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    Daily Digest 12/8 – Coral Recovery During a Prolonged Heatwave Offers New Hope, U.S. suffers deadliest week from coronavirus

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    Tuesday, December 8, 2020, 10:00 PM


He Thought Day Trading Would Be A Thrill. He Ended Up Losing $127,000

YouTube is filled with videos promising to teach you how to make big bucks trading stocks on your home computer. Matthew’s videos tell you how to lose money.

A real estate agent and amateur investor, Matthew, who prefers his last name not be used because of how it might affect his career, made thousands of dollars trading stocks over the years, only to lose most of it day trading.

Now, in his YouTube videos, he cautions others about the perils of day trading at a time when stay-at-home measures have led millions to buy — and sell — stocks for the first time.

San Francisco’s 35% Plunge in Rents Shows Effects of Tech Fleeing City

Tech stocks are soaring and high-profile initial public offerings are set to mint millionaires. Yet in San Francisco, the boom times are over.

The resurgent coronavirus has thrust the tech hub back into lockdown. Offices sit empty as work-from-home policies stretch indefinitely. While this week’s share sales of hometown companies Airbnb Inc. and DoorDash Inc. would typically have the city girding for a flood of wealth, many workers have already fled for the suburbs, Lake Tahoe or beyond.

U.S. suffers deadliest week from coronavirus since pandemic broke out

The U.S. has set another grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic, averaging the most deaths from COVID-19 in a week since the start of the outbreak, as cases continue to rise across the country and hospitals fill with patients.

The U.S. averaged 201,756 cases a day in the last week and a record of 2,249 deaths a day, beating the previous seven-day average death toll of 2,232 set on April 17, the New York Times reported.

Why French Protests Pivoted to Police Power and Abuse

Thousands of people have taken to French streets over the past three years to express anger over rising social and economic inequalities. The outrage is now centered on tougher new security laws and police abuses. Large demonstrations were held in major cities across the country at the end of November.

How Effective Are Antibody Treatments For COVID-19?

The FDA has given emergency use authorization to two monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 – bamlanivimab, produced by Eli Lilly, and a two-antibody combination developed by Regeneron. As science correspondent Richard Harris explains, emergency use authorization doesn’t assure that these new drugs are effective, but that their potential benefits are likely to outweigh the risks. On today’s episode, we look at how they work and why their impact on the pandemic could be limited.


Federal appeals court rejects Trump administration permit for offshore oil project in Arctic Alaska

A federal appeals court panel on Monday ruled that the Trump administration violated environmental requirements when it issued conditional approval of Hilcorp’s Liberty oil drilling project in federal Arctic waters off Alaska in 2018.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management “acted arbitrarily and capriciously by failing to quantify the emissions resulting from foreign oil consumption,” or at least by properly explaining its failure to do so, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said in the decision.


Coral Recovery During a Prolonged Heatwave Offers New Hope

University of Victoria biologists have discovered how some corals managed to survive a globally unprecedented heatwave, in a first-ever study that provides new hope for the long-term survival of coral reefs in the face of climate change.

“The devastating effects of climate change on coral reefs are well known. Finding ways to boost coral survival through marine heatwaves is crucial if coral reefs are to endure the coming decades of climate change,” says UVic marine biologist Julia Baum, the study’s senior author.

The Arctic continued its unwavering shift toward a new climate in 2020, as the effects of near-record warming surged across the region, shrinking ice and snow cover and fueling extreme wildfires, scientists said Tuesday in an annual assessment of the region.

Rick Thoman, a climate specialist at the University of Alaska and one of the editors of the assessment, said it “describes an Arctic region that continues along a path that is warmer, less frozen and biologically changed in ways that were scarcely imaginable even a generation ago.”

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  • Wed, Dec 09, 2020 - 5:23am



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    HKFP: The Bright Side of Totalitarian Rule

    This snarky, tongue in cheek (and whistling-past-the-graveyard) article from HKFP highlights all the prospective "benefits" in the changes brought by the new owners who have decided to gobble up Hong Kong 27 years early.

    I laughed at first.  And then I reflected on the recent science-censorship we have seen.  And the total lack of treatments from Fauci for 9 long months - and the ones found elsewhere, many from the Third World.  And how many people have died - unnecessarily - as a result.  And the talk of mandatory experimental vaccines.  And then I reflected on Biden's ties to the CCP: "10 held by H for the big guy."  I stopped laughing.


    • Cool uniforms: let’s face it, dictators do tend to have strikingly well-dressed minions. The gold standard for uniform design, by general if slightly embarrassed consent, was set by Hitler’s fashion team.
    • Group calisthenics: nothing cheers up a drooping despot like the spectacle of a football pitch full of his loyal subjects, arrayed in neat rows and waving their arms around in a frenzy of healthy disciplined activity.
    • Bigger parades: I’m afraid this is one area where democratic countries are a sad let-down. Apart from occasional bursts of Napoleonic nostalgia in France they do not do parades like their authoritarian competitors.
    • Swifter elections: Don’t you find elections a drag? We have a solution for this. The leaflets, the loudspeaker vans, the queues, the noise, the people … all become unnecessary with a simple innovation: only one candidate is allowed to run for each seat.
    • Shorter meetings: We really cannot have Legislative Councillors sitting at their desks for eight hours a day in case some troublemaker challenges the quorum. It’s like having a real job, which is not what they signed up for at all.
    • Shorter trials: It is an ongoing scandal that Hong Kong’s courts are wasting so much time deciding matters which are really, as Mr Henry Litton has pointed out, quite simple. But we can expect to see considerable economies in time as the mainland’s frugal habits leak over the boundary.

    I feel that Hong Kong is a few years further down the road we're all on.

    We should probably "say no" before it is too late.

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  • Wed, Dec 09, 2020 - 3:04pm



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    CNN: “Don’t be surprised if people start dying one or two days after taking the vaccine.”


    In an article on the COVID vaccine rollout, CNN says that Americans shouldn’t be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine because “deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.”

    The advisory appeared in an article titled ‘Why vaccinate our most frail? Odd vote out shows the dilemma’ in which Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, cautions that vaccines don’t work as well on the frail and elderly compared to healthy people.

    “When shots begin to go into arms of residents, Moore said Americans need to understand that deaths may occur that won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine,” states the report.

    “We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine, not because it has anything to do with the vaccination but just because that’s the place where people at the end of their lives reside,” Moore said.

    She then said Americans shouldn’t be alarmed to see people dying a day or two after receiving the COVID vaccination.

    “One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports, once we start vaccinating, of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility. That would be something we would expect, as a normal occurrence, because people die frequently in nursing homes.”

    While deaths in care homes of people who take the vaccine are described as normal and nothing to do with the vaccine, some would suggest that you could make the exact same argument about deaths of those with multiple comorbidities in care homes that were put down to COVID.

    Many have and have been shouted down for doing so.

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  • Fri, Dec 11, 2020 - 2:41pm



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    Doctored Fauci tells blacks to take the vaccine


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  • Sun, Dec 13, 2020 - 8:29am



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    What's Wrong With Wealthy People?

    Max and Stacy look at the collapse of institutions happening as it has done many times throughout history. 'Smuta' is when a ruling, organizing system has collapsed but a new power has not risen to take its place.

    They examine whether the sudden burst of claims from 'experts' that there are aliens amongst us is us just searching for a leader.

    The blackhole that is bitcoin is attracting the wealthy, the famous, the institutions and perhaps the aliens.

    Bitcoin has the quality of spontaneous order and so people are drawn to its stability in a time of monetary chaos.

    They talk to guest, Chris Arnade, about his book, DIGNITY.

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  • Sun, Dec 13, 2020 - 1:24pm



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    something to brighten your Sunday

    Fauci and Birx on SNL

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