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    Daily Digest 2/11 – Texas is No. 1 for Oil, Ecological Agriculture To Come Home To

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    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 4:10 PM


Entire Precious Metals Complex At Major Resistance (Taki T.)

The gold price is trading at a major resistance line. One could argue it is slightly above resistance. However, the daily chart shows that gold is still in a downtrend. A consistent break about resistance would result in a trend change. The key price level to watch is $1250 – $1260; gold should not fall below this price before the daily chart turns bullish. It would be a strong signal if gold would test $1250 – $1260 but not breach it.

Illinois partners with The Onion to push Obamacare enrollment (Michael W.)

Under terms of the agreement, the state will pay Chicago-based Onion Inc. $150,000 for $300,000 worth of online banner ads, a video, an editorial and a custom news section that will feature Get Covered Illinois, said Mike Claffey, a Get Covered Illinois spokesman.

The Onion, via its creative agency Onion Labs, will develop and feature the content through March 31, the deadline to enroll in the new health plans offered on online marketplaces created by the law known as Obamacare.

The Next Generation Of Pilgrims Want To Start Their Own Countries That Float At Sea (Chris M.)

There are some challenges, of course, but we already do a simpler version of this all the time. In an interview on Glenn Beck's Blaze Network, Randolph Hencken, executive director of The Seasteading Institute, explained that cruise ships already ferry about 10 million people a year – roughly the population of Sweden – and are already practically floating cities. Cruise ships have a certain political flexibility with their dock in one country and be owned by a corporation in another.

Floating Cities? Bon Voyage, Rich Libertarians. (Chris M.)

We don't pretend to have the answers to how that island will be governed. We are trying to set up a laboratory that other people can use to do those experiments, to home in on the best sets of rules. It's like the communes of the 1960s: We're going to start with a bunch of like-minded individuals and create our own paradise. That probably sounds terribly retro, but I think that's where the populist appeal stems from; it's that same yearning.

17 Questions That Deserve Answers (GE Christenson)

The U.S. believes in paper dollars and an unbacked debt based currency. Such currency can be created with little more than a few keystrokes on a Federal Reserve computer. Would the Fed and the U.S. government sell gold into the world market to slow the inevitable weakening of the U.S. dollar? Would the Fed and the U.S. government ship (via intermediaries) substantial quantities of gold to China to prevent dumping of T-bonds and dollars? Are gold sales a “delaying action” to extend the reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar?

Forget North Dakota, Texas is No. 1 for Oil (James B.)

Much of the shale narrative in North America has focused on the rise of North Dakota, now the No. 2 oil producer in the United States. North Dakota oil production in November of 29.1 million barrels was an all-time high but roughly half of what Texas produced the same month. The North Dakota Industrial Commission said the state's rig count was down 12 percent from its record 218 set in mid-2012 and blamed that on "uncertainty surrounding federal policies on taxation and hydraulic fracturing regulation."

Come on Home!: Ecological Agriculture and Sixteen Wonderful Farms that Point the Way (Dan A.)

The transition to an ecologically-based agriculture is obligatory if we hope to feed ourselves during the wrenching economic, social, and climatic troubles ahead. But how do we make this transition? This essay uses over a dozen working farms across the country (& a few other countries) to illustrate some of the key principles of the ecologically-based agriculture that will be required. …The next steps are up to you, kid.

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