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    Daily Digest 12/7 – Millennials Hold 3% Of Total U.S. Wealth, Ford Workers Break Silence On Faulty Transmissions

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    Saturday, December 7, 2019, 11:23 AM


Millennials only hold 3% of total US wealth, and that’s a shockingly small sliver of what baby boomers had at their age (Adam)

The chart below shows what percentage of total US wealth each generation has held since 1990, according to Fed data that extends through 2019 Q2. Over time, the Silent Generation has seen a decline from 80% to 25% of total US wealth, presumably because they’ve begun to pass away and exhaust their retirement accounts and pensions.

With People in the Streets Worldwide, Media Focus Uniquely on Hong Kong (newsbuoy)

Of course, the protests in Chile and Ecuador started well after Hong Kong, so it would be unwise to compare the totals directly. But even taking that into account, the disparity is still enormous; during the hottest moments of the Ecuador crisis (October 3–14), the New York Times ran six stories covering it, CNN three. This is in contrast to 33 and 38 articles on Hong Kong over the same time period. And since the beginning of the Chilean protests (October 14), while the Times has covered the event 14 times and CNN 22, the two news organizations ran 59 and 92 articles on Hong Kong, respectively.

France’s Weekend of Discontent: Yellow Vest and Pension Protesters Gather (jdargis)

Both events have harnessed broader discontent with the policies of Mr. Macron, who is viewed both by both Yellow Vests and labor activists as arrogant and disconnected from their daily struggles. At their most violent, the Yellow Vest protests saw people break shop windows, the police fire tear gas and rubber bullets and Mr. Macron consider a state of emergency.

Saudi national who shot 11 people at Pensacola Naval Air Station was taking aviation classes (Thomas R.)

Saudi King Salman Abdulaziz Al-Saud expressed “deep sadness and sorrow” in the call, state-run SPA news reported. The king told the President that he ordered Saudi services to cooperate with the investigation, according to SPA.

At a news conference, Gov. Ron DeSantis mentioned the connection to the Saudi Air Force and said that he had spoken to Trump about it.

Florida Shooting Updates: Gunman Said to Have Self-Radicalized (tmn)

It was unclear what Lieutenant Alshamrani was doing in the United States between February and when he reported for training, but he was apparently living in the Pensacola area for much of that period, the official said.

New Bill Proposal Would Empower Doctors to Treat Gun Ownership Like A Disease (Boomer41)

The bill itself is rather vague as it does not state what kind of patients would be “screened”. Would it be every patient seen, no matter the reason? The language used in the bill is very concerning and degrading. Mandating that people are screened for gun ownership as if we have a communicable disease is outrageous. The bill also mandates that we receive some sort of counseling if we are “screened positive” for firearms.

The Man Who Killed Trayvon Martin Is Suing His Mother for £85 million (Thomas R.)

Zimmerman was arrested and charged for shooting an unarmed 17-year-old Martin, who was visiting his father, Tracy Martin, in a gated community in 2012. Martin was found dead shortly after Zimmerman called police that night to report him as a suspicious person. Ultimately, jurors acquitted Zimmerman of all charges on the basis of self defence. Since then, the his business ventures have included tweeting about race, attempting to sell the weapon that caused Martin’s death online, and suing the grieving family who lost their teenage son.

Ford workers break their silence on faulty transmissions: ‘My hands are dirty. I feel horrible’ (Thomas R.)

The engineer said: “We’d raise our hands and be told, ‘Don’t be naysayers.’ We got strange comments. It seemed the ship had sailed. After that, if you ask questions, you’re accused of mutiny, so you put your head down and make it work. Good people tried to make it work. But you can’t violate the laws of physics. It’s a mechanical catastrophe.”

P.E.I. man wants to know why he pays HST on electricity he generates himself (thc0655)

Currie is part of P.E.I.’s net metering program, which allows individual homeowners to generate their own electricity, sending any excess into the grid in exchange for credits so they don’t have to pay when they draw electricity back out of the grid — for example, at night when solar power can’t be generated.

Currie’s home is generating more electricity than it uses, feeding the excess into P.E.I.’s electricity grid, where it’s sold to other Maritime Electric customers — who pay HST on what they use.

Iceland Fights Climate Change the Same Way It Beat the Banking Crisis (newsbuoy)

These losses amounted to $330,000 for every man, woman and child on the island, whose stock market then collapsed, with huge numbers of businesses going bankrupt. Iceland approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for emergency aid − the first western country to do so since 1976 − and obtained a loan of $2.1bn (£1.4bn).

See how global warming has changed the world since your childhood (tmn)

From top to bottom, these stripes use Bureau of Meteorology data to show how temperatures have changed in Australia since 1910. The colours indicate how much the average temperature of each year is above or below the average temperature from 1961 to 1990.

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  • Sun, Dec 08, 2019 - 9:14am



    Status: Platinum Member

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    Posts: 2409


    Schism in beliefs: Grounds for a civil war

    I hear strident words from many sides on many subjects.  The subjects vary, but the same stridency is heard.

    One is the impeachment process.

    Another is citizen gun ownership.

    Democrats won the Virginia governors race and control the legislature.  They dove into efforts to tighten gun control with a passion.  This of course, elicited a backlash from the rural population that distrusts the big city folk and the government and treasures the right to be armed as the final insurance method.

    A wave of "sanctuary city" legislation has spread through rural Virginia counties.  Critics point out that these resolutions are not laws, but only statements of principle.

    This last week in Culpeper, Virginia:

    Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins says he will “deputize thousands” to defend gun rights should incoming Democrats use their legislative positions to enact more gun control in Virginia.

    Every Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia will see the consequences if our General Assembly passes further unnecessary gun restrictions. “Red Flag” laws without due process will create enormous conflict as well.

    America has more guns than citizens and murder has long been illegal. At best, the proposed gun restrictions will disarm or handicap our law-abiding in their defense and possibly cause a criminal to choose another tool for evil.

    I remain very optimistic that our General Assembly will not pass the proposed bills. Obviously, if passed, there are many of us willing to challenge these laws through the courts. In addition, if necessary, I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms.

    So impeachment and citizen gun ownership do seem like fulcrum issues that could push fury into the kinetic realm.

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  • Sun, Dec 08, 2019 - 10:55am

    robie robinson

    robie robinson

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    More 2a

    Chris speaking at the Henrico BoS meeting regarding the 2a sanctuary resolution

    Mr. Holmes speaking out in favor of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolution at the Henrico County Board of Supervisors meeting on 11/26/2019.

    Posted by Chris Holmes on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

    both are very good

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  • Sun, Dec 08, 2019 - 12:30pm



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    We are all George Zimmerman now


    Most people know my name, George Zimmerman, largely due to negative stereotypes propagated by the media as a result of the 2012 incident in Sanford, Florida, in which Trayvon Martin died.

    Unfortunately, most people don’t recall the fact that I was exonerated of any wrongdoing after a thorough investigation by the Sanford Police Department in March 2012. They had interviewed dozens of witnesses, analyzed 911 calls, and examined the physical evidence of my broken nose, the lacerations on the back of my head, as well as the bruised knuckles of my assailant.

    This was all backed up by eyewitness Johnathan Good who told police that he saw me screaming for help while blows were coming down on me “MMA style.”

    At the conclusion of the police investigation, Sanford Chief of Police Bill Lee announced that my actions were taken in self-defense and there were no grounds for my arrest. It was not even a “stand your ground” case. What followed immediately was a campaign of race-based defamation and incitement against me, led by Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump.

    I am the last person who ever expected to be accused of being a bigot. I am Hispanic. My mother is from Peru. I speak fluent Spanish. I was an Obama supporter and a social activist. Just a year earlier, I had led a community-wide effort to get justice for Sherman Ware, a homeless black man who had been attacked by the son of a white police officer. I was also active in a mentoring program where I spent my spare time (and money) with black teens whose parents were in prison.

    The Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, quickly recruited for his incitement efforts Al Sharpton, a man who was infamous for the 1989 Tawana Brawley race hoax and other incidents of mayhem based on racial incitement over the years. Then, Obama’s Department of Justice sent representatives to Sanford to “investigate,” but they instead helped organize protests demanding my arrest. As the protests heated up and Crump’s false narrative was repeated by the media ad nauseam, even fair-minded people began to demand my arrest without cause. Then, out of the blue, Crump produced a recorded interview of a “phone witness,” whom, he said, was Trayvon Martin’s 16-year-old girlfriend, “Diamond Eugene.”...

    Ironically, Trayvon Martin and I ended up having much in common. We were both used to divide America for a political agenda. Since the trial, I have watched in horror as those who incited against me have divided America along racial lines. Black Lives Matter started as a result of my acquittal. BLM took its vigilante act to Ferguson, and the resulting "Ferguson Effect" led to a sharp rise in homicides in black neighborhoods. Even today, Benjamin Crump continues his false race narrative (and defames me) in his new book entitled, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People.

    I have now taken up the cause of bringing America back together again, and I intend to do it by revealing how the country was deceived. I feel that if I can expose and hold accountable those at the origin of this evil witness fraud, the healing can begin.

    I have hired attorney Larry Klayman in his private capacity, founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch. I am suing Rachel Jeantel, Brittany “Diamond” Eugene, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump, prosecutors Angela Corey, Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy, the state of Florida, the FDLE, and HarperCollins Publishing for in excess $100 million. I don't care about the money as much as I care about the truth coming out in discovery and at trial.

    Racheal Jeantel lied under oath to deprive me of my constitutional rights and send me to prison for life. The others either suborned perjury or lied under oath to hide their knowledge of the switch of the legitimate phone witness, Diamond Eugene, for Rachel Jeantel, whom they knew was an imposter. My lawsuit is online and can be viewed or downloaded here: Zimmerman v Sybrina Fulton, Crump et al.

    I am bringing this action not only to get justice for myself, but for all those Americans who are falsely accused of racial animus as well as those victimized by fake witnesses and unscrupulous prosecutors....


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