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    Daily Digest 12/12 – Blowing Bubbles For Fun And Profit, How to Avoid Amazon This Holiday Season

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    Thursday, December 12, 2019, 7:33 AM


UK General Election Final Forecast (James W.)

The polls indicate that the most likely outcome is a Conservative majority, although the scale of undecided voters out there suggests either a hung parliament or Tory landslide remain outlier outcomes. The YouGov MRP poll, which came closest to accurately forecasting the June 2017 election, released last night its updated forecast of a Tory seat tally of 339*. This is within the ballpark of other pollsters and election models.

Should this election come down to a presidential-style choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, there is only one wiily that the Tories will win an outright majority.

How to Avoid Amazon This Holiday Season (newsbuoy)

Of course, it’s not so easy: Part of Amazon’s larger strategy has been to make us completely reliant on it. Many of us can’t completely avoid Amazon (I use it from time to time), and others are dependent on its products or services for their livelihoods, and should not be shamed for that. Like any good evil company, Amazon has made it nearly impossible to completely escape its web, whether you are a business owner, a consumer or even a medical patient.

Gold is going to $2,500, $3,000 an ounce: investment expert (Adam)

In a recent note Goldman Sachs presented reasons for owning gold citing recession concerns and political uncertainty as catalysts for an investor shift to gold. Over the past year, gold prices have risen nearly 20% and gold is on pace for its best year in a decade. By 2020, Goldman thinks the price of gold will reach $1,600 an ounce.

Great Employment Numbers: 44% of Fully Employed Make $18,000 a Year or Less (newsbuoy)

Well, to analyze an economy or even to analyze employment and unemployment in an economy is a little bit like going to the doctor and asking the doctor to analyze your health. If the doctor simply put a thermometer in your mouth and said, “Well, you’ve got 98.6. You’re wonderful. You’re in healthy shape.”, you’d quickly find another doctor because you never point to one or two indices to determine someone’s health. You do a whole battery of tests. You do x-rays and blood tests and all of that. It’s the same with an economy. What Mr. Trump is doing is pointing to one of the very few statistics that look good, and that does look good.

Blowing Bubbles for Fun and Profit (GE Christenson)

Blowing bubbles is profitable for Wall Street and the stock market, which is primarily owned by the upper few percent of the financial and political elite. The lower 90% have benefited little. Wages are higher but the cost of living has increased even more. Flawed (understated) government inflation statistics show the average wage earner lost ground in the last several decades. Real statistics would show larger losses. However, wealth increased for the upper 1%.

Epstein Was A Mossad Agent Used To Blackmail American Politicians, Former Israeli Spy Claims (newsbuoy)

There’s also a Mossad connection to a different kind of sex offender; Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein reportedly hired ex-Mossad agents to suppress allegations against him. Working for an Israeli firm called Black Cube, these agents pressured witnesses and tried to intimidate journalist Ronan Farrow in order to “bury the truth” about Weinstein’s activity.

Weinstein and His Accusers Reach Tentative $25 Million Deal (newsbuoy)

More than $12 million — a quarter of the overall settlement package — would go toward some, but not all, legal costs for Mr. Weinstein; his brother, Bob; and other former members of their company’s board, the lawyers said. The board members would be insulated from future liability, and the alleged victims would drop their claims against Mr. Weinstein and other executives.

Several plaintiffs’ lawyers said Mr. Weinstein, who would avoid making a personal payout, had claimed that he might soon file for personal bankruptcy.

Estimated $64M loss as SF’s ‘poor street conditions,’ high costs drive out Oracle’s OpenWorld (thc0655)

Last year, a UC Berkeley researcher found that some parts of San Francisco were “more unsanitary than many of the dwellings in impoverished, developing countries.” A survey of 158 city blocks encountered more than 300 piles of feces and 100-plus improperly discarded needles.

‘They Saw Him Hanging and Did Nothing’: A Teen’s Agony in Rikers (newsbuoy)

City officials have repeatedly pledged to improve conditions at Rikers Island, a sprawling jail on an island in the East River that currently houses roughly 5,180 inmates. But the harrowing events surrounding Mr. Feliciano’s suicide attempt, which left him in critical condition and on a respirator, have once again focused attention on serious mismanagement at the aging complex.

Digital Gold Rush: Bitcoin Mining Boom Coming To American West (newsbuoy)

Business is booming at BitOoda, a financial services and brokerage firm that advises bitcoin mining companies and investors. Head of business development, Ryan Porter, told the outlet that there is lots of interest, especially from Chinese firms and investors.

Blowing Off The Common Cold Gets Easier (Thomas R.)

Because viruses causing cold symptoms live and multiply in the nose and mouth, Krauser decided it was logical to direct a little local ”fever” to those areas in the form of hot air. He modified a hair dryer so it wouldn`t make air much warmer than 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and he started testing to see if he could treat the colds his two young children kept getting.

Sydney smoke: Residents ‘choking’ on intense bushfire pollution (tmn)

Online, Sydney residents reported breathing problems and said they were “choking” on the smoke.

The city has endured air quality surpassing “hazardous” levels for weeks, as about 100 blazes continue to rage throughout New South Wales (NSW).

Our Oceans Are Full of Vast Dead Zones Without Oxygen (Thomas R.)

Lead scientists Sabine Lengger of the University of Plymouth in England joined with scientists from around the U.K. and the Netherlands in order to study samples of sediment from the floor of the Arabian Sea. The Arabian Sea has the largest known dead zone in the world, an area larger than Florida where all oxygen has been removed. Human pollution introduces new chemical makeups to ocean regions where marine life can’t survive but large blooms of algae and anaerobic bacteria can. Algae are so various and fast to reproduce that measuring which kind and how many are in an area of ocean can tell scientists almost exactly what pollutant or acidification is at fault.

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