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    Daily Digest 12/13 – Good News Friday: Recycling Coffee Into Car Parts, EU States Agree On Climate Neutrality By 2050

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    Friday, December 13, 2019, 6:41 AM


U.K. Holds A Pivotal General Election, And Voters Bring Their Dogs To The Polls (tmn)

The dog-friendly hashtag — which has its own image on Twitter and was trending nationwide Thursday — was also propelled by many British media firms that are forbidden from reporting details about campaigns while voters are at the polls. With political news held at bay, many outlets simply gave the voters what they want, letting dogs loose in their social media channels.

World’s First Community of 3D Printed Homes is Set to House Mexico’s Poorest Families (Thomas R.)

The resilient, 500-square-foot homes were each 3D printed in around 24 hours of print time across several days by ICON, a construction technologies company, and feature final construction build out by ÉCHALE, New Story’s nonprofit partner in Mexico.

The built-to-last homes located in rural Tabasco, Mexico will be granted to local families currently living in extreme poverty and makeshift, unsafe shelter. The community of 3D printed homes will contain 50 homes in total.

Currently, The Good News for December 12: These 8 stories will leave you smiling (Thomas R.)

They matched on a dating site and got married. He needed a kidney, and they matched again.

Kentucky Gives Voting Rights to Some 140,000 Former Felons (sv)

Since 1997, 24 states have approved some type of measure to ease voting bans, according to the Sentencing Project, a Washington group that advocates criminal justice policy changes. Kentucky joins Virginia, Florida, Nevada and other states that have extended voting rights in the last few years.

Mr. Beshear said the order would apply to more than half of the estimated 240,000 Kentuckians with felonies in their past, as well as those who complete their sentences in the future.

Researchers Are Testing Smart Headphones That Could Warn Pedestrians of Impending Dangers (Thomas R.)

The headphones have miniature microphones and intelligent signal processing that detects sounds of approaching vehicles. If a hazard appears near, the system sends an audio alert to the pedestrian’s headphones. The research team is developing prototypes and testing them on streets close to the university. Once developed, the intelligent wearable system could help reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

Making the world’s largest gingerbread village is a full-time job for a New York City chef (TS)

Jon Lovitch doesn’t particularly enjoy the taste of gingerbread, but the warm, inviting scent permeates his kitchen year-round. Constructing and decorating hundreds of edible houses is a full-time job for Lovitch, a New York City-based chef with a passion for Christmastime. Lovitch creates the entirety of GingerBread Lane by himself, an enormous endeavor that keeps him in the holiday spirit even when the weather outside is far from frightful. His basement serves as his primary workspace, as well as a temporary holding zone for all of the houses that he completes over the course of a year.

Ford will cut down plastic use by recycling McDonald’s coffee into car parts (jdargis)

The Ford x McDonald’s coffee waste headlamps are an example of the circular economy. Miewelski wants to see more companies repurpose the waste from other companies in this sustainable way. “My hope is that many parts on vehicles, and many home goods, can utilize some of these materials. I’m convinced that it can happen,” Miewelski told Fast Company. “We need to get people in the mindset, this is not waste, these are valuable products… the whole circular economy is something we should have been working on for the last 30 or 50 years, but now we have to catch up.

Why are whales big, but not bigger? (tmn)

As whales evolved along these two paths, a process called oceanic upwelling was intensifying in the waters around them. Upwelling occurs when strong winds running parallel to the coast push surface waters away from the shore, drawing up cold, nutrient-rich waters from the deep ocean. This stimulates plankton blooms.

First Drone Project of Its Kind in Canada is Aiming to Plant 1 Billion Trees by 2028 (Thomas R.)

“Our goals are to have a significant and measurable impact on mitigating climate change in the next decade, while combatting deforestation and biodiversity loss on a global scale,” wrote Ahlstrom. “Using this technology, we aim to plant at least 1 billion trees by the year 2028.

“We feel we are one of the only ways that the federal government will be able to fulfill its pledge to plant 2 billion trees in the next ten years,” she added.

EU member states agree on climate neutrality by 2050 without Poland (tmn)

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš declared at the start of the summit that he would not agree to the EU’s target to become climate neutral by 2050 if the deal did not include nuclear energy.

“Nuclear energy is clean energy”, Babiš said. “I don’t know why people have a problem with this.”

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  • Fri, Dec 13, 2019 - 8:15am



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    Day Traders and Spiritual Pot

    This Friday is a day that ought to be scaring every market watcher. Jaime D. warned about the end of Dec. weeks ago. China is play Trump like a violin.

    If you haven't taken a good hard look at your positions and your possessions at this point, buckle-up this could get bumpy.

    And for Good News Friday: Stoners for Jesus,


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  • Sat, Dec 14, 2019 - 11:53am



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    Is Ford x McDonald's such a good idea?

    Are they really reducing the volume of plastic effluvium emitted by McDonald's? Aren't they also creating yet another wretched composite? How are they going to recycle that?

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