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    Daily Digest 2/10 – Red Flags Emerge in U.S. Stocks With Insiders Rushing to Sell, Preparing For The End Of The World, On A Budget

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    Monday, February 10, 2020, 11:34 AM


In Hong Kong, toilet paper is in short supply. Trust in the government is even more scarce. (jasonw)

HONG KONG — The looming new crisis came into view late last week, when an oddly large proportion of people on Hong Kong’s streets could be seen clutching bags of toilet paper, sometimes supplemented with boxes of tissues.

Curious, I toured my local grocery stores. Supplies of meat seemed to be flowing back in after a brief absence, and the vegetable aisle once again was a rainbow of color, as greens, carrots, peppers and other basics returned to shelves.

2020 Is Going To Get Much Crazier. Prioritize Your Mental Health. (Afridev)

“As I said back in November, things are going to get weirder and weirder throughout the foreseeable future. We’re coming to a point in history where the only reliable pattern is the disintegration of patterns, and 2020 has come storming out of its corner swinging for the fences working to establish this pattern with extreme aggression. We’re not going to hit a point of stability or normality this year, we’re going to see things get crazier and crazier and crazier. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to be nuts.”

Red Flags Emerge in U.S. Stocks With Insiders Rushing to Sell (adamt)

The list of warning signs for the rally that pushed U.S. stocks to another record is growing longer.

As the S&P 500 Index embarked on a torrid four-day advance, corporate executives and officers have stepped up selling shares in their own companies — so much so that there were five insider sales for every one buy, according to data compiled by Washington Service. That’s poised to be the highest since early 2017.

Trump to Trish Regan: China has coronavirus under control (jasonw)

FOX Business’ Trish Regan spoke exclusively to President Trump minutes before his Keep America Great rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday about the growing concern over the coronavirus epidemic and the Fed’s rate decisions.

“I think China is very professionally run in the sense that they have everything under control,” Trump told Regan during “Trish Regan Primetime.” “I really believe they are going to have it under control fairly soon.”

Preparing For The End Of The World, On A Budget (jasonw)

At first glance, this modest home nestled against a hillside in the mountains somewhere west of Colorado Springs appears to have all the amenities you’d expect in a quiet retreat. There’s even a two-story tower built right in. An otherwise peaceful place to catch the 360-degree view of winter’s splendor.

Fiat warns coronavirus could force closure of European plant (Sparky1)

Fiat Chrysler has warned it could close a plant in Europe as the coronavirus outbreak wreaks havoc on a rapidly expanding list of global companies.

The carmaker, one of Europe’s largest, joined Virgin Atlantic and Nintendo in adding its name to the list of affected companies on Thursday.

Mask-clad Xi Jinping emerges from conspicuous absence to visit coronavirus ‘front line’ (jasonw)

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a public appearance Monday, donning a face mask and having his temperature taken at a “front-line” coronavirus facility in the Chaoyang district of Beijing.

Photos and videos of the visit — carried by state-run news agencies and television stations — did not deviate from the usual patter of publicity appearances by Xi and other Chinese Communist Party officials.

Russia’s strangest reality show: Siberian quarantine videos shared on Instagram (Sparky1)

In a forest in Siberia, more than 140 Russians and others evacuated from Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, have been confined to a sanatorium patrolled by members of Russia’s National Guard instructed to let no one enter or exit.

Inside, many have taken to Instagram to blog their time in quarantine, snapping photos of their dinner and exercise routines, or even holding live Q&A sessions from the rooms they will be confined to for the next two weeks.


Senator Jim Molan grilled over climate change, bushfire response on Q+A with Hamish Macdonald (ezlxq1949)

Many Australians who have suffered through the bushfire disaster were on hand to ask their questions of the panel and Senator Molan did not prove popular with the audience.

The retired Army Major General was laughed at for an early response to a question from a woman who lost her house in the devastating Mallacoota fires but when he was asked about climate change, things only got worse.

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