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    Daily Digest 2/20 – Bumblebees Infected With Honeybee Diseases, Our Decadent Elites

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, February 20, 2014, 3:24 PM


Bank deposit notes to get even safer (westcoastjan)

As a result, Mr. Nanji expects spreads on deposit notes should meaningfully tighten from current levels and raised his rating on them to outperform from sector perform.

The Fed’s a Perpetual Bubble-Maker: David Stockman (Herman J.)

Mr. Stockman discusses whether the Federal Reserve is creating destabilizing bubbles and liberating the financial system from the domination of government policy. In addition, Stockman talks about the connection between debt and leverage, whether we have more to fear from public or private debt, and whether our economic system embodies crony capitalism.

James Lovelock: 'enjoy life while you can: in 20 years global warming will hit the fan' (Michael W.)

For decades, his advocacy of nuclear power appalled fellow environmentalists – but recently increasing numbers of them have come around to his way of thinking. His latest book, The Revenge of Gaia, predicts that by 2020 extreme weather will be the norm, causing global devastation; that by 2040 much of Europe will be Saharan; and parts of London will be underwater. The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report deploys less dramatic language – but its calculations aren't a million miles away from his.

Why Google is buying a seemingly crazy collection of companies (westcoastjan)

George Geis, a UCLA professor who studies acquisitions, said he doesn’t believe Google is just after brands, products or patents. He says Google is merging with companies at such a high rate because it’s interested in acquiring the developers and creative talent behind the companies. They’re what is called “aqui-hires,” and they’re all the rage in the Silicon Valley.

“They take an interest in the firm, but for the most part they seem to want to acquire the people,” added Rob Enderle, a U.S. tech analyst.

Gold Prices soar despite Bearish Reports from Major Banks (Taki T.)

When speaking about the economic recovery, monetary policy and the financial systems Yellen expressed optimism about developments in recent months, but also made it clear work must be done to meet the Federal Open Market Committee’s objectives for the economy.

Our Decadent Elites (Thomas C.)

No one wants to be the earnest outsider now, no one wants to play the sober steward, no one wants to be the grind, the guy carrying around a cross of dignity. No one wants to be accused of being staid. No one wants to say, “This isn’t good for the country, and it isn’t good for our profession.”

And it is all about the behavior of our elites, our upper classes, which we define now in a practical sense as those who are successful, affluent and powerful. This group not only includes but is almost limited to our political class, Wall Street, and the media, from Hollywood to the news divisions.

Bitcoin Exchange Prices Plummet as Investors Brace for Bankruptcy (Nervous Nelly)

For the better part of the past year, bitcoins were unusually expensive at Mt. Gox. While other exchanges — BitStamp or BTC-E, for example — traded the digital currency at roughly the same rates, you had to pay a 8 to 10 percent premium on Mt Gox. As we reported back in November, people were charging extra to trade their bitcoins for U.S. dollars because it was hard to get dollars out of the Japanese exchange. But now it’s hard to get bitcoins out too. About two weeks ago, Gox suspended bitcoin withdrawals, blaming a flaw in the bitcoin wallet software that has affected Gox and at least one other exchange.

Interest Rate Blues: Emerging Nations Demand Western Support (westcoastjan)

Representatives from India, Brazil and Turkey in particular accuse the US Federal Reserve, under the leadership of new head Janet Yellen, of having severely handicapped their economies by backing away from the crisis driven policies it has pursued in recent years. By reducing the number of US sovereign bonds it purchases, the Fed has triggered a rise in US interest rates, with the consequence that a flood of investors are now returning to the dollar from emerging economies.

Kiev protests: A fight over influence of the West (westcoastjan)

The European Union can seem sclerotic, old and underperforming. But it still represents the West, and has an immense lure. Surrounding, less wealthy countries, are drawn to it like iron filings to a magnet.

Bumblebees infected with honeybee diseases (westcoastjan)

In the last few decades, many species have suffered steep declines, and some, such Cullem's bumblebee (Bombus cullumanus) in the UK, have gone extinct.

Scientists believe that the destruction of their habitats – particularly wildflower meadows – has driven much of this loss, but the latest research suggests that disease too could play a role.

target="_blank">Here's Why Foreign Investors Are Trying to Buy American Farmland (Wendy SD)

Land grabs by wealthy (often foreign) investors are on the increase in America’s heartland, and almost no one is talking about it.

142 Cities In Brazil Are Now Rationing Water As Drought Goes Critical (Wendy SD)

The truth is that the largest country in South America (Brazil) is also experiencing an absolutely devastating drought at the moment. They are going to have a very hard time just taking care of their own people for the foreseeable future. And this horrendous drought in Brazil could potentially have a huge impact on the total global food supply. As a recent RT article detailed, Brazil is the leading exporter in the world in a number of very important food categories…

Fracking the Eagle Ford Shale (kelvinator)

The Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas is the site of one of the biggest energy booms in America, with oil and gas wells sprouting at an unprecedented rate. But local residents fear for their health – not from the water, but from the air they breathe. Our eight-month investigation reveals the dangers that come with releasing a toxic soup of chemicals into the air and just how little the government of Texas knows – or wants to know – about it.

Exxon Starts Production at New Malaysia Gas Field (James B.)

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), Malaysia has about 83 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves and is the third largest in the world in terms of LNG exports, behind Qatar and Indonesia.

The Damar project is expected to provide additional gas supplies to help meet Malaysia's power and industrial needs and promote growth of the country’s natural gas industry.

Water-Cleaning Technology Could Help Farmers (Nate)

WaterFX faces a daunting and urgent task. The water is tainted with toxic levels of salt, selenium and other heavy metals that wash down from the nearby Panoche foothills, and is so polluted that it must be constantly drained to keep it from poisoning crops.

California drought: Why farmers are 'exporting water' to China (westcoastjan)

"These dry times, this drought, has a far-reaching impact well beyond California," he said as the cattle fell in line behind his small tractor following the single hay bale on the back.

"We have never seen anything like this before – it's new ground for everybody."

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