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    Daily Digest 12/3 – Living in Dark Mode In Hong Kong, What Iran Did Not Want You to See

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    Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 6:55 AM


What Iran Did Not Want You to See (Sparky1)

A hike in fuel prices sparked protests across Iran. Ms. Bahreini exposes and analyzes footage of human rights abuses by Iranian security forces, including shootings into crowds of unarmed protesters. And she warns of what may come next — incarceration, torture and forced confessions that will further oppress the Iranian people. If the world does not take a stand, Ms. Bahreini fears, Iran’s internet blackout may foreshadow the nation’s darkest days.

Living in Dark Mode (tmn)

We sneak in moments of quiet in between the clashes on the streets. Sometimes we go to the movies and order too much popcorn. Sometimes we have dinner with friends who understand, and we don’t post photos of our food. When we accidentally manage to spend a day without feeling overwhelmed, it feels stolen. What is the point of doing anything when you don’t know whether your city has a future? I try writing, and words feel inadequate.

Street protests across the world are a fitting coda to this uneasy decade of revolution and reaction (tmn)

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, members of the military formed a human chain on Sunday near the presidential palace outside Beirut to prevent violent clashes from breaking out between rival Lebanese protesters as a stalemate over forming a new government continues. Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned about a month ago in the face of protests accusing the elite of corruption and economic mismanagement, but President Michel Aoun has not formally begun the process of forming a new government.

Nancy Pelosi Pushes The House To Pass USMCA, But Neglects A Bill With Broad Support To Strengthen Unions (newsbuoy)

Jayapal told The Intercept that she believes that House leadership remains committed to the bill and that she and the Progressive Caucus have been pressuring them to bring it to the floor. “I think it is really critical for us as Democrats,” she said. “And anyone on the Democratic side who is wary of expanding collective bargaining I think should be thinking really clearly about why that would be.”

Russia and China connected by a bridge for the first time (Sparky1)

The first road bridge linking Russia and China is complete following the launch of a natural gas pipeline between the two countries, Reuters reported on Monday.

China Bars U.S. Military From Hong Kong Ports Over Support For Protesters (Thomas R.)

When President Trump signed the Hong Kong legislation last week, he said he was doing so “out of respect for President Xi, China, and the people of Hong Kong.” He also urged an amicable peace between Beijing and the former British colony, where protesters have repeatedly launched mass protests this year to call for true universal democracy and other demands.

The New ‘Black Codes’ (newsbuoy)

The war on poor people of color has been a bipartisan project. No one was executed in the United States between 1968 and 1976, but drastic changes in laws occurred in the 1990s. During the administration of President Bill Clinton, Democrats and Republicans passed a series of “law and order” bills that saw the number of crimes punishable by death leap to 66 in 1994. In 1974, there had been only one such crime identified in federal law.

Supreme Court to take up first gun rights case in nearly a decade (Thomas R.)

Gun control advocates at both the city and state levels scrambled to find a way to remove the case from the justices’ grasp. Not only did the city change its regulation to allow licensed gun owners to transport their weapons to locations outside New York’s five boroughs, but the state enacted a law barring cities from imposing the challenged restrictions.

Second Amendment Case May Fizzle Out at the Supreme Court (tmn)

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., a member of the court’s conservative majority, asked questions that seemed aimed at making sure that the case was truly moot. But two other conservatives, Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Neil M. Gorsuch, appeared ready to decide the case, saying that the repeal of the law did not settle every question before the court.

Justice Gorsuch said he was skeptical of the city’s “herculean, late-breaking efforts to moot the case.”

Trump reinstates tariffs on steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina (TS)

“Their economy is not comparable with ours, it’s many times bigger. I don’t see this as retaliation,” said Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who has touted his friendship with Trump, in an interview on Monday, according to Reuters. “I’m going to call him so that he doesn’t penalize us … Our economy basically comes from commodities, it’s what we’ve got. I hope that he understands …and I’m almost certain he’ll listen to us,” he told Brazil’s Radio Itatiaia.

Australia’s New South Wales rolls out mobile phone detection cameras (TS)

For the first three months after the detection systems are in operation, offending drivers will be issued warning letters. After that, the penalty will be a A$344 ($233) standard fine and a A$457 fine in a school zone. In both cases, drivers will also receive penalty points.

Networks of Opposition: A Structural Analysis of U.S. Climate Change Countermovement Coalitions 1989–2015 (newsbuoy)

The climate change countermovement (CCCM) in the United States has exerted an important influence on delaying efforts to address climate change. Analyses of this countermovement have primarily focused on the role of conservative think tanks. Expanding this research, this article initiates an examination of the structure of key political coalitions that worked to oppose climate action. In conjunction with their allied trade associations, these coalitions have served as a central coordination mechanism in efforts opposed to mandatory limits on carbon emissions.

Solar Dehydrator: A Very Appropriate Technology (Kara S.)

The plans specify about $300 worth of materials, but I think we spent about $200 total to build three dehydrators. Somebody had some plywood and hinges lying around. Somebody else had extra chicken wire that could sub for the specialty metal in the heat collector. Somebody found some close-enough-sized windows at the ReStore for $6, instead of ordering new plastic. My neighbor gave me exterior paint in return for tractor work.

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