food, water and bedding with plenty of space for nests and open areas for social interaction. Into each of these he placed an equal number of both male and female rats and simply watched as they began to at first explore and then to colonize and dominate their surroundings....

    ...Years before Mao began his enforced One Child Policy, American cosmopolitans were aggressively selling the concept of ZPG, or zero population growth in the pages of Time. Back in the government lab that housed the ever-growing population of rats, certain unpleasant realities were beginning to manifest themselves in the behavior of the colony. Calhoun was able to observe a recurring pattern, broken into four distinct phases that repeated itself each time he re-stocked his utopian environment; Exploration, Exploitation, Stagnation, and Death.

    In the first phase the rodent experiment the numbers were such that the social order was rapidly established, hierarchies arose within days and the dominant males created harems of available females and guarded them against the lower ranking competitors. Feeding areas were designed so that no individual could eat alone but rather had to share communal trays. The choice nests were established at ground level while the lowest ranking members of the colony had to climb towers to their nesting spot.

    With plenty of space and endless supplies with a small population resulted in a living space that was, as far as brown rats go, copacetic. During the exploitation phase two discernible differences arose- a rapidly growing population and an increasingly hostile environment. The dominant males controlled access to the quadrants where their harems lived while the lower ranking members turned to an endless cycle of violence towards each other as well as the younger generation of rapidly maturing rivals.

    As the population grew to the point where no rat was able to find privacy, the third phase began in earnest. At this stage Calhoun observes that the rats have entered what he calls a behavioral sink, a situation where aberrant and destructive behavior becomes the norm and normal behavior is no longer possible. For example, the females abandoned their young, attacked them, or oddly enough, became sterile. Certain numbers of both male and female became- according to Calhoun- somnambulists.

    They slept the majority of their lives emerging only to gorge themselves at the feeders while the rest of the colony slept, slowly becoming enormous and dying far earlier than the other rats. The subordinate males clustered together between the quadrants and controlled the access to food for the younger rats, violently attacking them and each other. They also turned into pansexuals, neither interested in mating but rather engaging in homosexuality and self-gratification in their nests for extended periods of time, often damaging and disfiguring their genitalia and pulling out their fur.

    The remainder became probers, a constant source of irritation to the dominant males who used every available means to keep them away to the point of exhaustion and eventual submission to groups of predatory male rats who would kill them and raid their harems, killing the offspring and even the females. At the peak of the population which reached over 2,200 the entire colony entered the terminal phase and once reproduction ceased it was simply a matter of time until the natural cycle of rodent mortality ended the experiment yet again. Over and over for years until NIMH pulled the plug and ended its funding of Calhoun’s Mortality-Inhibiting Environment for Mice. Utopia, at least for rodents, remained elusive....

    ...The planners at the World Economic Forum have a lot of ideas about the future of the Earth’s population and if you’ve somehow missed the agenda they have outlined, maybe now would be a perfect opportunity to see what they are lining up for us. Concentrating people into urban clusters, providing us with all the food we could ever need, eliminating privacy, and on and on in the Great Reset.

    One could reasonably conclude that all of those experiments done on the taxpayer’s dime so many years ago at the National Institute of Health would have made some kind of impression on the people who are paid to look at such outcomes. It could be safely assumed that they understand that by confining any living creatures in large numbers and in tight spaces, regardless of the necessities provided, would lead to certain consequences. Perhaps they have looked at the data and they do understand what occurs when a Utopian society is allowed to flourish and that is the endgame.

    But then we’re not brown rats.

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  • Tue, Feb 23, 2021 - 12:37pm



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    Ted ...


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  • Sat, Feb 27, 2021 - 11:04am



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    Joined: Aug 23 2020

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    rallyman said:

    The deaaths from Covid are grossly exagerated but in 9 months time the deaths from the vaccine are going to make even the exagerated figurespale in comparison. When it comes to a hundred million people dying from a self inflicted poison I cringe but the proof is there for all to see. 2 previous studies one using chimps - they all died but later and not from sars - the cats - they all died  -later and not from mers - everyone taking the vaccine is highly at risk from dying "later"and not from covid - sorry but sadly true..Please pass this comment on to Chris - I am a pensioner and cannot afford your fees. Thank you.

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