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    Daily Digest 12/31 – Ire Turns To Fear For Federal Workers, Doctor Exposed To Ebola Brought To U.S.

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, December 31, 2018, 4:39 PM


Trump pulled out of a massive trade deal. Now 11 countries are going ahead without the US (Sparky1)

Instead, he’s pursued a series of direct bilateral agreements, launching a trade war with escalating tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods to force Beijing to the negotiating table. The strategy has led to a new round of talks between Trump and his counterpart Xi Jinping — but leaves US producers out of broader regional arrangements with other Pacific Rim nations, for now.

A Week Into Government Shutdown, Ire Turns to Fear for Federal Workers (Sparky1)

Dena Ivey, a furloughed probate specialist in the Anchorage office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, lost many of her possessions during the recent Alaska earthquake, and feels overwhelmed by the man-made disaster now afflicting her family.

Marc Faber speaks on the dreary December for the U.S. stocks (Herman J.)

“The slowdown in US economy seen since the start of 2018 and it is visible in the performance of US bonds”, says Marc Faber, Editor & Publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”. He adds weak oil prices, signal economic slowdown/ recession.

American doctor will be monitored in US after possible exposure to Ebola in Congo (Sparky1)

The Democratic Republic of Congo is going through one of the deadliest Ebola outbreaks in history. The outbreak began August 1 and has left more than 300 people dead, with 545 confirmed cases recorded as of Saturday, according to the country’s health ministry. Another 48 cases are considered probable.

Doctor exposed to Ebola brought to United States (thc0655)

“As a critic of the Trump administration, I have to give them credit for bringing a health worker who may have Ebola to the United States for care,” said Ron Klain, who led the Obama administration’s response to the earlier outbreak. “Trump recklessly criticized Obama in 2014 for doing the same, but it is good that he is now abandoning that cruel prior view.”

Chinese schools keep tabs on kids with ‘intelligent uniforms’ (Sparky1)

If this sounds like a privacy nightmare, you guessed correctly. Attendance rates have improved since the technology quietly went into service in 2016, according to school principal Lin Zongwu, but it also doesn’t allow for the slightest deviance in behavior. And did we mention that the system can find students after school? Lin noted that staff merely “choose not to” track children outside of school hours. It wouldn’t take much for an unscrupulous faculty member or government officials to track pupils beyond class and create a particularly dystopian childhood.

Is CBD Helpful, or Just Hype? (jdargis)

Perhaps it’s because many people have romantic and misplaced notions about nature. Some even point out that we come hard-wired with cannabinoid receptors in our brains and they must have a purpose, so why not use them? This is not exactly a persuasive argument: Nature endowed us with our own cannabinoids, so unless you have a deficiency of them or sluggish receptors, you really don’t need supplementation.

The hype around driverless cars came crashing down in 2018 (jdargis)

In the self-driving world, there’s been a lot of discussion recently about the hype cycle, a model for new technologies that was developed by the Gartner consulting firm. In this model, new technologies reach a “peak of inflated expectations” (think the Internet circa 1999) before falling into a “trough of disillusionment.” It’s only after these initial overreactions—first too optimistic, then too pessimistic—that public perceptions start to line up with reality.

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  • Mon, Dec 31, 2018 - 9:32am



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    Trans-Pacific Plundership

    Funny how the MSM never talk about the crucial aspect of this deal (and the Atlantic one): surrender of yet more national sovereignty. Signatory nations can and will be sued in closed courts for hypothetical loss of profits if some corporation isn’t allowed to plunder do business in those countries as it pleases.
    In this respect the US did very well indeed by pulling out of the deals. Too binding, too unpredictable, too much selling of the national birthright, etc.
    But trade and commerce are more important than life itself.
    Full greed ahead!
    Too bad that globally EROI seems to be declining inexorably. The nations have built upon sand.

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