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    Daily Digest 12/29 – Tornado Devastation In Dallas, Five Possible 2016 Energy Surprises

    by DailyDigest

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 2:55 PM


A lonely road (Merle2)

Scott just needed to get to her job interview, but she was finding around her the obstacles that have shaped this region’s increasingly pervasive and isolating form of extreme poverty. In the metropolitan areas of the Deep South, government policies and rising real estate prices have pushed the poor out of urban centers and farther from jobs. Low-income people have, in turn, grown more reliant on public transit networks that are among the weakest of quality in the country. When they search for work, they step into a region where pay tends to be low and unemployment tends to be high. The share of residents in deep poverty — with incomes below $10,045 for a parent and two children — in these Deep South metro areas has grown by 24 percent over the past decade, according to Census Bureau data.

Welcome to Feudalism (Tiffany A.)

Case in point: As part of the omnibus budget bill passed earlier this month with much fanfare about “bipartisan comity,” you lost a crucial right, just like a feudal serf. From now on, if the IRS claims you owe them $50,000 or more, you lose your passport. No judge, no jury, no proof, no due process. They just say so and poof! your freedom to travel is gone.

Stock Markets Got Immune For Monetary Easing In 2015? (Taki T.)

We created an overview of the balance sheets of the 4 largest central banks in 2015. As seen on the next chart, the U.S. Fed has slightly decreased its balance sheet, as well as the People Bank of China. On the other hand, Europe and Japan have gone wild in 2015.

Gold & Silver or Meth & Madness (GE Christenson)

In low doses Meth can elevate mood and increase alertness and energy. The FDA has approved a variation of Meth for attention deficit disorder and obesity in adults and children. But Meth is heavily used for “recreational” purposes and is both addictive and highly profitable for the producers, whether legal or illegal.

Oil-Producing States Battered as Tax-Gushing Wells Are Shut Down (jdargis)

As the price of crude falls for a second year, marking the steepest decline since the recession, the impact is cascading through the finances of states, cities and counties, in ways big and small. Once flush when production boomed, some governments in major energy producing regions are facing a new era of unwelcome austerity as wells are shut — along with the tax-revenue gushers they spouted.

The U.S. Uses More Electricity on Christmas Lights Than These Entire Countries Do All Year (richcabot)

If you’re feeling comforted by the fact that you are, like, way greener than you were in 2008 when the EIA data was collected—which is so long ago it was a pre-Instagram world (eww)—Todd Moss of the Center for Global Development tells NPR you’re probably sucking down as much now as you always have from the power grid.

5 Possible Surprises In Energy For 2016 (Tom K.)

The alternate view is that oil in the mid-$30 range is a reflection of an economy that has been weakening since the middle of 2014 and foreshadows a worldwide recession which should hit in full force by the end of 2016. In addition, with Iran almost certain to add to the current oversupply as sanctions are lifted and with the continued determination of OPEC to destroy the viability of tight oil deposits in the United States, the oil price could surprise on the downside, even testing $20 per barrel.

Near Dallas, Residents Tally Tornadoes’ Devastation (jdargis)

By far the worst physical toll was in the suburbs of Dallas, particularly Garland, where more than 600 structures were damaged, and nearby Rowlett, where more than 800 were, according to Judge Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s chief executive, who said that a few hundred homes are total losses. On Saturday night, he declared a state of disaster. “I don’t declare states of disaster lightly,” he said.

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  • Tue, Dec 29, 2015 - 6:35pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    False flag options presented

    Intentionally, or not, William J. Perry has offered us the most likely false flag attacks our government is most likely to use against us.

    Late in a life lived unnervingly near the nuclear abyss, William J. Perry is on a mission to warn of a "real and growing danger" of nuclear doom.

    The 88-year-old former defense secretary is troubled by the risks of catastrophe from the very weapons he helped develop. Atop his list: a nuclear terror attack in a major U.S. city or a shooting war with Russia that, through miscalculation, turns nuclear. A terrorist attack using a nuclear bomb or improvised nuclear device could happen "any time now – next year or the year after," he said in an interview with reporters earlier this month…

    A soft-spoken man not given to hyperbole, Perry is on a public crusade to persuade people that nothing less than the future of civilization is at stake. What worries him most is that few seem to notice.

    "Our chief peril is that the poised nuclear doom, much of it hidden beneath the seas and in remote badlands, is too far out of the public consciousness," he wrote in his memoir.

    In his book's preface Perry outlines a nuclear terror scenario, which he calls "my nuclear nightmare, born of long and deep experience."

    In his scenario, a small group gets its hands on enough uranium to fashion a crude nuclear bomb, flies it undetected to Washington's Dulles International Airport and slips the bomb into a warehouse in the District of Columbia. From there it is loaded onto a delivery truck and a suicide bomber drives it onto Pennsylvania Avenue midway between the Capitol and the White House. When detonated, it kills 80,000 people instantly, including the president. The news media report a message claiming that five more bombs are hidden in five different U.S. cities, and one will be set off each week.

    "The danger of a nuclear bomb being detonated in one of our cities is all too real," Perry writes. "And yet, while this catastrophe would result in a hundred times the casualties of 9/11, it is only dimly perceived by the public and not well understood."

    "Welcome to the Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor."


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  • Tue, Dec 29, 2015 - 7:17pm


    Taz Alloway

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    Bipartisan effort to reduce water pollution

    On Monday, Dec. 28, President Barack Obama signed into law a ban on tiny plastic particles used in personal cosmetic products that scientists say are polluting U.S. lakes, rivers and the oceans.

    The bipartisan "Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015," (H.R. 1321), passed by the U.S. House on Dec. 7, "prohibits the manufacture and introduction into interstate commerce of rinse-off cosmetics containing intentionally-added plastic microbeads."


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  • Tue, Dec 29, 2015 - 7:58pm


    Taz Alloway

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    The wealthiest and their private tax system

    The hedge fund magnates Daniel S. Loeb, Louis Moore Bacon and Steven A. Cohen have much in common. They have managed billions of dollars in capital, earning vast fortunes. They have invested millions in art — and millions more in political candidates.

    Moreover, each has exploited an esoteric tax loophole that saved them millions in taxes. The trick? Route the money to Bermuda and back.

    All are among a small group providing much of the early cash for the 2016 presidential campaign.

    Operating largely out of public view — in tax court, through arcane legislative provisions and in private negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service — the wealthy have used their influence to steadily whittle away at the government’s ability to tax them. The effect has been to create a kind of private tax system, catering to only several thousand Americans.


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  • Tue, Dec 29, 2015 - 8:55pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

    Joined: Apr 27 2010

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    Resistance is spreading

    Resistance to The Borg is spreading, and in some surprising fusion efforts.  You don't see this every day:

    When feeding the homeless becomes an act of civil disobedience, Americans have been asleep for far too long.

    Luckily, however, there are still good people who are willing to defy such arbitrary and ill-conceived laws and ordinances.

    The folks over at the aptly named organization Don’t Comply, took to the streets just outside the Austin Street Shelter in Dallas this weekend to perform, what has now become a revolutionary act – feeding the homeless.

    “We are not complying with a bad law today,” Matthew Short, PR director of Don’t Comply said. “Evidently the city of Dallas believes that it’s wrong, or bad, or unlawful for us to feed more than a certain number of people at a time. But, during Christmas, we want to show love to our community and give these people a chance to survive the winter, whether it be with blankets or coats, or just giving them a holiday party like today with all kinds of cookies, and goodies, turkey and dressing, and the whole nine yards.”

    Last December, the Dallas city council enacted Ordinance No. 29595, which makes it illegal to serve food to the homeless without jumping through a statist myriad of bureaucratic hoops, including a fee, training classes, and written notices.

    One should not need to file multiple forms and pay a fee to obtain a permit to give food to those in need who are willingly ready to accept it. The folks at Don’t Comply know this.

    According to Brett Sanders, hundreds of homeless people showed up to not only enjoy a fantastic array of food, snacks and beverages – but there was also an assortment of winter clothing that was donated as well.

    “All of the homeless people that I talked to during the event were extremely grateful for the support and there was a sense of humanity that is indescribable.  Interacting with other human beings whom most consider to be living life at rock bottom will likely alter your perspective on the world around you,” explained Sanders.

    The event went off without a hitch, even after code enforcers showed up. Lead organizer of the event, Murdoch Pizgatti was confronted by the enforcers who told him to file the proper paperwork upon the event’s conclusion to which, Pizgatti politely replied, “no.”

    “We’ve already had to speak to the police, they’ve already come and delivered code to us,” said Short, explaining what happened when the code enforcers showed up. “But, after shaking hands with them, they realized we’re all armed – and we’re gonna do what we’re gonna do because it’s not an immoral thing that we are doing.”

    Hit the link to see video of the event.

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  • Tue, Dec 29, 2015 - 9:23pm



    Status Platinum Member (Offline)

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    clicked a link

    While viewing the video at the daily sheeple link, I clicked on another link about a social experiment:

    Turns out it was shot in Buffalo, NY near where I live.  I've spent a lot of time at the exact location where the video was shot.  It is disappointing that we aren't a little more honest in our dealings.  This is supposed to be the City of Good Neighbors, although the girl at the end somewhat restored my faith.




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  • Wed, Dec 30, 2015 - 10:26am


    Arthur Robey

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    Dissecting a Skeleton

    I drop this Stone in here like a pebble into the calm pond of your certainty.I thought it was just cosmetic  deformation.
    I was wrong.

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  • Wed, Dec 30, 2015 - 9:10pm



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    Just in CASE you missed this: Happy New Year

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