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    Daily Digest 12/12 – FDA Panel Recommends COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use, Clorox says product shortages to stretch through mid-2021

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    Saturday, December 12, 2020, 10:02 AM


FDA Panel Recommends COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use

In a 17-4 vote, with one abstention, a panel of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration recommended Thursday that the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech be authorized for emergency use during the coronavirus pandemic.

The vote in favor of the vaccine was taken to answer the agency’s question: Do the benefits of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine outweigh its risks for use in people age 16 and older?

Clorox says product shortages to stretch through mid-2021

As coronavirus cases surge around the country, California-based Clorox Co. is struggling to meet demand for its cleaning and disinfecting products, warning that shortages will extend through mid-2021.

The bleach maker had previously hoped to be fully restocked by this summer, but disinfecting products are critical in preventing transmission of COVID-19 as the U.S. breathlessly waits for a vaccine rollout. The disease has killed 289,000 Americans, a higher toll than in any other nation.

Airbnb Now A $100 Billion Company After Stock Market Debut Sees Stock Price Double

A company that started as a single air mattress for rent in a San Francisco apartment is now worth $100 billion. Airbnb made its long-awaited stock market debut on Thursday and more than doubled its offering price.

From afar, it may have appeared as a peculiar time for a lodging company to go public, as the coronavirus continues to devastate the travel and hospitality industry. Wall Street, however, has a different story to tell.

Loss of snowbirds due to pandemic another hit to US tourism

Snowbirds like the Monks, often retirees who live somewhere warm like Arizona or Florida part time to escape cold weather, won’t be flocking south this winter. For Canadians who drive, nonessential border travel is banned until at least Dec. 21. For some, it’s fear of the virus.

While their absence is being felt by vacation rentals, restaurants and shops, RV parks and campgrounds are seeing an increase in campers as people travel closer to home.

Why Untapped Billions in Pandemic Aid Funds Are in Limbo

The U.S. government’s central economic response to the coronavirus, the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (“Cares”) Act enacted in March, included $500 billion in financing to avert a crippling credit crunch. Much of that funding remains untapped, and what happens to it going forward is a point of contention between the outgoing Trump administration and the incoming Biden one.

Inside a vaccine cold storage room

Transporting temperature-sensitive medication – like a Covid-19 vaccine – is a massive logistical challenge. Keeping vaccines at the right temperature is crucial. Tom Vanmolkot from Zuellig Pharma shows the BBC’s Karishma Vaswani around a cold storage facility in Singapore.

Covid-19 Is Creating a New Kind of Financial Midlife Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has created such a shock to people’s lives, it’s prompted a financial reckoning akin to a midlife crisis.

Just ask Stacy Small, 51. The Maui resident’s profitable high-end travel business had allowed her to buy her dream beach house and drive a Porsche Cayenne. On March 20, she was forced to cancel a year’s worth of bookings, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. Within a week, she cut ties with 28 independent contractors. Around the same time, three close friends were diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, while others battled Covid.

Coronavirus can travel farther and faster inside restaurants than previously thought, South Korean study suggests

Earlier this year, two diners at a South Korean restaurant were infected with novel coronavirus in a matter of minutes from a third patron who sat at least 15 feet away from them. The third patron was asymptomatic at the time. After dissecting that scene from June, South Korean researchers released a study last month in the Journal of Korean Medical Science that suggests the virus, under certain airflow conditions, travels farther than six feet and can infect others in as little as five minutes.

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  • Mon, Dec 14, 2020 - 3:07pm



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    John Rubino's "top-ten videos" of the week

    Every week John Rubino's website, DollarCollapse.com, posts his top pick videos for the week.  There's usually something interesting to be found!

    Top Ten Videos — December 14

    Lobo Tiggre: This is how a 50% drop in gold price could happen … Thomas Kaplan: Gold is real money and silver is gold on steroids … Craig Hemke: We’re entering a period of stagflation … Catherine Austin Fitts: stopping the technocrat takeover … Rick Rule: The time to protect yourself is now …"

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  • Tue, Dec 15, 2020 - 10:30am



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    Meanwhile... Russia makes significant chessboard moves


    A fascinating read of the Russian geostrategic moves that have been and continue to be made, while the focus of other countries seems to be on war-mongering and sabre rattling in the south Pacific & Middle East regions. It would seem Russia is far better at heading for where the puck will be, while everyone else save for China, and Canada most shamefully, are still chasing the guy who already passed the puck....

    ...Most of the Arctic is frozen most of the time and icebreaker ships are necessary. According to this list of operational icebreakers, Canada has six, the USA four, Denmark three, Norway two. Russia has more than seventy. Russia’s fleet is modern, the others are old. Russia has the only nuclear-powered icebreakers – eight in service according to Wikipedia. The Arktika is the world’s largest and most powerful icebreaker capable of operating through three metres of ice; there are three more in the works. But an even larger class is coming: four metre ice; construction began in July. Russia’s icebreaker capacity is so enormous that one of them spends its time running tourist cruises to the North Pole. None of the other Arctic countries has anything like this. The USA is planning to build more to replace its elderly fleet; Canada is “exploring options“...

    ...There are considerable geostrategic implications – this route is not just a way for Russia to earn transit fees. At present Chinese goods bound for Europe travel south, through the straits in Malaysia and Indonesia, through the Indian Ocean and on either through the Suez Canal, Mediterranean and Gibraltar or round Africa. This route has many narrow passages that can be interdicted by hostile powers; much of it is within reach of NATO. If the Northern Sea Route became routinely useable throughout the year, China would be able to more quickly and cheaply ship goods to its European markets. Using the Northern Sea Route will also put these goods far from the reach of the US Navy and its interminable “freedom of navigation” patrols. Likewise, goods coming to China – especially energy from Russia – will be out of reach of hostile powers. The Northern Sea Route, when added to the fast rail network being built by Beijing through Mackinder’s “World Island“, will be a geopolitical fact of no small significance: a response, if not checkmate, to the five-century power of Mackinder’s “world islands”. Both Beijing and Moscow routinely look farther into the future than Western capitals do and Moscow’s work in the Arctic is an example of this forward planning...

    ... The Arctic is a formidable environment and work, let alone mere survival, requires enormous amounts of energy the sources of which may be far from the sites. Moscow has an answer for that too – nuclear power stations. Specifically floating, and therefore moveable, nuclear power stations. The first of these, the Akademik Lomonosov, has been operating for more than a year in Pevek, Chukotka. A second is under construction and the current plan calls for seven in total. But, if the project succeeds – and so far so good – there will likely be more. Again, none of the other Arctic nations has anything like this, even though the USA actually pioneered the concept...


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  • Tue, Dec 15, 2020 - 1:10pm



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    I took the vaccine

    I wasn’t allowed to say anything until today, but it's now okay for me to share that I volunteered for the VA's trials of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. The vaccine is the one that has been developed in Russia. It is in 6 different stages and I received my first dose at 6:20 this morning and I wanted to let you know that it is totally safe and I’m ok, with иo side effects whatsoeveя, and that I feelshκι я чувю себя немного стрно и я думю, что вытл осные уши. чувству себя немго страо. Comrades.

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  • Tue, Dec 15, 2020 - 1:51pm


    Beckett Bennett

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    Next time say Het.


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